Photo: The Lakers And Heat Have Had Eerily Similar Decades

Photo: The Lakers And Heat Have Had Eerily Similar Decades


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Miami HeatThe peaks and valleys of the Lakers seasons from the end of their three-peat to the end of Phil Jackson’s tenure on the bench have been well documented. Shaq left, the Lakers struggled during some of Kobe’s best years, Pau arrived, they lost a rough championship to the Celtics, won back-to-back titles, and then saw their run come to an end at the hands of the Mavericks.

While the Lakers’ story was being played out, the Miami Heat was actually in the midst of a similar trajectory — one that started just a few years later. After winning the 2006 title with Shaq, the Heat lost Shaq and became a lottery team, the Heat then lost a pair of first-round playoff series, acquired LeBron James and Chris Bosh to make the Heat an elite team again, lost a tough Finals series to the Mavericks, and have now won back-to-back championships.

The similarities are insane, and this graphic details just how similar the Heat’s last eight years have been, in a nine-year stretch, to the Lakers. Check it out below.



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  • Bojangles

    Ron Artest (MWP) > Chris Andersen (Birdman)

  • James


  • Jim213

    Pat Riley’s knowledge/experience has benefited the Heat but I believe LJ will part ways after 2014 to try to write his own legacy either with the Cavs or Knicks who appear to be his top choices.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      After all, Riley’s DNA is traced back to being a LAKERS

  • Markeyse Jamar Mundy

    The Graphic is sooo small. Please make it bigger.

  • dasdasda

    Yall stole this from twitter

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  • LakersBuss

    Lakers will always be number one in my book.But Miami has done great things this decade by winning 3 championships and making 4 Finals appearances.Not too shabby Pat Riley and company.Lakers are always in the discussion when it comes to greatness.

  • Mike

    i noticed the similarities between the two and im a huge laker fan, but i just dont see the heat getting swept in the 2nd round by any team in their conference. but who knows maybe the nets may do it. thats the only team i see that has the capability to pull it off

  • 3339

    greatness follows greatness.