PHOTO: Soccer-Styled Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys Reviewed by Momizat on . With the 2014 World Cup coming to an end recently, soccer has become relevant in the United States once again. Even though Team USA ultimately fell to the Belgi With the 2014 World Cup coming to an end recently, soccer has become relevant in the United States once again. Even though Team USA ultimately fell to the Belgi Rating: 0
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PHOTO: Soccer-Styled Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys

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With the 2014 World Cup coming to an end recently, soccer has become relevant in the United States once again. Even though Team USA ultimately fell to the Belgium, Clint Dempsey and company went further than anticipated and reignited the passion for the sport in this country.

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In the near future, the NBA will be doing something very similar to professional soccer teams in the U.S. and overseas in terms of having advertisements on jerseys. NBA commissioner Adam Silver says ads on jerseys in the NBA is right around the corner. Many have criticized the league wanting to starting putting ads on team jerseys, but the ball has already begun rolling.

Graphic Designer Jesse Nunez put together soccer-styled versions of NBA jerseys with the Lakers looking like the image below:



It’ll be interesting to see how the NBA goes about putting ads on jerseys in the years to come and if the league continues to receive criticism as a result. A lot more revenue will be earned as a result of the ads, but fans have already voiced their displeasure with the move the league is taking.

H/T to Silver Screen And Roll

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  • karl

    I wouldn’t want to see and I wouldn’t buy a jersey with ads. The owners are just greedy.

    • http://twitter.com/TheHollaway Henry Hollaway

      It’s soccer styled, which is what is done in most countries. It’s a practice I’m surprised america hasn’t excitedly snatched up actually.

    • Dont even trip

      Agree 100%. NBA has said they will start doing it, little by little they are trying(correction: FORCING) everybody to get used to them. MLS has already done it, WNBA has already done it. With that said, I hope most people feel the same way and don’t buy the jerseys, therefore lowering their profits :)

  • Duckathon

    Pretty spiffy unis.

  • Okaaay

    That’s not a bad design at all. I still don’t believe in wearing the t-shirt uniforms, though.

  • Kobe Gagnon

    I like it and all, I would wear it for sure. . . If it didn’t say Staples on it. I wouldn’t wear a jersey but could see myself in a T-shirt jersey, minus being a walking advertisement. I would even be annoyed watching them play in them. It’s flat out greedy and disrespectful to the fans.

  • Zimmeredge

    nba is definitely thinking about selling shirts. like football(soccer) sell tons of them. yet i’ll be happy to wear a hollywood nights’ shirt next season. the white one from last season was horrendous. But if there are sleeves and it comes in black. they have my money. ^^

  • Me$$

    i only like the stars representing the past championships idea

  • Charles

    The Lakers have wanted Michael Beasley for many years like Kevin Ding has said on TWC SportsNet and now is the time to buy low and go into training camp with Michael Beasley and Jordan Clarkson as great investments put on the roster.Sign them both.

  • Matt Williams

    But why??

  • Spade

    Something tell me that’s going to be the future of NBA jerseys. And I don’t like it.

  • Chris Park

    Long sleeves no D:

  • Andy L

    So what if we voice dislpeasure? Nobody cares. There’s money to be made. That’s how the big corporations roll. Next up: Energy drink made out of baby tears!

  • andylauo

    The only bright spot is 16 stars

  • gerriek

    looks great

  • Mambanation

    i would buy it if it is blue/violet base….and long sleeves.

  • Nalin Shukla

    So all those Kevin love reports seem pointless now huh

    • Duckathon

      No worries, you’ll now receive a healthy diet of Kevin Durant news 24/7.

  • Andy L

    Ouch! Rumor mill took a big hit now that Love is jumping into the arms of Princess James. Guess the Durant rumors will heat up now. Zzzz…..

  • LakersHeatBeef

    BREAKING NEWS:Hey everyone Kevin Love got traded in principle to the Cavs for Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett and a protected 2015 first round pick.PER YAHOO SPORTS

    • Duckathon

      Queue up those Durant rumors.

  • hello

    It may seem like nothing at all but it is a huge change.. In the near future they will have traditional jersey day. Ads on NBA jerseys will just not look the same anymore, it will ruin the aunthenticity of any NBA jersey known around the world. It should just be the team, player, number, and team colors on the jersey.. Nothing else

  • josh v

    I MIGHT consider tolerating these jerseys, just make the STAPLES smaller and ad the number to the front like it is on the back.

  • Robert Woolem


  • Jonny Pewp

    sry but this is fuking stupid

    i tune in,or buy tickets, to watch the Lakers.. not the Los Angeles Staples

  • David T

    So lame.. Greedy and ugly. This is basketball, not soccer.

  • bob

    Most people will still buy the shirts whether they like the advertisement or not. If you support the team you will want the shirt. Same as in football/soccer.

  • DarthFubar

    oh my god that was so gross. im out of stomach ammo. oh the dry heaves.

    Where was the warning? WHERE WAS THE WARNING?!!!

  • Bruce Wayne

    I cant even… Ugh! So ugly!

  • Guest

    Never liked these “volleyball” jerseys to begin with.

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