PHOTO: Nick Young Hosts 90s-Themed Birthday Party With Lakers Teammates

PHOTO: Nick Young Hosts 90s-Themed Birthday Party With Lakers Teammates


The future remains uncertain for sixth man Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers with free agency around the corner, but that hasn’t stopped the veteran guard from enjoying the off-season with his teammates.

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Young turned 29 in style this weekend throwing a 90s-themed birthday party. Young was joined by teammates Steve Nash, Robert Sacre and Jordan Farmar. The man known as “Swaggy P” posted a picture on Instagram of him and his teammates rocking ’90s gear.

Funny thing about this picture is Young looks normal, if that is even possible, and only one guy seemed to nail the theme.

Farmar is the only one out of the four that seemed to get the memo about the party theme. Sacre just wore whatever he was feeling that day and Nash looks like a crazy homeless person from Venice Beach that found only certain parts of clothing in a trash can.

Seriously, what is Nash wearing?

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  • Slick


    • DensieMorrisou

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  • Jerry

    Must’ve been a suit he had since the 90’s…

  • Zimmeredge

    Well rob sacre knows the definition of off-season… He is not fit at all completely out of game shape. He is supposer to work his butt of in the gym and on his game if he wants to progress.

    • Derek Clark

      With all due respect that comment was utter BS bruh. Learn something about a man before you make a comment like that. All the Lakers coaching staff and teammates know that Sacre is the hardest worker on the team next to Kobe and Meeks. Also, how can you tell Sacre is out of game shape when you can only see his arms? Come on man.

      • Zimmeredge

        I Know he is one of the biggest worker in the gym. Do you Know that mens take fat in the belly and shoulders, chest first? He must keep a healthy diet. I guess living in la is somehow complicated but the pros they don’t the word holidays and day-off. And off season is supposée to be the moment when they take their game to the next level. Players dońt have much Time to go the gym during the season, or progress on court. They don’t have Time and it takes too much out of them (energy-wise). So they have to focus on eating well mostly. I can look at his face, his neck, his shoulders, his arms and see that. I love the guy but if he wants to make an impact and remain a Lakers he better keep working hard all year. I’m hard on him but i’m just a viewer i don’t have the professionnal pov. I guess professionnals will be tougher than me.

  • Joe sleezy

    Steve Nash looks like a straight out bum…cmon an r u serious…I wouldn’t wear that $#!t on Halloween…lol

  • Jim213

    ?? A few bloggers (other sites) are bringing up Young partying over the weekend. Off season, who cares but it’s still business so…

    http://www.inflexwetrust. com/2014/06/01/video-nba-ummm-what-pill-is-brandon-jennings-offering-nick-young-at-toxic/

  • justsaying

    please Lakers Please if you really care a bout winning, give Nash his money by being a consultant from his home, and let him retire. we need this 9m$ on young feet.

  • Gemini Ac

    Nice Outfits..Happy Birthday Nick Young..

  • Redemtion4LA

    Lol, I know this was all in good fun but, Wow! I don’t remember the nineties ever, ever looking like that..Thanks for dressing like a man, Mr. Sacre

  • hookedonnews

    Wonder where Farmar got those shoes?