PHOTO: Nash’s Milestone Hilariously Met With Retirement Ad At Staples

PHOTO: Nash’s Milestone Hilariously Met With Retirement Ad At Staples


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Despite having a stellar night in which he moved into third on the all-time NBA assists list, Steve Nash does not know if he will play another game this season. Nash suffered yet another setback with his nerve issues that date back to when he suffered a broken leg last season.

Nash’s time with the Lakers has not gone as planned. Nash, along with Kobe Bryant, was supposed to form the best backcourt in the NBA, but Father Time had other plans. Injuries to his back and leg have hampered Nash throughout his time with the Lakers and have limited his appearances on the court.

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With Nash set to make over $9 million next season, fans have been calling for the two time MVP to retire. Ironically enough, when Nash checked out of the game last night, an ad for “Presidential Official Retirement” popped up on the jumbotron.

While the ad certainly has no significance, it may be foreshadowing Nash’s next move. Nash has had an illustrious career but he just wasn’t able to carry that success over to the Lakers. With Nash’s future hanging in the balance, retirement may be his next stop.

Check out the picture and video of the advertisement via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters (H/T to @ogkertaso):

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Lakers’ Steve Nash After Moving Into 3rd On NBA All-Time Assists List, Passing Mark Jackson

  • Laker forever

    That is just wrong!! 😦😲

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    I Didnt Think that Was Funny At All!

  • Lakers Fan

    Humor was that ad oh i loved it.Mitch Kupchak is a crappy GM.He traded 2 first round picks plus 2 second round picks plus he signed Steve Nash to a near $30 million bucks deal that is all time worst trade ever.Then Mitch hires the worst coach in the NBA Mike Dummytoni to a 3 year deal that’s just dumb.Yes hell Mitch even let Dwight Howard leave for nothing to Houston.Mitch hired Johnny Davis yes i said it Johnny Davis LOL that Davis guy is a pathetic loser that is clueless.Mitch paid Chris Kaman $3.5 million dollars to disgrace the Lakers by sleeping on the bench.Oh yeah Mitch hired and fired Mike Brown in 1 year span.Mitch Kupchak has a bunch of championship rings he can flash at anyone but he has been terrible lately and i would have liked to see him leave the Lakers seriously.When was the last time he made the right move?????Oh ya Pau Gasol trade oh hell no that was a long time ago and it cost us Marc Gasol.Mitch needs to make the best out of his many resources like maybe attract big name free agents to sign with the Lakers.

  • Lakers Fan

    Oh don’t get me wrong Nash had a great career.He made a big name for himself.But the bottom line is he old and severely injured he needs to retire.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Hey Lakers Fan chill out man.Mitch Kupchak is a great GM and he is a legend.No matter what fans will always love and support the Lakers.The Staples Center will always be filled up regardless of the Lakers record or no matter who is coaching the Lakers.The Lakers have the built in fan base that will never leave.Lakers Fan you can stop going to Lakers games sell you’re tickets i guarantee you their will be thousands of people willing to snatch them right up.The Lakers brand of excellence sells it self,it’s the name on the front of the jersey that is important.

    The Lakers have a season ticket waiting list going back 7 years that’s how long some fans have been waiting to get season tickets.Mike D’Antoni is the coach and fans will keep on cheering the Lakers on they are all loyal and very happy to have a 16 time champion as their very own team.Jim Buss is the owner and he can put out a lineup of Kyle Lowry,Kobe Bryant,Andrew Wiggins,LeBron James,Jordan Hill coached by John Calipari or he can put out a lineup of Kendall Marshall,Jodie Meeks,Wes Johnson,Ryan Kelly,Robert Sacre coached by Mike D’Antoni fans are going to pay for tickets and merchandise no matter what.National television will remain strong no matter what because people want to watch the Lakers play no matter how bad they are and they don’t care how awful the coach or players are they still love the Lakers.TNT.ESPN,ABC will televise the games as always next season IMO.Lakers are made men they have the respect and clout.

    Lakers can suck and be in last place every season and they would never be forced to move from LA or Jim Buss would never need to sell the Lakers because money is always coming in and the Buss family has plenty of money.Put it this way if the Clippers got to stink up the joint all those long years and they stuck around and never moved their is no reason why the Lakers can’t stink up the joint in futility for many years and stick around.It pure entertainment winning and losing means very little in the big picture.$$$$$$$$$$ is the name of the game and Jim Buss knows this.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers are the best at honoring their legends and Steve Nash made history.Nice.

    • Chrmngblly

      I can’t decide if you are serious or seriously delusional. Nash is not any sort of Laker legend as a player, that’s for sure. Laker television viewership has been cut in half—you know that, right? The number of games even televised is down over 10 games from what it was when the Lakers signed their Comcast deal. That’s where the money is.

  • TrollTrufe

    Nash is a bitch. . . Stole 2 MVPs from Kobe