PHOTO: LeBron James Wears Nike Kobe Prelude VI While Watching Football

PHOTO: LeBron James Wears Nike Kobe Prelude VI While Watching Football


Kobe + LeBronLeBron James stirred up the basketball world this afternoon when he posted a photo on his Instagram account wearing a pair of the Nike Kobe Prelude VI.

Both superstars have a deal with Nike, and it’s possible that LeBron is simply showing the brand some love. However, the competitive nature between the two on the court is what naturally makes this so interesting.

One would not expect Bryant to do something like this, simply due to the fact that he’d be endorsing his number one rival (in fans eyes).

James posted this photo as the Lakers were en route to a 112-106 victory over the Toronto Raptors. It’ll be interesting to see if Bryant responds to the kind gesture, or ever better, actually sports some shoes from the King James collection

Here is James’ post of him wearing Kobe shoes via Instagram:

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  • kobe24

    Those aren’t 8s lol…those are Kobe prelude 6….I was lucky enough to get one

    • Guest

      How much do these shoes go for?

  • Jepoy

    kobe 6 not 8

  • Jim213

    Who the hell cares, I’m sure both wear Air Jordan’s.

    • bored23

      Yes they both do wear Air Jordan’s. Kobe wore some Air Jordan’s early in his career and still does off the court. Lebron wear’s some sometimes as well off the court. It’s just a shoe and they are just
      showing some respect to each other.

  • Guest

    Is this a sign that the King will walk in Kobe’s shoes and become a Laker?

    • karyo

      yes. first, the goodbye message on dwade bday, then this.

  • pudge

    ugly awful

  • ra

    Happy Birthday, DWade.


    Hey, Kobe, like your shoes. See ya in LA.

  • Guest

    LeBron already know lol

  • eclipse vader

    those are some UUUUUGGGGLY SHOE’S MAN

  • Tankapalooza 2014

    The last time i wore shoes that ugly i was in third grade lol.Tank to entice LeBron.

    PG Kendall Marshall,Mario Chalmers
    SG Kobe,Swaggy P.,Xavier Henry
    SF Lebron James.Wes Johnson
    PF Jordan Hill,Ryan Kelly
    C Joel Embiid,The Birdman Chris Andersen,Robert Sacre

    • NITSbleedPURP

      Why Mario and birdman? Their not that good. LeBron makes their jobs easier on Miami. I wouldn’t want neither of these guys. So much more talent than these two scrubs