PHOTO: Kobe Responds to Criticism About Extension On Instagram Reviewed by Momizat on . On Monday morning, the Los Angeles Lakers shocked the basketball world when the team announced that they re-signed Kobe Bryant to a two-year contract worth $48. On Monday morning, the Los Angeles Lakers shocked the basketball world when the team announced that they re-signed Kobe Bryant to a two-year contract worth $48. Rating: 0
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PHOTO: Kobe Responds to Criticism About Extension On Instagram

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On Monday morning, the Los Angeles Lakers shocked the basketball world when the team announced that they re-signed Kobe Bryant to a two-year contract worth $48.5 million. With the extension likely guaranteeing that Kobe will retire a Laker, the dollar amount of the contract has created controversy. Some feel that it is well-deserved for the five-time champion while others feel that Bryant should have taken a significant pay cut to help bring in two max contract players this upcoming summer.

With everyone debating the extension and future implications for the franchise, Bryant took notice of a commenter on his Instagram who said that the Lakers star only cares about his bank account instead of his winning legacy:

“Loyalty only to his bank account! Should have taken pay cut to bring in talent if he really cared about winning legacy.”

Here’s the photo of Kobe Bryant’s response on Instagram via Hardwood Paroxysm:

Kobe Bryant Signs 2-Year $48.5 Million Contract Extension Will Lakers

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    That’s freaking retarded people talking crap about Kobe getting paid.SMH!Look how much he has done for the Lakers over the damn years.He deserves every damn penny he got.

    • Paytc

      I think Kobe actually took a pay cut because he is worth even more than they pay him :-) But we all know great players are both loved and hated upon for whatever they do or get. So who really cares what haters,doubters,and critics think anyway? Kobe has made a living proving them wrong and causing them grief. Hopefully he continues to exceed expectations. and their pain continues to grow into their old age. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Kobe Bryant puts asses in the seats,and those asses in the seats put money in the bank of Buss Family.Scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours works out perfect for Kobe and the Lakers.:-)

        Go Kobe!

        Go Lakers!

        • Paytc

          LakersHeatBeef – You and I know what’s up and I’m sure were not alone because the Laker F.O. wrote the man a check. That spoke volumes about what Kobe means to the Lakers. And just wait and see how many come out to see him ball at home and away.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            It was a well deserved contract IMO.Kobe should be part owner of the Lakers once he retires IMO.But we shall see.

          • Paytc

            I agree ! One of my concerns is the need to show appreciation before someone retires or is no longer around.
            Kobe has meant a lot to the game.His work ethic is legendary ! He is the last of a dieing breed in the NBA. We will probably no longer see player and franchise loyalty such as Kobe and the Lakers are demonstrating ever again? Twenty years baby ! Cheers to both parties for a job well done.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            BTW nice new layout Lakers Nation,it will take awhile to get used to,but it looks awesome new graphics layout in place.Now yes i concur with you Paytc.The kid got paid.$24 million dollars is in use and Nashty might get stretched out or just retire.So that leaves millions of dollars to go after a max free agent and to re-sign our own players.I am sure Jim Buss will pay the luxury tax in a heartbeat if he knows the team can be a true contender in the NBA.Dream Scenario for me is this Lakers Roster for 2014-2015.

            PG Andrew Harrison,Jordan Farmar
            SG Kobe Bryant,Jodie Meeks,Xavier Henry
            SF Carmelo Anthony,Nick Young,Wesley Johnson
            PF Jordan Hill,Shawne Williams
            C Greg Monroe,Robert Sacre

          • Clintonn


          • Chyeah

            Not sure about Monroe, he’s a huge liability on the free throw line.

      • jff

        Go Kobe thank you for the hard work you have shown to the Lakers Organization-it time to be rewarded.
        Good Job buss’s family to bring Kobe back to LAL. We need solid and young players -solid defenders like Hill and may be another solid young point guard to win another championship. Gasol plays good when he want to play- if he does not want he does not play good. It is time to say goodbye to him. We need players who can hassle night in and night out.Go Lakers

        • Paytc

          Good points ! My biggest problem with Gasol is his lack of fire,toughness,and consistency. Odom was the same way…. Both Odom and Gasol could be so dangerous if and when they decide to bring it. I think we may need a solid veteran PG to win “now” especially if Nash is unable to return healthy enough to contribute. And yes grooming a young PG would pay off in the long run too.

          • Kevin is Nice

            They should cut Nash. He is too old.

          • Paytc

            You may have a point but that is not a call I can make.
            I would have made several different moves than some of the ones made such as going after Nash in the first place. But generally speaking I just like to show a little support and let the F.O. have to live with their decisions or make cuts where needed. I’m sure there will be some moves by Feb. 2014. I’m glad they took care of Kobe and I’m looking forward to watching the Lakers reap the benefits that follow. Go Lakers !

    • Laker4Life

      You kidding me? You think he hasn’t been paid this whole time???? He’s making 30 mill this year alone. He’s already been paid for the work done. IF he really loved the team and organization he would have taken the paycut like Lebron, wade and bosh did. He left enough room for 1 max player and a bunch of new rejects… All the players on the team now that are getting a lot of exposure are gonna want bigger contracts next year… This is idiotic… I love Kobe too but I’m a Laker fan! This makes no sense unless the lakers are willing to go way over the salary cap…

    • MK617

      If he cares about his 6 ring he wouldve taking a pay cut. No one is saying he doesn’t deserve it but if he really cared about the future of the franchise as well as his championship possibilities he went to read thoughts the salary was getting. I love Kobe he’s my favorite player of all time yes he deserves even more money than that but the Lakers franchise is bigger than just one player.

    • Chyeah

      I agree with you but this isn’t about “how much he has done for the Lakers”, this is about the future – “What will he do for the Lakers in the upcoming years?”

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Okay Kobe got his pay day.Good for him.Lets win rings now.

  • Jim213

    IMO, the reason why players took a pay cut was to increase their chances to win some rings. Kobe will likely retire in his 20th yr as a Laker. He’s won 5 rings aside of numerous achievements. Just shows that management rewards loyalty and consistency in representing the brand. The team can still sign a max player along with a 2nd man behind Kobe and whoever the other player turns out to be acquired.

    Hopefully, management has the opportunity to spread Kobe’s salary in a three year time span. Aside of that this should raise eye brows for potential franchise player down the line being that who ever manages to represent the brand once Kobe retires will be pretty much aware of what the franchise can pay out to consistent and loyal franchise players.

    • orgy

      No. you had it flipped,. lakers organization is not loyal. remember odom, pau almost, shaq. They are all loyal to lakers but the organization booted them.

      • Paytc

        Letting Pau and Odom (two players who sometimes come to play)to get CP3 and win more championships….. ? As much as I like Pau and Odom that was a good move all things considered IMO. And Kobe for Shaq was also the right move as we see who is still in the league and playing at an MVP level. Loyalty is great but business is never personal.

      • Jim213

        True, but should’ve posted… they’re loyal to those who’ve help them to wheel in the cash foremost. With regards to Shaq they went with the younger prospect which benefited the organization in the long run.

        IMO, this may come down to a near 50/50 split between some who wanted Kobe to take less and between loyal Kobe followers. For myself, I fall somewhere in the middle. Yes, it’s good that Kobe has received an extended contract but in the long run it doesn’t help the team once he retires.

        With that said Kobe shouldn’t be blamed for taking the money… this falls on management. Given that the team is starting to build their chemistry many aren’t going to let management make excuses that they couldn’t resign certain players that may help the team in the long run. They’ll definitely hear it from many fans from both sides of the fence. They better be ready to pay some luxury tax this upcoming season or they’ll likely to get some extreme backlash from many fans who are thinking in the future.

        Let’s be honest. management has the money to spend but it’s limited to the salary cap that will likely force them to pay luxury taxes next season. Given that management has proven to be exceptional in drafting players (SMH) it just shows that they’ll have to rely more on molding young players while possibly picking UFA’s for cheap in the next several years.

        The new fan favorites thus far (holding the fort) will likely have to be resigned (somehow) for management to not hear the resentment from the fans. Don’t blame Kobe given that many of us aren’t in that position. Blame goes to management if this hinders the teams chances of resigning some of the newbies who’d otherwise be Lakers past 2016.

        Hopefully management has or finds a way to defer some of Kobe’s salary to allow the team more leeway down the line. Otherwise, it may prove to be Kobe’s farewell tour for the next 2 and a half yrs. The masses will always demand a competitive team to help the franchise get back to the top. I highly doubt that the team would’ve acquired two more franchise players.

        At best, one franchise player and a second to go guy. IMO, I also don’t believe that Kobe’s contract cripples the team. From the looks of it Steve Nash’s contract doesn’t help the team today and down the road. IMO, management will need to trade Nash to rid themselves of the $9 mil owed to him come 2014-2015 season. Not hating on Nash again but the team will need all hands on deck come next season.

        If management is comfortable in paying Nash his salary and having him play one or two thirds of the game the so be it as they’ll end up paying luxury taxes for a trade that failed to live to expectations similar to DH’s. It also looks like both DH and Kobe would’ve ended up earning close to the same pay if DH hanged around (thankful he left being close to $47 mil).

        Again, Kobe shouldn’t be blamed in this as he’s been with the franchise since 1996, I see it more of a bad management move that may limit the ability in retaining some of pieces that have held the fort down today which will benefit the team in the long run given their experience/playtime and the chemistry that’s starting to take place.

        But no excuses management NEEDS to sign the most consistent without making excuses (salary cap limits). If management can find a way to defer some of Kobe’s pay down the road there’s a good chance that the one’s who’ve shown consistent #s in either offense or defense will get resigned. Depth is more important today to help the team down the road.

  • Lakers4Life

    Now it’s time to get LeBron and Melo next year! Can’t wait for the scary Big 3! :D

    • cj

      they cant get both enless nash retires and they cut everyone else and lebron and melo take like 15mill deals

  • Nang Hinaut

    The Lakers know what they are doing. People like from ESPN don’t know anything.

    I don’t understand why ESPN people dwell too much on salary cap. The Lakers are not even thinking about it. For them it’s not a concern. Even with Bryant’s new contract they can still go after another superstar in free agency. They can afford to pay beyond the salary cap and some penalty. People forget that Bryant is the Lakers’ money making machine. The revenue Bryant brings to the organization is more than enough to pay for another marquee player.

    Here’s the most important thing. I truly believe that one of the last wills and instructions of Dr. Jerry Buss to his children was to make sure that Bryant retires a Laker at all cost.

  • Angelo Sison Vergara

    I think this is more about selling tickets and putting people in the stands more than anything. Kobe is a global icon who is the face of the franchise. If he can still play at a high level than he should be paid accordingly. The thing is, he has yet to step on the court for a real game. We have a great group of role players playing on 1 year salaries. If this benches continues to perform well, the Lakers will have to pay up to keep them for the future. Guys like Hill, Wes Johnson, Farmar, Blake and Henry or not going to stay for another minimum deal especially if they get better offers, which is very likely,i.e., Earl Clark. So signing a max player and re-signing our bench is gonna be tough. I also expect a lot of teams to go hard after Jordan Hill, especially after his play so far this season, so Lakers will have to pay big to keep him.

    • Paytc

      Much of that is true. But just like the Lakers went out and found this seasons bench there are many unemployed athletic hoopers out there wanting a shot to be a Laker. They have enough money and trade value to sign and keep a select few and make other moves accordingly IMO.

  • f

    why does he need it he is gonna make even more money than salary via product endorsements after he retires why not leave the possibility of adding a great player or 2 or 3

  • ZLL

    I agree with all of LA’s fans, and i think Kobe deserves it.But, in another way, the extension seems to be in a unstable time.Because different views,he will have a greater pressure.

    • Paytc

      Kobe loves pressure and thrives on defying the odds :-)

      That is why he likes to take the last shot with a defender draped all over him as he launches a high arcing ball and falls out of bounds at the buzzer. Bring on just a little more pressure for him to thrive off .

  • KupchakJr

    I praise the Lakers for paying back to a player that has meant so much to them. The criticism from the talking heads is emblematic of today’s what-have-you-done-for-me-lately culture. Parents too old? Oh well, put em in the old folks home. Kids not behaving? Put em on Ritalin. Somebody got you mad? Sue em. Kobe Bryant IS the Lakers. Yes, we want to win, but at least one organization has my respect for not just being emotionless number-crunchers.

    • f

      winning is based off of numbers u moron u score more pts than the other team to win.

      “emotionless number-crunchers” lol have u looked at how much money kobe has mad compared to mj in career salary

      also do u know how much money these guys can make off of product endorsements?

  • ra

    Recall, everyone, that just a few weeks back, the Staples Center experienced the first ‘non-filled’ stadium for a Lakers game in years. Kobe is a big ‘draw’, for the Lakers AND for the NBA. People come to games in Milwaukee just to see Kobe play.

    People come to games in China to see Kobe play — or, to just ‘talk about playing’, right? (last summer). Or, people watch “the View”, to hear what Kobe says.

    He is an ‘NBA brand’, not just a Laker brand. He represents all that is good about basketball. The NBA is choking (slightly) now, with the loss of Rose, Marc Gasol, Curry (for a little bit), etc. The NBA and ESPN’s pushing of LeBron is rather meaningless, because most don’t care about LeBron (as much as Kobe). The “LeBron” show isn’t as exciting as the “Kobe” show.

    I think the NBA sees that even with free agency coming up, the “Class of Kobe” (and Nash, etc.) are in the down phase of their careers. So, the draw of what I think were very exciting years of the NBA are winding down. Kobe ‘really’ gave a strong personality to basketball.

    After Kobe retires, there won’t be many ‘as exciting’ players coming into the league. Wiggins? Not sure. It’s ‘just not the same anymore’. We lived through Kobe’s glory days, and they’re not over yet, but basketball just won’t be the same in the next 10 years. Things are … different.

    So, as I’ve said hundreds of times, let’s enjoy Kobe’s last few years (esp. the lame duck media). ESPN and TNT weenies will regret not giving Kobe ‘enough’ props. When he’s away from the NBA, will we have “Lob City” to keep us going through the next decade? The Swish Brothers?

    I think not.

    And the King? Ha. I’m already bored.

    And Part II: The Lakers displayed loyalty by NOT trading away DH. They are continuing to show loyalty be rewarding Kobe for making them a flagship franchise for the last decade+.

    I say, finally, Kudos to Management for keeping Dr. Jerry Buss’s integrity alive, by performing this signing at this time. This is ‘already’ redemption.

    THIS ALONE will attract key players (maybe free agents) in the next few years. Any player will ‘know’, that if they sign with the Lakers, they are in for a treat, working for the Buss’s and Buss family legacy.

    Good job. It will be worth every penny, for many reasons.

    • f

      lol u aren’t even right about that the number of viewers during the finals last year was as high as during the kobe finals.

      and guess what lebron made more money off of product endorsements than kobe did last year and great nba players make more money than their salaries after product endorsements even after retirement

    • Chyeah

      I agree Kobe’s worth every penny.

      • Paytc

        Kobe is the teams leader and best player and has been for years.
        Taking care of Kobe is just as important as taking care of any so call superstar they sign. Lebron just learned how to be a champion with the guidance and support of D. Wade.Kobe has been one all along without changing teams or seeking out a superstar to team up with.

        Yes Lebron is a superstar and the league is doing all they can to pass him the torch and deservingly so(Lebron’s play has been outstanding). But Kobe is not going anywhere for 2 or 3 years.
        Kobe is playing as well as anyone in the league based on the last time he was on the court. All we have to go on is the Kobe we have all come to expect. I think we will see that Kobe if not an even better one because of his focus and intensity to return to top form.

        Who is to just write off this years Laker team or the Lakers in the next 2 or 3 years? The Lakers are not the favorites ,but upsets do happen. I’m personally throwing my support behind Kobe,the coach,the F.O.,this years team,and each year to follow.
        Go Lakers

  • Akin Akintunde

    People don’t even understand that this deal was a chess move more than it is anything else. Its a huge statement the Lakers are making to both the bench mob and other FA’s, its simply “Be Loyal to us; we’ll give you everything”, who would not want to jump at this kinda situation?

    It’s a win for the Lakers as well because, Kobe has a chip on his shoulder and we all know he thrives under pressure more than anyone in this League. Do the Lakers really need 2 Max players to win another chip? I doubt it… Just look around the league and tell me how many current Max players are producing the numbers expected for the money they took? I’ll wait…

    I’m impressed by our bench already, Kobe will make this squad better when he gets back and I’m not saying we’ll win it all this year, but how far we get this year is what will help us bring in another Max player: our 2014-2015 potential… Look at the bigger picture, people..

    • f

      you guys are overestimating what kobe has been contributing the last years.

      kobe was the one who exited before the regular season playoffs last year and he didn’t really stand out among the other starters during the regular season his defense wasn’t good and the lakers had a higher winning percentage in the games kobe didn’t play.

      lots of blind lakers fans.

      • Paytc

        Kobe had an MVP year last season what are you talking about?
        Obviously your a Kobe hater because Kobe lead the team in points,assist,steal,and number of minutes played ,among other things….last season. And whenever the team needed a lockdown defender they called on who else but Kobe. I know it’s hard to take, but you still gotta deal with greatness. A higher winning % in games Kobe didn’t play?
        Did’nt Kobe play every game until he went out with his season ending injury in about the last week of the season? He did’nt stand out among the other starter? Kobe has not only been the best Laker in the last 12 season,but the NBA’s best player as well.

        17/18 years of high level ballin ! And he won’t stop until 20 or more years of high level play whether you like it or not :-) LOL…….

        Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

        • f

          No Kobe didn’t play in every game until the season ending injury lol.

          And Dwight was the lockdown defender last year kobe’s defense wasn’t that great.

          And there can be a lot of things that don’t show up on the stat sheet that promote winning.

          • Paytc

            We all know Kobe is and has been the best Laker and best player in the league for the past 12 years. And we know he will be the only player in NBA history to play 20 years at a high level on “one” team. Cheers to both the Laker organization and Kobe for making that happen.

            Real basketball and Laker fans respect and appreciate what Kobe has meant to the Lakers and the game. Everyone else can just keep suffering with the pain watching Kobe and other great players ball knowing they can’t. It must be painful? One can only imagine???

            Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

    • Clintonn

      Perfect comment……..

  • Al Haldie


  • fredrick m

    People talking all this stuff about kobe getting his money…..but the lakers don’t need two max players the just need one and who wouldn’t want to come and play for the lakers I mean come on they are the lakers

    • f

      lol as if adding two good players isn’t better than adding one.

      also mj made 80 million thru product endorsements last year, well after he retired.

      u think kobe is going to have a problem getting money?

    • Clintonn


  • RobPeace

    I wonder how many of these people would say “no that’s too much money” if their employer offered them 48.5 mil…

    • Chyeah

      In that case it’s not Kobe’s fault he signed on for $48m but the management’s. Not the best deal they could do

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