PHOTO: Kobe Bryant Seen On Apple’s Campus, Reportedly Met With Jony Ive

PHOTO: Kobe Bryant Seen On Apple’s Campus, Reportedly Met With Jony Ive


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Throughout his 18-year career, Kobe Bryant has picked up a long list of endorsers to help expand his brand outside of the basketball court. It appears Bryant is in talks to add one more company to sponsor.

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According to Seth Weintraub of 9to5Mac, Bryant might be looking to become a spokesman for Apple after meeting with their Senior Vice President of Design Thursday:

An Apple tipster sent in an image of Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant with his wife Vanessa today on Apple’s Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, California. The pair met with Jony Ive’s team according to the tipster and the scuttlebutt is that the meeting centered around upcoming products

It is possible the meeting was to discuss potential product designs that integrate Nike products with Apple software as Bryant already represents Nike.

As he enters the end of his playing days, Bryant looks to take on the world business, even launching his own company, Kobe Inc. in March. If the speculation holds true, Bryant would be partners with one of the most influential businesses today. It should be noted that LeBron James currently acts as a Samsung endorser. Bryant’s potential ties to Apple might add more to the media’s debate over the two future Hall Of Famers.

Here is the photo of Kobe Bryant at Apple’s campus:

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  • hbgirl

    I love Kobe but he doesn’t know a damn thing about technology!!!

    • EZ

      lol so you know Kobe too? Sounds like you guys are family.

      • michael

        well, I doubt that he will develop new apple products

  • dude

    Isn’t Kobe with Lenovo? Or is it just in Asia?

    • LAstory

      I believe just Asia…

  • ra

    sure! Maybe Kobe’s affiliation with Nike helps him with a foot in the door to Apple. He has $$, so he can participate on many levels, investment, maybe as an affiliated partner, whatever. He can represent Apple in commercials (he still has stock), etc.

    But, don’t think he’s approaching it as a ‘developer’ or ‘tech’. No need to (and I’m sure he’s not interested in that – he’s a basketball player, and participating in other interests might detract from that — example: Shaun White, who managed to disrupt his athletic career by having a ‘music’ side interest — Shaun is the best in the world at boarding, but the music may have interfered with that – Kobe’s greatness comes because he laser-focused on basketball).

  • LAstory

    No privacy ever…lol, with that being said.. best of luck to him… after Dr. Dre and Jimmy I. deal…. it’s about the art of the deal…