PHOTO: Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Have Private Dinner

PHOTO: Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Have Private Dinner


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Many believe that Kobe Bryant is the closest thing to Michael Jordan that fans have ever seen. The two have a number of similarities in their games as well as having an extraordinary work ethic and unreal focus.

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With Bryant’s playing career coming to an end soon and working feverishly to return next season in top form, he took some time out to enjoy a private dinner with Jordan according to TMZ Sports.

The two enjoyed a meal at Mastro’s in Beverly Hills, known as one of the best steakhouses in the Los Angeles area. It was actually the second sighting for Jordan who was also spotted having lunch with actor Mark Wahlberg earlier in the day.

There is no word on what the two were talking about while enjoying their meal, but knowing how maniacal Bryant is about his game, it’s hard to imagine the two discussing anything other than basketball.

Check out photos of both guys leaving Mastro’s last night courtesy of TMZ Sports:
Kobe Mastros

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  • wayne

    Byron Scott as next Laker coach

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  • ra


    MJ: Hey Kob’, what up.
    KB: MJ, let’s talk
    MJ: So, think ‘Bron is better than us? (laughing).
    KB: pssshhh. He got it easy now. We played against a much better league, fewer ‘defense’ rules, you know. The league ain’t as good now as it was in our day.
    MJ: know what you mean. And he’s just barely ‘gettin in’. He could have lost last year against the Spurs. The Spurs ???
    KB: It’s a different game now. Maybe ‘Bron is the last of our species. No more superstars for a long time to come.
    MJ: ok, here’s to us (clinking drinks).
    KB: see ya on Mount Rushmore.

    • TheOneAndOnly

      KB: See ya on Mount Rushmore.
      MJ: Lol no you won’t. Are you coming for a visit or something? I’ll have to let Magic, Russell, and LeBron know.
      KB: LeBron? I thought you said he wasn’t better than us?
      MJ: When I said us I meant me, Russell, and Magic. You know you’re not in our league right?
      KB: But..
      MJ: Look at the time! I gotta go. Hey, good luck winning your sixth ring after handcuffing your franchise idiot.
      KB: *cries*

      • jusbball


        • TheOneAndOnly

          Having to resort to offensive slurs because you can’t make a relevant basketball argument is really classy.

          • VillainKing™

            TheOneAndOnly idiot here is you!!!!!

          • TheOneAndOnly

            Is that the best you can do? I was hoping for an intelligent retort. Guess you’re not capable lol.

          • VillainKing™

            your the one that is not capable..and Lebron James is so weak!!!

          • Oleo

            Kobe never cramped.

      • ra

        KB: (actually laughed, not cried).
        KB: Russell? LeBron? You’re pulling my chain, dude. Everyone forgets the greatest player in history (next to you and me): Wilt Chamberlain.
        MJ: yeah, yeah. People under 30, and some in Lakers Nation don’t even know about Wilt the Stilt. The Big Dipper.
        KB: We’ll share one spot on Mt. Rushmore, and then the other 3 will be Wilt, Kareem, Magic. All Lakers, dude.
        MJ: You’re right. Lakers. Best franchise in the history of sports. I don’t like the Celtics either. And the Bulls was … me. Pippen and Luc Longley don’t count.
        KB: well, let’s just forget what some uninvited weenies on Lakers Nation think. Just you and me, bro.
        MJ: To us, man. Nobody else invited to our dinner.

        • TheOneAndOnly

          MJ: Why do your idiot fans think you’re in the same class as the rest of us?
          KB: I don’t know. Even they have to know that LeBron has surpassed me and I’m not even good enough to carry your jock.
          MJ: Glad you know it. Don’t worry, you can come up to visit Mount Rushmore anytime. You can stay on LeBron’s couch/
          KB: You mean it!
          MJ: Of course.
          KB: Thanks MJ!!!!
          MJ: Don’t mention it. And remember, ignore does delusinal fans of yours. They’ll have you thinking a bunch of nonsense like you and I belong in the same sentence.
          KB: I’m not even in the same book as you are Mike.
          MJ; Here’s to you never getting your sixth ring because of your greed and arrogance and never being able to be on Mount Rushmore.
          KB: Here here. But I can still visit right?
          MJ: Of course.

          • ra

            MJ: Just remember, it doesn’t matter what haters think, or ESPN thinks, or TNT (esp. Barkley) thinks, or anyone else except us, Kobe. We are in the same class. Why else do you think that just you and I would have a dinner?
            KB: yeah, why did we have to hide this – the paparazzi found us out. We didn’t really want everyone to know that we’re really in the same class, which is why we’re meeting, and nobody else is invited.
            MJ: yep, there’s nobody like us, Kobe. Not even ‘Bron comes close. Dude doesn’t have a post up move. Just run to the basket, run over everyone. Today’s refs don’t blow the whistle when he ‘charges’. And his 3 pointer sucks now, too. I think he should play football.
            KB: ha! well, enough of that dude. Both you and I played through injuries, colds, broken fingers, legs, and you name it. Just a little heat, and dude withers.

            footnote: of course they’re getting together to talk trash about LeBron. Go ask Tony Kornheiser, who pretty much agrees.

      • LAstory

        The dumbest sh*t I’ve read… “good luck winning your sixth ring” when LeBron has 2, may not get 3…. well it isn’t illegal to be Laker Nation resident idiot…

        • TheOneAndOnly

          Lol just accept it. King James will have his third ring after these finals. He’s better than Kobe ever dreamed of being. Plus LeBron has surpassed Bird and he was supposed to be top 3. Where does that leave LeBron? Top 3 of course. Face it, Kobe isn’t even in the conversation anymore lol.

          • VillainKing™

            Fuck you who the hell are you go suck lebron’s dick!!!!

          • TheOneAndOnly

            Classy. Since you can’t argue against my facts maybe you can beat me at insults lol.

          • LAstory

            Laker Resident idiot, the fact is Kobe has 5 rings.. 3-peat and back2back… better scorer than LeBron, better competitor than LeBron…..wait!!!! that’s wayyy to much information for you to handle… just keep entertaining us….

          • TheOneAndOnly

            4 Straight finals, 4 MVPs, 3 rings, 3 finals MVPs, better all around player, far more versatile, even scorer, better rebounder, WAY better passer, better defender, can play all 5 positions, and is actually the driving force behind his championships unlike Kobe. Had enough? I’m gonna go back to watching the King in the finals. Entertain yourself by watching Kobe on the couch lol.

          • LAstory

            Lakers Nation resident idiot…. did you see YOUR greatest player ever…leave the game because of cramps… yup we all including King Kobe WITNESS LeBron quit! You lose… but Hey looking forward to your next useless post.. lol… Oh and it’s 2 rings for the LeQuiter… genius

          • VillainKing™

            Game 1 of 2014 NBA Finals you see why Kobe Bryant’s greatness cannot compare to Lebron James because Lebron is a quiter and weak bastard..

          • KB24

            as if the lakers hadn’t got 4 straight….2 rings not 3…its still game1,kobe is more clutch,better scorer actually anyone can play all 5 position if you will focus yourself with it….if kobe is in the heat instead of lebron…kobe would have averaged a triple double ….put durant in lbj position with the heat…he can play better than his mvp mode bcoz of the help from his teammates….now try to place lebron in kobe or durant’s position in lakers and okc….can he still perform on a high level like with the heat?

          • Doug Fuller

            You watched the king alright. DUNCAN put it on you pretty good last night didn’t he? Talk big when your boy gets over .500 in the finals..tell then shut up and go away. He is not 5 yet

          • Kobes better

            He has 2 rings lol do you watch any type of basketball

          • Sam Saab

            he has 2 rings, 2 finals mvps, shows how much you know about your bf LECRAMP james. James had to FOLLOW 2 other superstars to miami…He joined a legacy unlike Kobe BUILDING his legacy…Kobes a better scorer, better IQ, more intense competitor, has more rings, better defender can be a better passer when he wants to be as you may have witnessed before he tore his achilles in 2013 when he took facilitating the offense into his own hands having more than 12 assists in 4 games. The only delusional idiot here is you TheOneAndOnly!!

          • Daclutch1

            Lebron can’t even hold Kobe’s nuts. Lebron is great but definitely not better than kobe overall.

          • take-that

            The most idiotic comments are coming out of your stinky pie hole, LAstory, if it weren’t for punk as Kobe’s selfishness, the Lakers would have won couple more titles. Kobe rode on Shaq’s coattail to get his first 3 rings. Shaq was the MVP in first 3 Finals, not Kobe. Kobe didn’t win the back to back title, he disappeared in Game 7 against the Celtics, Ron Artest won it for the Lakers, without Ron Artest the Lakers don’t win Game 7. Apparently that’s too much information for you to handle, and apparently you’re more delusional than everyone else. Yes, keep us entertained with more of your brainless posts…hahahahahahaha!!!!!

          • KingYaDigg

            wait are you refering to that Game 7 Kobe had 15 rebs 23 pts in (which Led all Players) and he went 11-15 from the ft line you mean that Game where he showed his superior Basketball IQ by effecting the game in other ways becuz he realized he had a poor shooting night .. becuz if you know Basketball and saw what i saw u witnessed Kobe force Boston to be in the Bonus with 6 mins while trailing ..Ron Played His Scottie Pippen Role but Kobe Played MJ

          • LAstory

            Ah… TheOneAndOnly has a sister…

          • Jj

            One and only how bout shut ur mouth till Lebron gets his third cuz good chance that don’t even happen

          • VillainKing™

            Your the idiot Fuck YOU!!Your idol is as coward as you and bad news for you Miami lost in Game 1 because Lebron James is a weaklings..Struggle to breath and had cramps what the Fuck..What kind of player is that so WEAK!!!!

          • Kobes better

            Did you say facts you saying lebron better than kobe is describe as an opinion but at least you tried lol

          • JW

            You are funny.
            Stupid, but funny.
            Must be 12?

          • TheOneAndOnly

            Funny, but factual. Not 12, but I know 12 year olds who know more basketball than you.

          • LeJoke

            you didnt even make an argument regarding Lebrons rings! even if he gets his third ring this year, thats TWO short of Kobe. and dont use the “Shaq and Pau” helped Kobe B.S. arguments when we all know Lebron didnt win SH**T without D WADE and Bosh…that dude needed TWO All-Stars to win his first ring, not just one! as u recall, he lost two Finals appearances just like Kobe did as well. in what universe is Lebron better with only 2 rings to his name?

          • TheOneAndOnly

            Even scorer, better rebounder, WAY better passer, better defender, can play all 5 positions, and is actually the driving force behind his championships unlike Kobe. Had enough?

          • VillainKing™

            can Lebron score 81 points in one game.?Fuck YOU

          • KB24

            do you think lebron can do that in kobe’s height and body?BIG NO BECAUSE HE IS ALWAYS RELYING IN HIS ATHLETECISM….let kobe or durant get 250lbs with 6’8 height and they will PLAY BETTER THAN LBJ…..spurs are defending loose on lbj with pnr to let him shoot jumpers…will they do it against kobe,kd?NO BECOZ THE BLACK MAMBA AND DURANTULA HAVE A HIGHER AND UNIQUE EXTRAORDINARY SKILLSET THAN LBJ WHO IS NOTHING BUT ATHLETIC FREAK….IF HE DOES NOT IMPROVE HIS JUMPER HE WOULD BE A GREG ODEN IN 33-38 YRS OLD

          • KingYADigg

            Kobe Played Center when Shaq foul out in the Indiana Finals ..Kobe way better Scorer.. higher IQ..kobe is an underrated Passer I say Lebron is a more willing but not better….and Lebron has No i repeat No 1 on 1 Defense he plays the pass lanes excellent and is a great secondary defender but his iso Defense is beyond trash

          • laker12025

            When labron, wade and bosh got together they were superstars not all- stars, big differce kobe had shaq, wat other superstar/all-star Did he have, maybe pul. Kobe 5 ring labron 2. Enough said.

          • LakersOverEverything

            You’re not even a good troll smh

          • VillainKing™

            Fuck you!!!YOu and Lebron are the same because both of you are weak!!!

          • LAstory

            “Plus LeBron has surpassed Bird” if you’re talking about So has Duncan, Parker and Wade… I don’t think YOU believe what you’re saying… but then again, you are the Laker Nation resident idiot…. keep entertaining us…

          • OneAndOnly

            He surpassed Bird as a player a few years ago lol. And I’m an idiot? Lol your ignorance is entertaining.

          • Lakernation702

            This guy here been given too much adult time on mommy and daddys laptop. Kobe Bryant: 81 pts in a game, 5 Championships, 7 MVP’s( 2 in the Finals *cough Lebron? ), 4th ALL-TIME SCORER, 31,700 pts, DIDN’T RUN AWAY FOR HIS RINGS, Won a ring WITHOUT SHAQ, played thru a fractured finger on his shooting hand along with countless injuries over the seasons. WILL finish with more pts and titles than Lebron and in the long run….pts = wins. LoL 100 rebounds and 10 pts lose to 100 pts and 10 rebounds all day. Learn something.

          • $20509373

            Stop feeding the troll.

          • VillainKing™

            Lebron “The King of Flop” James and a weaklings cannot play without an aircon!! what the fuck..Larry Bird is great but Kobe Bryant is greater than Bird..And Bryant surpassed Bird very easy!!!!

          • LAstory

            Wow, you actually believe what you’re posting! Yes…you are an idiot… see you’re correct about one thing.. gold star for you!! Way to go!

          • lakers4life

            Lebron james better than kobe? lol that’s funny..let me school you on a few things…as far as an individual basketball player will PURE skills..kobe has the better shot from mid range and 3pt range..LeBron will never have a jumper as good as Bryant..kobe has the better post game, IQ..footwork..ball handling and the same killer instinct Michael Jordan had..LeBron career high is 61 points kobe did 62 in 3 quarters in his sleep and not to mention 81 points even if it was against the raptors..kobe has won all of his rings on the west in the tougher conference were LeBron had to team up with two other stars on a weak east conference. Have some respect and think before you ride LeBron jock…btw even kevin Durant said kobe Bryant is the greatest behind MJ as far as pure basketball skills and not himself or LeBron is not on the same level

          • Dana

            Dude, LeBron couldn’t even finish the game tonight because of a cramp. A cramp. Kobe played with a broken knee. Get back to us when James grows up and becomes a man. Right now he’s just a weenie, whiny baby.

          • VillainKing™

            That’s right!!

          • KB24

            yeah the man who attempts 81% in the paint and 19 % on jumpers most commonly uncontested…leaves cleveland to win championships….he may have a 38% at 3pt range but that is still low considering most of his perimeter jumpers are wide open….lebron is more popular in cleveland b4 he went to the heat….lets see at the age of 35-38 if he can be a top 3 in the league when guys like KD,AD,GRIFFIN,NOAH,wiggins,parker,embiid comes on the rise…lebron wont have a ring without wade bosh,would not win his 2nd without allen…if lakers battled against the heat,80% chance the heat would won(for now), but if its 1 on 1,90% chance kobe will win, did you see lebron try to dominate a game without eruption of 35pts or higher? NO!…when did you see him take the last shot shooting J(heat uniform)….FYI LEBRON WOULD STILL BE RINGLESS WITHOUT WADE,BOSH,ALLEN……KOBE WOULD HAVE 2 RINGS SOON TO BE 3 WITHOUT THE HELP OF SHAQ…..if lebron kicked larry bird from the easy 3 its bcoz of his hype not his game

      • Tevin

        You’re retarded.. It really ticks me off when people start trynna put Lebron on Mt. Rushmore already.. REALLY? What has he done? 2 rings & bad cramps definitely won’t get you there.

      • HR

        I didn’t realize 2 was more then 5. Math must be getting worse. Good luck getting number 4 or 5, wait you first need to get number 3. I forgot about that.

      • TheOneAndOnly=Putz

        KB: think I’ll chime in with this dude “TheOneAndOnly” and his mental masturbation.

        MJ: Yeah, he doesn’t seem to like Lebron?

        KB: I know! SMH, Lebron never played with the horses we got to play with.

        MJ: I know, you had Shaq. I had Pippen.

        KB: Not to mention you had Phil for your full run, I had him for two runs.

        MJ: Mike Brown LMAO, Spoelstra isn’t too bad, but he couldn’t carry Phil’s clipboard.

        KB: What’s even funnier is that fool “TheOneAndOnly” is bagging on LeBron for cramping up. LOL, I bet he’s a bloated piece of offal that most likely would have passed out after waddling down the court one time.

        MJ: LOL

        KB: What’s even funnier is that cretin “TheOnlyAndOnly is talking crap about my $24M per year contract.

        MJ: Yeah, that ain’t right man, I was pulling $30M my last year with the Bulls. And that was 1998

        KB: You ain’t goin’ be too mad when I surpass you on the all-time scoring list next season?

        MJ: Nah, I’ve got six rings, what you got?

        KB: If Shaq would have stayed in shape and Phil wouldn’t have started to breakdown health wise, I’d have at least seven by now.

        MJ: Yeah you’re right. I’d say you were the greatest all-time Laker. Magic was great, but he had Jabbar & Worthy.

        KB: And you had Phil in his coaching prime and HOF’ers Pippen & Rodman?
        MJ: Shaq was awesome when he was in shape. But I had to give you credit on your second run, SMH you did it with a space cadet in Lamar Odom and a wimp Pau Gasol.
        KB: But at least they were better then what LeBron has to work with, a broken down Wade and no show like Bosh.
        MJ: So true. Say what you may say about Rodman, but that dude came to play with the chips were on the line.
        KB: Then you’d agree that “TheOneAndOnly” is a complete and total moron!
        MJ: Most definitely. He is without a doubt the village idiot of this message board.
        KB: lolololololololololololololololololol

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The 2 best player arguably ever sitting,eating dinner together Kodak moment.

    • Thomas Dease


  • Guest

    GAME recognize GAME

  • $20509373

    Wonder what they were talking about.

  • Captain DC

    OMG! ANOTHER COMEBACK! MJ to the Lakers! Next year’s starting 5 will be Farmer, Bryant, Jordan, this year’s 7th draft pick, and Bynum.

  • Mastro

    I was working there lastnight I heard everything p.s bad tippers !

  • Sozo

    Question is…. who paid?

  • jackson871104

    I guess this is the conversation between them

    Kobe: M.J, you know i am going to retire once i earn another 1 or 2 rings. I got a business plan for you. How about 2 NBA Legends join together and create a Business Empire?

    M.J. : Wow, you are pretty confident huh? Ya, let’s do it together!

  • RodneyLaker

    TheOneandOnly is a blind 1 minded man. Simple as that he says reply with intelligent yet he said nothing intelligent himself. Lebron has 2 rings still gotta catch up. How lebron doing losing game 1??? had some cramps carried of the court. Kobe Bryant Torn Achilles walks off on his own power. Don’t say with cramps you can’t walk cause boy i’ve had them in sports. Walked/stumbled my way off.

  • ReaLNBAFaN

    Jordan had to play against all the Greats of the 80’s and 90’s to win championships when the league was 5x more physical as it is now and is considered the greatest of all time, Kobe plays just like jordan in every aspect so if he is similar to jordan he is the 2nd greatest player of all time, Kobe played and won his 1st 3 championships when the NBA was more physical, and won his last 2 while staying on his same team during the rebuilding process after failing so many years. LeBron had to go on a team with another superstar (Dwayne Wade) to win multiple championships, not commiting to one team. and Barely winning his second title. Lebron is not on neither of their levels’ end of conversation.