PHOTO: Jordan Hill Is Back In Los Angeles Working Out With Trainer Reviewed by Momizat on . With the Lakers training camp now less than two weeks away, the Lakers roster is starting to get back into basketball mode. This time, it's Lakers forward Jorda With the Lakers training camp now less than two weeks away, the Lakers roster is starting to get back into basketball mode. This time, it's Lakers forward Jorda Rating:
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PHOTO: Jordan Hill Is Back In Los Angeles Working Out With Trainer

BUJ1LDbIQAAQrMkWith the Lakers training camp now less than two weeks away, the Lakers roster is starting to get back into basketball mode. This time, it’s Lakers forward Jordan Hill who was working out with trainer Tim DiFrancesco.

Last season, Jordan Hill was having the most impactful season of his young career. He was leading the NBA in offensive rebound rate — and he was leading by a large margin. Unfortunately, Hill went down with a hip injury in January and didn’t return until the short-lived post-season run. While it was great to see Hill back on the floor for the playoffs, it’s even better to see him getting prepared to get back on the floor full time for the Lakers for the upcoming season.

Many are not expecting much from the Lakers this season as multiple Lakers are recovering from injuries this summer, and this will be one of the most lackluster rosters that they’ve fielded in years, but the potential for this team to be really fun to watch is high, and a part of that reason is the hustle and effort from Jordan Hill.


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  • vdogg

    i’m a huge jordan hill fan. he is a hell of a hustle player and he is more skilled than people give him credit for. the lakers will need his toughness and rebounding in the paint. i think he should start at PF.

    • richard

      agree @disqus_uj9JiHx2Op:disqus … he is a blue collar player who worked his butt out when given some burn on the floor. He is of the same mentality as Kurt Rambis.

      • Jim213

        He may not get the opportunity if he can’t make the jump shots that Dumbtoni wants out of the position.

        • richard

          his medium range jumper looked good though toward the end of the season .. and was consistently hitting it.. I don’t see any reason why he won’t continue to be confident doing it this season.

          • Paytc


            I agree with you that Hill is just a competitor.He will not back down from a challenge. He may never develop into that explosive offensive player but he does all the work mentally that doesn’t show up on the stat sheets.And Hill will score just enough to keep the other team aware that he will score if unaccounted for.

        • Paytc

          Hill brings the workman like mentality that was sorely missing when he went down to injury. He is not about the selfishness and individual flash.Hill will do the grunt work and battle like a man without needing the glamor for motivation.We need his presence to discourage opponents from looking at a team with a soft inside defensive presence. Gasol will not battle to protect the rim and Hill has more athleticism than Kaman and Kelly.

          Defense is why we need Hill on the floor.His offense is just gravy.This team won’t be needing Hill to score with all the offensive weapons they already have.

          • Jim213

            Ain’t arguing his ability as the coach will likely want to utilize him as a stretch 4. This is why he’s been asked to improve his shooting, thus, IMO it would seem his minutes lessen if he doesn’t meet the needs required by Dumbtoni.

            This is an important position for the coach’s style and if Gasol ends up being moved at the 5 position with Hill at 4, he may play a different role than he’s accustomed to playing. Look what happened last year when both Gasol and DH clogged the paint.

            The coach’s style is best played when the floor is stretched though I see Shawne Williams making the cut and playing the 4 given his success and ability to distance himself from the Center. But yes Hill is a solid defender so who knows he may play minutes at Center with Kaman around too.

          • Paytc

            I can see your point Jim213. But that’s gonna be where the coach needs to have a little flexibility if and when game situations call for it. I don’t believe every game should be coached the same.It’s that out of the box non flexible big boss style of coaching that sucks in my opinion. The ego has to be put into check from not just players but the coach as well when needed. Authority is not always right. A few checks and balances need to be in place.Obviously winning solves everything.If we are successful something is right.If not heads will eventually be replaced.

    • Paytc


      You know what’s up! Hill will bring the mentality Kobe needs along side him, especially on the road. I agree with everything you said about Jordan Hill.

  • The Rock

    If Jordan Hill can only just stay healthy.He is a garbage man a dirt worker hustler rebounder he reminds me of A.C. Green from back in the day.I love his hard work and muscle he provides the Lakers team.He has some potential to be much better on offense.He is a blue collar player much like his Assistant Coach Kurt Rambis.Go Lakers Go!

    • Paytc

      That’s right ! The Rock,Richard,Jim213,Paytc and all the other Jordan Hill supporters do enjoy watching Jordan Hill taking full advantage of each opportunity he gets on the floor.

      The coach holds all the cards. The coach determines who plays and for how long they play.
      I hope the coach gives Henry,and Farmar more playing time as well because I believe the players with the most “HEART” and “ABILITY” will make the difference in playoff,championship,or bust. My message to the team is consistent and will never change….
      Keep “STEPPING UP” is the call out to each and every player. And accountability from the top to the bottom. Go Lakers !

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