PHOTO: Fan Gets Tattoo Of Kobe Bryant On His Right Leg

PHOTO: Fan Gets Tattoo Of Kobe Bryant On His Right Leg


As the off-season continues, many wonder how Kobe Bryant will perform on the court when he makes his return next season.

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Paying tribute to Bryant’s career with the Lakers, tattoo artist Qtattoo Lee posted a photo on Instagram of his latest artwork which showed Kobe’s face on a fan’s right leg:


Whether it’s an artistic tattoo or Laker flags attached to cars, it’s always a positive sign when you see fans showing their respect for the five-time champion no matter how they represent the purple and gold.

Playing in only six games during the regular season, Bryant was never able to compete with the team after coming back from an Achilles injury. In his return, Kobe unfortunately went down again by fracturing his left knee during the team’s victory in Memphis last December.

As the team released their preseason schedule, Kobe Bryant’s eventual return could come on the first game against the Denver Nuggets on October 6.
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  • comrade24

    Whoever did this tattoo DEFINITELY has what it takes to be Inkmaster. Kudos

    • Jim213

      Similar to Nikko Hurtado, who’s tattooed many great portraits.

    • tattoo enthusiast

      Q would win that show with his eyes closed if the competition were what it really is on the show.

  • Andy

    That tattoo looks AMAZING! :O

  • Lakers#1

    Wow! Great tattoo, great artist!

  • whatever


    • WRONG

      definitely not photoshop. i’ve been following Qtattoos on instagram for quite awhile and let me say this is not even his best work.

  • MK Kobe Benjamin

    Thats’ great!

  • richidaas

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  • OC Guy

    It’s very good artwork, don’t get me wrong but I’m seeing a very slight bit of starving Ethiopian in it.

    • kiru

      Really? This is how far you can see? I am Ethiopian. Pathetic!!

      • OC Guy

        Wow… You are obviously a very arrogant, self entitled Ethiopian void of any humor… Let me guess you are they type that when anyone is joking around even if it isn’t geared toward you, you will cause trouble because you enjoy nothing more than getting attention and being a downer, raining on everyone’s parade any chance you get…. By the way, rain is water falling from the sky incase you forgot, being an Ethiopian and all. My advice is to get a life and stop shoving your head up your own ass, taking deep inhales every chance you get! More than just you in this word and if what I said insulted you on such an extreme level you won’t last long outside your front door!

  • PackerFaithful


  • Joe Mc Geehand

    He must be Happy not to have a picture of that Arss Rimer Magic the Gerbil

  • bklyn221

    1 word “FAG”

  • Adrianne Grayson

    this is amazing! This dude should have done Kobe’s first tattoo’s instead of that kid from the first grade.

  • Gecko

    Dumbsh_t. People that have tattoos are mostly brain dead humans.

  • TheRumpf

    It looks like Omar from “The Wire”


    Thats pretty Clean very detailed awesome.


    Someone please tattoo Donald Sterling id like to see that.

  • sportsfan64

    The artwork looks freaking awesome, however, it looks like the runner that won the L.A marathon and needing a glass of water, just saying…