PHOTO: Dwight Howard Posts Picture Of Him Dunking On Kobe Bryant

PHOTO: Dwight Howard Posts Picture Of Him Dunking On Kobe Bryant


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When Dwight Howard left the Los Angeles Lakers for the Houston Rockets in the summer, Kobe Bryant had some strong feelings toward his now former teammate. Bryant took to Twitter and unfollowed Howard immediately after his decision to leave became public. The two players had some clear off-court issues as both wanted to be the “star” of the team, much like the struggle between Kobe and Shaq years ago.

The drama involving the Kobe and Dwight seemed to be over after Dwight’s departure from Los Angeles, but recently Dwight took to Instagram to post a picture of him dunking over Kobe:

Dwight also added the caption: Throwback hahahahah. Nothin like how he got me but look at dfish and pau face hhahah.

As most of you will recall, Kobe and Dwight have some history when it comes to dunking on each other. Kobe gave Dwight a “welcome to the NBA” lesson when he threw down a massive dunk over the 6′ 10″ center in Dwight’s rookie season. See video below:

It’s interesting that Dwight would post a picture of himself dunking over Kobe especially with how badly things ended between the two players this past off-season. Kobe is one of the most social media savvy players in the NBA and is sure to have a response.
VIDEO: Kobe Bryant

  • marcus mims

    All Kobe has to say to Dwight is 5

    • Jim213

      2/19/14 vs. Rockettees how about when 100% healthy but good things come to those who wait…#momento

      Posted this in the summer which someone redirected to the Rockets site.

      • KBallDAY

        hey dwight coward, now look at pau’s face.. and don’t forget james harden too :3

  • NickOld

    Which pixel was Howard?

  • iDontCare

    I don’t know why some people would get mad at this. Let him be.

  • Elden Campbell

    lol exactly dwight! NOTHING like how kobe got you!

  • Swaggy Rambo

    Dwight is an attention whore but yet can’t handle us mean ol’ Lakers fans. Fuck him and may he never prosper, ever. No MVP’s, no rings, nothing! I hope he blows his ACL. Big shouldered fucking loser. Punk bitch got his ass handed to him by PAU!

    • ColeWorldNoBlanket

      Naw it ain’t cool 2 wish injury on anyone fam. but Howard is the definition of a bitch.

    • Jay Brodes

      hope d12 tears and acl..only i have always said ..karma is a b***ch

  • Matt Williams

    Dwight, you didn’t even win that game! Bitter son of a bitch! LOL!

  • LakersFan8-24

    haha LOL, Bitch Please, speak to Kobe when you have atleast 2 Championship ring

  • ColeWorldNoBlanket

    Since when did doing a put back dunk while someone just happens 2 be standing under the rim count as dunking on someone? He reaching with that lame ass pic. Meanwhile Kobe put his nuts all on Howard’s forehead with a baptism dunk.

    • EddieB312

      Twice. Once vs Orlando, once vs Rockets.

  • nick

    I guess he has finally realized that’s all he’s got to cherish on since dumb @ss beech aint getting no rings. I can see his old @ss have nothing more than just mere tapes to watch and get excited. Loser, freaking grow up beech.

  • richard

    Wake me when D12 has 1.

  • boccs5

    I never seen Patrick Ewing post a pic of the time he Damn near broke jordan’s arm when he dunked on him, someone is clearly in their feelings lol yell

  • Teresa Sullivan

    Jeez, how old is dwight now? 14?

  • Jay Brodes

    mamba 5 d12 0…do the math..he will be lucky to win 1…eat that d12..he is garbage..good riddance..mamba dropped 42 on u in game 1…yeah # real go home! i hope you tear an acl!

  • Laker fan for life!

    This coming from a guy that has NO titles and will never get one!

  • Nashir Mohammed

    a 7 footer is supposed to dunk on people….

  • Robert Perez

    Hey Dwight was this from that finals where Kobe and the Lakers beat you in 5 games?

  • Hamza

    Dwight will never ever win a Championship, no matter who he plays with.he’s jealous of the Greatest player in the game today, I still can’t see why people call Lebron the greatest player in the world, look at all the accomplishments that Kobe has done, and he’s still in the game,how can someone be better than 5 Championships versus 2 Championships.and how can Lebron put himself on Mt. Rushmore ahead of Kobe, and how can Magic not mention Kobe as one of the greatest , but mention Lebron/ Durant . People for kobe was also 8 or9 time all first team defense . Lerbron nor Durant has accomplish near the goals as Kobe, plus Kobe should’ve been awarded more MVP awards and scoring tiltles.

  • hd64

    What is that above Kobe’s head, on Howard’s shirt? Makes me think this pic might be fake.

  • Arsarn Wynxz Panichkit

    6’11 on 6’6….. Seriously? When are you gonna grow up? Well done Dwightmare.
    Legends never act childish.

  • June

    come on, which is way more better looking, 1. Center Dunking on SG or 2. SG on Center. For me, much is SG on C, damn fucking like it!!!

  • Eric

    Please, you got a face full of ball sack and dunked on in the same play. Hate to break it to you Dwight, but Kobe took a dump on your chest.

  • Diggler

    What a loser and immature fool. Good riddance to Howard~the classless clown he is.