PHOTO: Clippers Will Cover Lakers Banners During Home Games

PHOTO: Clippers Will Cover Lakers Banners During Home Games


It looks like the Clippers are tired of having their home games look like they’re in the building of another team. Even with the Clippers branding on the court, in previous seasons in Staples Center, all one would have to do is to look into the rafters to see all of the Lakers championship banners and retired jerseys — something the Clippers have yet to do at Staples Center.

This year, however, the Clippers have decided that enough is enough. No, they’re not going to hang their own banners. They’re just going to cover up the Lakers banners during home games. It’s still not clear whether the Clippers will hang the banner for their first ever Division Title (Blake Griffin has said that he doesn’t want the team to do so), but one thing is clear — Clippers fans won’t have to look at the storied history of the Lakers in the rafters. I wonder if they’ll cover photos from championship parades and title games all around the arena as well.

Check the photo below.

Clippers Cover Banners

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  • Juan Carlos

    Great idea! Their home games, their court, their house. And it’s their time, too.

    • marcus mims

      please man shut the blank up

    • Matt Williams

      First off let me correct you. It’s LAKERS’ house. Clippers are just the guest. It’s our court, our banners on the walls, our statues, our trophies. You and your Clippers need to move out and get your own arena. Go see if the Forum is still available. Hell go to the Honda Center or something. You think cause your team got good you can change shit around. To hell with that!!

    • richard

      It;s their time? the games are still to be played…. the last time I look… they were bounced in the first round same as Lakers… How is that their time?

      • DJ

        LOL! Our “bad year” was their best.

    • Vincent Parker

      Shut up you unintelligent ignorant Clippers fan your team will always be the little puppies of LA, LA is Lakers Nation the Clippers can pay rent or go to Seattle and become the Sonics Seattle deserves another team

  • luis

    Why dont we get the Clippers, and move them somewhere else!

    • Adamame

      Were you born in LA?

    • Jacob

      Yeh they should go to Anaheim or Lousiana lol jk, but if its such a big deal they can get out

    • Tray LA

      Nah, they can stay in LA. No need for people to campaign for them because they’re good now.

  • JGSP

    They just know they will never be able to hoist any real banners so they put up pictures of the overrated cast they currently have. That is funny bunch of haters.

  • Adamame

    They should move to Seattle and become the Supersonics. Seattle deserves to get their team back. Los Angeles is the Lakers city and always will be, win or lose.

    • Jack

      Seattle Clippers..has a ring to it

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Clippers are so disrespectful.This whole beef is based on disrespecting.Go Lakers!

  • los322

    What happens when they face the Lakers though? Lol

    • los322suck

      Since they started to play in the same court ??? Duhhh nothing happens .. Thats why you guys don’t have banners to hang

      • los322

        Hahaha you seriously thought I was a clippers fan??xD ahh man that’s hilarious, and no shit Einstein I know nothing happens…

    • LA’sFinest

      Clippers win.

  • They call me Pringles

    Why don’t they move back to San Diego, next to Sea World. Change their name to Flippers!

    • JD

      Good one!…On the mark.

    • kingkanyon

      why don’t you move back to Minnesota.

      • LAsFinest

        Because it’s harder to spell for laker fans than “LA”

  • Rachel Scott-Ventura

    They are in the home of another team the best team LAKERS… GO back to the pond Clippers that is your home! Pay rent shut up or get the freak out

    • LAsFinest

      Clippers and lakers BOTH pay rent. Staples was built for the Kings. Clippers actually played there before the lakers did.

  • Officer Doofy

    so there going to cover the statues to

  • Laker Fan 4 Life

    What are they going to do with the statues of the Laker greats outside then? Still can’t hide the Laker’s identity to Staples Center. #Morons

    • LAsFinest

      If I were a lakers fan, I’d be more concerned with the statues Jimbo and Kupcake are putting on the court!

  • purpnyello

    I think the clippers need to get over tthemselves and realize they haven’t earned th rights to do anything like that, and if they just dont like it the sports arena is still vacant…#city of champions…GO LAKERS. …..

  • Tony

    Its a Classless move by classless organization.

  • Robin Cyril Malicad

    Cincinnati Clippers? haha…

    • richard

      it has a good sound to it….

    • Vincent Parker

      How about the Clippers move to San Diego and put a stadium next to Sea World and name themselves the San Diego Flippers

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Why doesn’t Don Sterling open up his damn wallet and buy his own building and stop shitting on Jerry Buss’s legacy – that guy is a chump. My family friend is helping him buy a hospital in LA – hes got the loot to build a new stadium – hes just trying to be a boss (which he is not because he can’t even do his own business deals)

    • LAsFinest

      Buss family net worth: $600,000,000
      Donald Sterling net worth: $1,900,000,000

      I think he’s doing fine on his business deals.

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        Yes – because he has intelligent and connected people helping him. I know him personally and most often is not present when papers are signed – Dont talk about shit you have no clue about – fanboy

        • LAsFinest

          I know exactly what I’m talking about, jackass. What successful businessman DOSEN’T have advisors? You’re a fucking fool!

          And by the way, Donald Sterling was the guy who lent Buss the money to buy the lakers, so there would BE no Buss legacy without the Donald…


          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            I refuse to argue with a Plebeian – all you are is a trollish shit talker. I was at Don Sterling son’s funeral. Im pretty sure I understand the intricacies of his business a bit more than you “Mr. LA’s Finest Troll.” Your the equivalent of a sideline reporter at a football game. BTW – cussing makes you sound MUCH more credible – idiot.

  • 3339

    hahahaha look how many banners they need to cover ours lol

  • lakuruv

    Here’s a revelation for the Clippers:
    Try getting your OWN CITY, and your OWN ARENA, and your OWN FANS and maybe…Just maybe, I mean a slim, miniscule, I mean very, very small chance, like an inkling of a chance that you might… My throat is starting to itch; might possibly; eyes starting to squint…WIN… at best a division Title, but possibly a championship banner…From the D-League…LOL!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am born and raised from La and the Lakers will always run LA.Yes LA is a Lakers town and always will be.Doc Rivers is a major hater i heard it was his request that was granted to cover the Lakers banners.Clippers are just trying to cover up facts as is usual with their weak fan base and crappy owner Donald The Duck Sterling.

    Lakers should force the hands of LA tax payers by asking for a brand new state of the art stadium in LA to just rub it in the face of the garbage Clippers organization.Clippers renewed their lease with Staples Center for 9 more years,so that is just some more years to put up with this nonsense.

    Lakers will always be big brother while Clippers will always be the JV team in LA.Clippers have always been the butt of the NBA jokes.Clippers worst franchise in sports over the last 30 years and The Lakers the best franchise over the last 30 years.Screw you Clippers you suck big time.

    It is just annoying and ridiculous to cover up the Lakers 16 Championship banners just because the Flippers have ZERO Banners and ZERO Championships.Flippers and their fans are pathetic.Lakers are my team and always have been my one and only favorite team.Donald Sterling is a cheap owner he could never be like Jerry Buss.

    Go Lakers!

  • Lakers4ever

    Even though not everyone in LA is a Lakers fan, LA will ALWAYS be Laker town! #Knowthat
    GO LAKERS!!!

  • kingkanyon

    Lakers Suck, Clippers Nation, Lob City, we in this bi*ch, Take down those girl colors.

    • LAsFinest


  • $20509373

    Will they want the Lakers to take down those statues out front too? Will they want the Kings and Sparks to take down their championship banners too? Lol it’s the Lakers city. Staples is the house that Magic, Kareem, Kobe, Shaq, West, and Wilt built. When they designed that banner wall they did that with the Lakers in mind. Not the Clippers, who are literally the only team in our fine city to never win a championship. They should be thanking the Lakers for the opportunity to even play in LA and sullying the holy ground that is Staples Center with their mediocrity and overrated teams. If the clippers are who they think they are they should get their own building, their own city, and their own legacy. Move back to San Diego and build an arena there. They already have the location. Go be your own team in your own city.

  • dgipss

    Every body stop saying the lakers have to pay rent to who gives a shit without the lakers their staple center would be shit so shut the FUCK UP who the hell cares if it was made for the kings most people don’t even know who the fuck they are there fun base is about 10 thousand wide and the lakers world wide so just get those fucking ugly mass clippers off are court ……. peace

  • unknown

    Clippers should move back to san diego or to anaheim. san diego is a massive city that can support a team or the pond will be perfect for the clips to establish there own domain. The sacramento kings should move north to seattle, california has too many basketball teams and seattle needs a b ball team and a hockey team bad, they have a good market being close to vancouver

  • jayjay

    People keep posting without using their brain.. It just home game, Lakers don’t own the Staples, they can do whatever they want to do if it’s their games. hey people lets use what’s inside in our head.