Phil Jackson Tells Dwight Howard on Twitter To Re-Sign With Lakers

Phil Jackson Tells Dwight Howard on Twitter To Re-Sign With Lakers


Phil+Jackson+Memorial+Service+Los+Angeles+H86xhe3QnSclWhen Mitch Kupchak broke the news that Phil Jackson was playing the role of consultant in the Lakers front office, nobody knew how that would affect the Lakers pursuit of impending free agent Dwight Howard.

Earlier this week it was reported that Howard was unlikely to re-sign in LA citing his disdain for head coach Mike D’Antoni’s system and grumbling about playing alongside Kobe Bryant.

Jackson and Howard have maintained some sort of relationship as the two admitted to texting each other during the season when times were rough in Lakerland. However, Jackson is going to his house in Montana and doesn’t sound like he’ll be in the Lakers meeting on Tuesday, but had some words for Howard on Twitter before he left:

The Lakers have maintained that they want to be the last team to speak with Howard as they’ve implored an aggressive marketing strategy by placing “Stay D12” billboards around Los Angeles.

Jackson’s role as consultant showed itself yesterday as it’s being reported that his longtime assistant Kurt Rambis could join D’Antoni’s staff.

If Jackson is as active as it looks within the Lakers organization when it comes to personnel decisions, it could be that push that sways Howard to stay in Hollywood and chase the organizations 17th NBA championship.


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  • 3339

    Phil Jackson knows whats up. He sees how important Dwight is. I bet it’s tough for him to see how the Lakers are being run knowing that he or his apprentice Brian Shaw could’ve helped.

  • bill

    i am certainly not aware of the many angles of dwight’s signing with the lakers or moving on. what i am aware of is how he made my stomach ache every time a game was close and he walked to the free throw line. if he leaves, i will still be a laker fan, but one with a lot less abdominal stress.

  • Jah

    Be smart, Howard. Phil Jackson is a PAID CONSULTANT to promote the Lakers. He’s not you. He’s not the one to have to put up with Kobe’s egomaniac ways and deal with D’Antonin “disminishing Big Man” system.

    Don’t get me wrong. Phil is a mature mind among the Buss clowns and understands exactly what you going through but again, he’s a PAID CONSULTANT for the Lakers and have to promote the Lakers when he knows you better off going to a team (Houston Rockets) that will cater to your brand of basketball.

    Now, to counter Phil Jackson’s mentor-
    presence, you have someone even better than him: Hakeem Olajuwon. A guy that understands you better than Phil. A guy that worked and trains you and can help
    you further as he’s willing to spent a full
    season getting you accustomed to be a
    Rockets franchise Center and be among
    the great Big Man of Rockets’ tradition:

    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Ralph Sampson
    Moses Malone
    Dikembe Motumbo
    Yao Ming

    …..and then you. What’s greater, you’d be one of two to bring a Championship to the Rockets since Dream. L.A. already have several of their bigs with rings which the L.A. fans put unreasonable
    pressure on you to duplicate that in a foolish system, and a Kobe Bryant who has ran off Shaq and antagonistic against a Big Man playing outside of Kobe’s shadow.

    With the Rockets, you’d be your own Man
    and neither you or Harden has won a Championship but together on the Rockets, that will change quickly and you’ll be recognized and one of two Rockets Centers to deliver for HTown. Let the Lakers move on. They are in no position to rebound with Buss at the helm. A joke of a franchise right now.

    • 3339

      If the Lakers fire dantoni for a coach that appreciates Howard, the Lakers easily become his best option. rockets had a great season last year and the Lakers had an awful one, yet the Lakers finished ahead of houston in the standings. If the Lakers wake up and fix the coaching situation, Dwight will dominate and succeed just like the other Laker big men before him.

    • Willie D.

      Yeah it was Kobe’s ego? All Kobe does is win championships.
      If you want the truth it was more Howards immaturity and Howards lack of championship drive and desire.Howard is by far more a egomaniac than Kobe is.Kobe is a champion!Just ask Lebron what he did upon joining the Heat.He was mature enough to listen to the champion D.Wade ,and Wade mentored and guided him to a championship.The Lakers didn’t need Howard to come in to be the leader because they already had one in Kobe.The Lakers needed Howard to bring the defensive player of the year Howard to the team.Then they needed Howard to be respectful and mature enough to accept Kobe’s leadership.

      • hookedonnews

        Howard is immature, but Kobe’s selfishness and ego are not in dispute. Howard didn’t appreciate Kobe’s criticism, and I’m sure wasn’t thrilled when Kobe said he might play for another 3 or 4 years. Howard wants to be the focus of the offense and knows that’s not likely to happen with Kobe around. When LeBron joined the Heat, Wade deferred to LeBron and let him take over the team. Howard was brought to LA with the understanding that this would be his team when Kobe retired. I don’t think it’s Kobe’s “leadership” he objects to. He didn’t appreciate him shooting 25/30 times a game and then getting on him when Kobe didn’t think he was being competitive enough. Most people don’t respond well to that approach. Howard has said he didn’t enjoy playing with Kobe. Only Kobe can change that. That might not be enough to keep him in LA, but it would improve the chances of that happening.

        • Willie d.

          Being selfish,or confident as I see it,is a positive trait in a great player.And superman’s ego is far larger than Kobe’s and for no championships…Go figure that one out?A leader is suppose to be critical and demanding the best from a young player their mentoring.D.Wade mentored Lebron and in his judgement thought Lebron was capable.Lebron was far more ready, and skilled, to take on a leadership role than Howard is.Lebron is a player who plays at a high level on both offense and defense every night.Howard is not even close in comparison on offense and he takes plays and nights off unlike Kobe or Lebron.It came down to respect,ego,and maturity all qualities Howard has to learn to manage to become the player he is capable of being.Kobe has been a scorer his whole career.Shooting is what scorers do regardless what haters in the media have to say about it.Kobe the scorer has helped the Lakers win 5 championships.Howard is the player who has to fit in not Kobe.It is Kobe’s team until someone talented and mature enough comes along to be mentored and given the team when their ready to lead it.Did Howard say he didn’t enjoy playing with Kobe?Howard is a great defensive player, but he is not very skilled offensively.Howard has a lot of work to put in and growing up to do before he can lead a storied franchise as great as the Lakers.One day Howard may look back with regret, if he blows the opportunity to accept Kobe’s leadership.When it’s all said and done Howard will most likely fall far short of becoming even close to a great player.If he can’t respect a better players leadership(which Kobe is )….He’ll probably go down as a good player who had a few great years.

          • hookedonnews

            Being selfish and being confident are not synonymous. Being selfish means that you put yourself before the team. Kobe did not win 5 championships by himself. He had other great players like Shaq and Gasol, among others. He would not have won those championships if he had been shooting 25/30 times a game like he was this season. Yes, it’s his job to score, but other players were complaining because he was holding the ball and shooting too much. Any offense needs ball movement to be successful. He is supposed to take “open” shots, not try to score with 2 or 3 players draped all over him. When other players are standing around watching one player they become lethargic on both ends of the floor. This is what happened for much of this season. What Kobe did with Howard this year is not leadership. And yes, he did say that he did not enjoy playing with Kobe. Howard was coming off back surgery this season and injured his shoulder during the season. He still had really good numbers and should be better next season when he’s healthy. He’s not the kind of player who responds well to bullying tactics. Kobe had problems co-existing with Shaq because he doesn’t like to share the stage with anyone. That’s just who he is. If he wants to win another championship he needs to try to convince Howard to come back because you don’t win championships without more than one great player. Even the Heat need more than LeBron. Your idea that Wade mentored LeBron doesn’t comport with the facts. LeBron came in and took over the leadership of the team, and Wade allowed that because he put the team above himself. Kobe needs to do that if he wants to win. It may be too late though because Howard may not be back.

    • hookedonnews

      Phil is not a paid consultant. Howard doesn’t have to go to the Rockets to be trained by Olajuwon. D’Antoni’s system is not much different than the system the Rockets are using, and since you obviously were not watching the Lakers this season, D’Antoni has modified his system for Gasol and Howard.

    • Pierre Jean-Paul Evans

      Ummm Howard has how many rings?…0…Dwight was the man in Orlando like Pau Gasol was the man in Memphis but joined with Kobe to win 2 rings which totally change his career. If Howard has any common sense, really wants to win a championship..he will take page out of Gasol’s book. Kobe & Pau have a very close relationship which 2009 & 2010 championships speaks for themselves. If Howard wants to fix his image..he should resign with the Lakers. If Howard wants to create a championship legacy…he should resign with the Lakers. If Howard wants to be paid like the best center in the NBA (like Dwight thinks he is),,,he should resign with the Lakers.

    • Super Girl

      SHot up Jah, I was wondering to ask Howard if he can compare LIVING in Houston or Hollywood. I am pretty sure there is no comparison there. Ask CP3 he loves it in LA. I know Lakers are not such in a good situation now but Howard should think 3 to 5 years from now- coming from a very small market compared to LOS ANGELES and cap space and everything you think they can afford in the next few years to surround him with good expensive players. I hope DWIGHT will Think!!! Lakers prints money Houston don’t…..STAYD12!!! Go lakers!!!!