Phil Jackson Reacts to Dwight Howard’s Houston Departure on Twitter

Phil Jackson Reacts to Dwight Howard’s Houston Departure on Twitter


The Los Angeles Lakers have been accustomed to signing the biggest stars in the NBA, but Dwight Howard became to the first one to forgo everything the franchise has to offer by joining another team.

After the center decided to sign with the Houston Rockets, many current and former members of the Lakers weighed in on the news. Kobe Bryant went about his business and focused on the upcoming season while Shaquille O’Neal lambasted Howard for ditching the Lakers.

11-time NBA champion Phil Jackson gave his two cents on Howard’s departure on Twitter and talked about what he expects from the Lakers in 2013-14 without the big man.


As of right now, the Lakers have not made any major moves post-Dwight Howard, and it is expected that they will keep their core intact; Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Steve Nash will be leading the Lakers this upcoming season albeit with lower expectations.

However, the Lakers have a lot of cap space to work with in next summer’s free agency period and the front office hopes to rebuild in 2014. Although many of the young stars are restricted free agents, the Lakers’ management has a history of great acquisitions and hopefully the franchise can get back to its winning ways soon. 

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  • ra

    PJ knows. The distaste he is speaking of must also be in management, in addition to LA fans. Recall that LeBron left a distaste in the ‘small market’ city of Cleveland. You don’t piss off a ‘large market’, in fact the largest basketball market in the world, in LA. It will have a whole ‘nother level of backlash.

    But, I’m hoping the backlash will be more championships for LA / Kobe.

  • Ron

    The Lakers will be just fine you can best believe that at the end of the day the Lakes always find a way to prevail they only have sixteen championships hello somebody.Iam looking forward to watching them once again take the NBA by storm!!!!!!!!

  • Frank Williams

    There’s plenty of time left before the season starts and the dust settles with all the Player movement in the NBA. The Lakers is still a sound team and will be ready to go towards their next NBA title, so enjoy the rest of the summer and keep an eye peeled for the next chapter with this Championship team. Let’s Go Lakers Let’s Go!!!