Phil Jackson Counseling Lakers’ Jeanie Buss To Improve Team Reviewed by Momizat on . Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson was present at the "Live Talks Los Angeles" event Wednesday afternoon in Glendale. According to Jackson (h/t Eric Pincus), he is Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson was present at the "Live Talks Los Angeles" event Wednesday afternoon in Glendale. According to Jackson (h/t Eric Pincus), he is Rating:
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Phil Jackson Counseling Lakers’ Jeanie Buss To Improve Team

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jbphilx-largeHall of Fame coach Phil Jackson was present at the “Live Talks Los Angeles” event Wednesday afternoon in Glendale. According to Jackson (h/t Eric Pincus), he is trying to mentor and council Jeanie Buss, who is the president of business operations for the Lakers.

“I’m trying to counsel her on ways the team can improve,” he said.  “They’re a mess, we know that because of their financial disorder right now, that’s the thing they have to get straight right away.”

Jackson, who last coached in 2011, has been interested in getting involved with an NBA team again. Jackson is interested in either a general manager or team president position. However, for now he might just be trying to help his fiancee get the Lakers back on track.

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Jeanie Buss could use this opportunity to pick up valuable information from her fiancee. The Lakers are limited in what they can do this offseason as they currently have the highest payroll in the NBA.

Jackson addressed the fact that the Lakers are way over the salary cap and are looking at $60-80 million in taxes in the upcoming season. The new CBA can severely penalize teams who are over the cap for multiple years in a row. With the Lakers having such a high payroll going into next season, it can really limit their flexibility, Jackson feels.

“For them to be able to move and to adjust to the process that goes on in the NBA, you have to have flexibility.  The [way] the league is structured with its new CBA and how it penalizes teams – you can’t make moves,” said Jackson.  “[With] guys like Carmelo [Anthony] and LeBron [James] in a couple of years, you’ve got to be capable of making a challenge for those kinds of players.”

Jackson, who was rumored to take over the Lakers head coaching position after Mike Brown was fired, is finding other ways to help the Lakers as well as other teams. Jackson most recently was a consultant for the Detroit Pistons to help them find a head coaching position, which ended up becoming Mo Cheeks.

Jackson, 67, proposed to Jeanie Buss during the Christmas holidays last year. The two have been dating on and off since Jackson’s first stint with the Lakers. Jackson’s relationship with Buss has linked him one way or another with the Lakers. In many ways, some feel optimistic of Jackson returning to the Lakers in some way because of his relationship with Buss.

In 10 seasons as head coach of the Lakers, Jackson coached the L.A. to five NBA titles as well as seven Finals appearances  He is the Lakers winningest all-time coach.


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  • 3339

    Breaking News: jim buss gets his head out of his ass and fires mike dantoni for Brian Shaw, which leads Dwight Howard to commit long term to the Lakers. I swear its that easy

    • Mark Anthony Jones

      It sure is that easy. Better yet lets get Jim Buss out of there and replace him with Phil Jackson!

  • Marty Susman

    OK, first thing, DUMP the Coach…Next Hire Doc Rivers, Byron Scott or Brian Shaw…Trade Nash, Gasol, Duhon, Meaks, Peace all for draft picks..(Gasol to Timberwolves for their two first rounders plus Wiliams…Try getting Cousins for center & also try getting John Wall or Brandon Jennngs…

    • Richard

      That’s never gonna happen. LA Lakers basketball is not done like that. Have you even been following the Lakers…? I have seen worst since the Magic days… and I tell you, that is not how we do things in Lakerland.

      • Marty Susman

        Yes I have been following them & really never liked them only dealing in the free agent market rather then bring in younger super studs… I did not like the Phil Jackson way of only playing older guys at the expense of the young ones. BUT this coach is JUST WRONG for these players…. We really have a shot at three (at least two) good coaches & we need to take advantage if their availability,,,,

        • Richard

          I somewhat agree with you that MD may not be the right coach for our players, but considering that he came during the regular season and no training camps, and has been flexible enough to have the team playing at their best in March and April, I am inclined to give him a full season to bring everything together. And I think he might just prove many people wrong.

          • Marty Susman

            But Doc Rivers, Byron Scott & Brian Shaw might not be available next season…

          • 3339

            Stop making excuses for this guy. If he returns, the Lakers are f*cked. he has no idea how to coach the Lakers. Kobe Bryant was the reason the Lakers got to the playoffs. The Lakers would always get down in games, even against sh*t teams, and Kobe would bail the Lakers out. if dantoni is given a full training camp, he will just further contaminate our team. He has no plan, and can’t manage players. He sucks. If the Lakers had any brains they would fire this fool immediately.
            If he has to be “flexible” to coach a team with 2 all star caliper big men, nash, and Kobe Bryant, then he’s an idiot.

  • Marty Susman

    This year is a no brainer….. The Lakers need to draft this year when everyone else think there is not a lot of good people….. They need to send off Nash, Peace, Blake, DFuhon, Meaks & Gasol all for first round picks below 10 and for sure below 20…..They will DUMP salary as well as get super younger & be in a GREAT spot for 2014….

  • borsalino12

    Firing Moke D’Antoni won’t straighten the ship. There is no question, that he has to be replaced, but it has to start first from top to bottom.I think, for the success of the franchise, the entire Buss family has to take the decision to replace Jimmy with Jeanie, as the team President and M.Kupchak with Phil Jackson as a GM.Then, we all know who will be the next coach and who is going to tutor him.

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