Phil Jackson Cancels Chicago Conference Day Before Brown Firing

Phil Jackson Cancels Chicago Conference Day Before Brown Firing


The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 1-4 and the team is not playing up to its expectations. Coach Mike Brown was criticized for the team’s performance for quite some time, beginning with its 0-8 record in the preseason.

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Even though many people didn’t expect the Lakers to fire Brown five games into the season, the front office decided to make the move official early today. There is now a void on the Lakers’ bench and there are many possible replacements in the market.

Former Lakers coach Phil Jackson is rumored to be on the list of head coaches, someone that would be welcomed with open arms. Surprisingly, Jackson was supposed to a be a keynote speaker at Schwab Advisor Services IMPACT conference in Chicago next week, but he decided to cancel that appearance.

In a last-minute development, actor Alan Alda will replace famed basketball coach Phil Jackson as the keynote speaker on the closing day of the annual Schwab Advisor Services IMPACT conference in Chicago next week, according to Bernie Clark, executive vice president, national sales manager of Schwab Advisor Services.

One could look deep into this report and suggest that the Lakers were in contact with Jackson before they announced the firing of Mike Brown. Perhaps there will be a “secret” meeting between Jackson and the Lakers, and that may be why he chose not to attend the conference.

At this point, a Jackson-Lakers reunion is just speculation and who knows if he will come back to the City of Angels.

  • Alex

    Phill would be great but can you stop refering to the Lakers as Laker Nation it just sounds horrible we are not the Raiders they earned there Nation it just sounds tacky and wouldn’t want a great team like the Lakers to sound like or even be related to the one of the worst football teams ever

    • msrita

      We have always said about Nation was with the Lakers before Oakland arrived here. They cam here in LA for a minute and then went to Oakland so do they still call themselves Oakland Nation in Oakland i don’t think so and damn sure don’t care what you think it’s the Lakers first miss me homeboy. Get a Clue you are a non-factor on what we call ourselves.

  • KB

    Why do people want Phil back? I don’t get it. Sure he’s an amazing coach, but remember: the Prince is a hybrid of the Triangle. So if players had such a hard time adjusting to the Triangle’s little brother, imagine what’ll happen with the actual one. Jerry Sloan is the only logical choice because he’s notorious for utilizing his bench players properly, and he’s a genius p&r coach. Nash can be Stockton and Dwight could be Malone. It’s perfect.

    • KB

      the Princeton* is a hybrid of the Triangle*

    • david

      dwight malone? r u f* kiddin me, he cant shoot perimeter shots, what kind of malone he can be? a dead malone?

      • KB

        A p&r partner with Nash just like Malone was with Stockton?

    • Mark

      are you really a laker fan or somewhat a utah jazz history expert? are you kidding me? are you serious? hiring jerry sloan would make it a utah jazz moment. remember that jerry sloan was defeated by phil’s bulls 3 times to win the 94-96 threepeat and also. you can never make nash as stockton and dwight as malone. remember they didn’t win any championship. *no offense to the fans* yet. thats the truth. so please. get your utah jazz ass out of lakerland.

      • Chris Steiner

        The Bull’s won those championships because they had better players (Jordan/Pippen).

      • DaveHomeless

        “jerry sloan was defeated by phil’s bulls 3 times to win the 94-96 threepeat”? Not much of an nba expert are you? here are the WC champions that faced the bulls 1991- lakers, 1992- portland, 1993- phoenix ( then jordan took off 94 and came back half way into the season to lose to orlando in the 95 playoffs, before the Finals.) then 96- supersonics 97 utah 98 utah. Phil couldn’t have beat Sloan 3 times since Sloan was coaching in the WC, and the threepeat was not 94-96, you managed to include the only 2 of the 8 years the bulls didnt win the title from 1991-1998.

  • Josh


  • IAN Mcteller
  • Zurii

    Yes get Phil Jackson back to la……..



  • ChickyBabysFridge

    ‘Sure he’s an amazing coach’ is enough for him to come back into the fold. Plus the man is practically married to Princess Buss, so he never REALLY left if you think about it. Phil is the only name on the list that could steady this ship quickly.

  • joshua yeo

    Yes finally
    i hope phil would come back
    take that mike

  • Chris Steiner

    It would be dumb to fire the head coach without a replacement lined up. Hopefully Buss (Jeanie) had a handshake agreement with Phil so they let Brown go.

  • madafaka

    My brother works in the staple center. Phil is there right now.

  • jhapet cordero

    phil comeback in lakers head coach pls.,.,.,.

  • saadi saadi

    Coincidence or Providence?