Phil Jackson Calls Kobe-Shaq Relationship ‘Greatest Challenge’

Phil Jackson Calls Kobe-Shaq Relationship ‘Greatest Challenge’


NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Lakers at Dallas MavericksIn an effort to promote his new book Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success, 11-time NBA champion Phil Jackson has been doing the rounds on talk shows as well as sports talk radio.

During these promotional appearances, Jackson talked a lot about his time with the Los Angeles Lakers franchise and events that happened behind the scenes. With all the drama going on with the Lakers during the three consecutive titles won by the team, the Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal’s conflict was the main topic of discussion with the team’s superstars failing to see eye-to-eye.

Jackson said the following on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart about the Kobe-Shaq feud and the challenge of coaching through it:

“It’s probably the greatest challenge I had through all my years (in reference to the Kobe-Shaq relationship) because there was always this tension about “it’s my-team, it’s my-team.”

Although Kobe and Shaq’s relationship was obviously a big distraction at the time, the dynasty and the three titles won in consecutive years was worth the hassle of dealing with huge egos. The fact that it turned out to be the biggest coaching challenge of Jackson’s legendary career is amazing considering the result of the Kobe and Shaq years in Los Angeles.

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  • FAIL

    Kobe NEVER used to say it was “my team” though….it was always Shaq saying that!! And Phil NEVER use to do anything help Kobe during their beef…he would always just throw Kobe under the bus through the media and behind closed doors by calling him a selfish ballhog to teammates and blame Kobe for his “selfish” play anytime the team was losing. Phil even told the front office he wanted Kobe traded! The only reason the Kobe-Shaq relationship was able to work is because Kobe had Tex Winter and Jerry West to help him through Shaq and Phil’s constant bullying and their attempt to turn teammates, fan, and media against him! Salute to Kobe for being strong enough to survive that at such a young age!!!

  • FAIL

    In Phil’s book he blamed Kobe for his “selfish play” as the reason the team got blown out by the Spurs…to bad Kobe shot 7-14fga that game, and only had 1 turnover. Thats not being “selfish'” as Phil claimed….it’s just another example of how Phil likes to THROW KOBE UNDER THE BUS using the media.

  • yaron

    it’s easier in chicago when scotty had no problem with micheal being no.1 but when you put two franchise players with alpha personalities on the same team, it’s gonna be a handful. plus, as kobe once said, with all the drama the team three-peated so…