Phil Jackson Calls Knicks’ Loss To Lakers ‘Really Awful’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="248"] In the first meeting between the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers since Phil Jackson left Los Angeles was lopsided to say the l [new_royalslider id="248"] In the first meeting between the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers since Phil Jackson left Los Angeles was lopsided to say the l Rating: 0
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Phil Jackson Calls Knicks’ Loss To Lakers ‘Really Awful’

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In the first meeting between the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers since Phil Jackson left Los Angeles was lopsided to say the least. The Lakers made easy work of the Knicks at the Staples Center on Tuesday night setting a franchise record in the process with Jackson in attendance.

Although many didn’t anticipate Jackson showing up to Staples for the game in an effort not be a distraction, Jackson was seen in a suite with former Laker/Knick Metta World Peace.

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With a little more than eight minutes to go in the matchup with the Lakers, the new Knicks president made his way out of Staples and said the following about the 51 points scored by his former team according to Billy Witz of The New York Times:

“Fifty-one points,” Jackson, in a dark blue suit and a striped tie, said as he arched his eyebrows. “When it’s 35 points you start to get worried. When it’s a 51-point quarter, that’s really awful.”

As a result of the loss to the Lakers, the Knicks will not finish the season above .500. Despite the fact New York will not end up with a winning record, the Knicks can still clinch a playoff spot if able to close the gap with the eighth seeded Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference.

As for the Lakers, the storied franchise has already been knocked out of playoff contention and is already looking toward the future. The Lakers will have a high pick in the 2014 NBA Draft this summer while also having a considerable amount of cap space at their disposal.

Needless to say, both teams will begin the rebuilding process this summer with uncertain futures moving forward.
Nick Young, ‘We Wanted To Beat Some Haters Tonight’

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  • Jim213

    Lol, managed to catch the Mike Francesa show (rant) today against the Knicks for their loss to the Lakers yesterday. “If I’m Phil Jackson, I lock the doors before the Sacramento game, I bring up the D-League team and play them tonight!” (YouTube?).

    Many Knick fans are pretty upset from what it looks like as MF calls the current Lakers roster a bunch of D league players. Somewhat disagree as at best at most 7 players are bench role players who’ve failed to capitalize on this season’s opportunity.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      And he is absolutely right… this roster is just bad… how are going to expect them to win… I have said this early in the season, that we have become a bad team… and yet a lot of people/blogger her couldn’t accept that fact that we are losing game due to lack of talent on the floor. Injury or not… but injury compounded it for sure.

      • Golteb

        I think most of our players have potential. They do a pretty decent job every now and then. I think the difference between the regular players and the star players is consistency.

      • Jim213

        Some of these players can produce but as role players while a FEW may have a shot at a starting role position only but FO isn’t going to replace the whole lineup.

        Still stick with my preferred players who show more of an all around game as when Kobe returns these players would have a better shot of helping Kobe on both sides of the floor. Still his team.

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          before the start of the season when everyone including myself were enthusiastic of a Kobe return… i peg this team to win around 50 games with a healthy roster… Kobe is at least a 20 win share player… base on our records… we are still really on pace … a healthy Kobe raises our talent level several notch… now FO just have to get a borderline all star caliber player that can play the 3-4 position next year and we are instantly a solid team with a solid bench.

          • Jim213

            IMO, the team needs a starting PG, 2 PF’s and another center. One of these will be addressed in FA or the draft. But the main issue with these players is serious lack of fundamental D. Bring back at most 6-7 players and pursue 3 good role players in FA to help the starting rotation.

          • Daryl Peek

            50 games is a stretch IMO. Kobe could be a 10 game changing swing on this team if healthy, which would put the team at 34-36 right now. A healthy Kobe, Nash and Gasol who all brought into the system, which would allow for much better team cohesion, could possibly add another 7-8 wins which would put the team at 42-28 right now. This would put them in the 8th seed right now. I could see them ending the season at 48-34, possibly 50-32 if Blake was still on roster and EVERYONE was healthy down the stretch.

            The future of this teams win loss column depends on Kobe being on the same page with the HC regardless of who he is, and the system he runs. The ultimate failure of the last three seasons has been poor team character via a divided roster. You can add all the talent in the world but if all aren’t on the same page in believing in what they are doing, you’ll get what we’ve seen dating back to the 10-11 playoff meltdown. This cannot be blamed on the coach or FO. If so, then Phil was to blame for 10-11 failure but In reality it was roster turmoil via pecking order aspirations that had been brewing for a few seasons as Bynum had been chomping at the bit for shine like Kobe was playing with Shaq. Bynum’s 11-12 season was proof.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            while i agree with some of your points about the team… but you are too modest about Kobe’s contribution to a team… A team with a healthy Gasol and Kobe, is easily a 50 win season team,.. his leadership, ethics, and drive will push every one to perform at their highest, hence the uptick in wins. Wins is not based on talent alone, as you pointed out, otherwise the Knicks would be sitting atop the EAST right now along with the Heat and Indiana and Brooklyn.

          • Daryl Peek

            I can’t agree with that anymore about Gasol and Kobe. And that works both way on wins not being talent based alone. As i detailed, Kobe a Pau are showing themselves jaded in not being willing to adapt to different offensive systems. Until they show that, I cannot say they are the same duo anymore given they will not likely see the triangle again the rest of their careers.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            fact that these two players are elite players, even at their age… whether they work on a certain system or not, they will make it work… Kobe played in diffrerent systems all his carreer, including team USA… so, I cannot agree with the idea that he can’t play with Gasol effectively in another system outside of the triangle. That is just too much speculation. After all, this is basketball, and they are very adept and know how to play it. Even if they play pickup basketball, they will still be effective.

  • Stephen A Smith Da Termanator

    Mr buss put fair in the team said Fuck. Phil he left so show him how we can beat NY lol

  • AD

    It was an embarrassment. We suck but you have to REALLY SUCK to lose by 31 to us!

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