Phil Jackson: All-Star Game Setting ‘Poor Example’ For Young Players Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="146"] It's no secret that the NBA All-Star Game is not an event in which defense is practiced. The NBA's elite participate in the events of [new_royalslider id="146"] It's no secret that the NBA All-Star Game is not an event in which defense is practiced. The NBA's elite participate in the events of Rating: 0
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Phil Jackson: All-Star Game Setting ‘Poor Example’ For Young Players

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It’s no secret that the NBA All-Star Game is not an event in which defense is practiced. The NBA’s elite participate in the events of All-Star Weekend as a treat to the fans and they like to have a good time in the process, but Phil Jackson believes the style of play and serious lack of defense isn’t setting the right example for young players.

Jackson took to Twitter on Monday to vent his frustrations about the NBA All-Star Game:

Jackson has been more and more vocal on Twitter as of late talking about the NBA, college basketball, Lakers and even Kendrick Lamar. Initially, it didn’t seem like Twitter was the kind of medium that Jackson would use to express his opinion, but he’s ramped up his engagement and appears to like the interaction with fans.

As for Jackson’s criticism on the All-Star Game, it comes as no surprise after an all-offense display on Sunday in New Orleans. Multiple offensive records were set including most total points scored (318) breaking the record of 303 set back in 1987. No one wanted to play defense in this game and it showed.
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  • bojangles

    If you’re going to write about a tweet, the least you could do is interpret the whole thing, not just the obvious part. Otherwise, you might as well just display a screenshot and say nothing. Please clarify what >|< means, this is the sentence that I would assume requires interpration.


    • Tim

      Obv it’s a Zen Kōan.

      Or you could read it as “No wonder the Spurs win with greater or lesser talent!”

  • Jim213

  • Jim213

    IMO, the all star week has less than bang appeal. If the start of the season get’s moved (as Adam Silver mentions could be considered) to December to avoid the football season somewhat ($$$) this would be a great time to take the all star game overseas (Europe) every 4-5 years with a 6-7 day time window before resuming the season.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    To tell you the truth… I stopped watching this year’s all start 7 minutes into the first quarter… it just didn’t have the appeal to me anymore… I am not sure if it was the absence of Kobe or the way it was played…. something was just lacking… maybe I am just getting old… 30 years of watching the NBA perhaps….

    • chaka

      for real dog

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        I am not kidding… the game I have come love isn’t the same anymore… I would like to see more bodies banging together… I would like to see strategies being run on the floor on both ends.. I would like to see deliberate and grind offense where every one just battle for every possession… even in the showtime era… we executed half court offense well… and people loved it… today… people come to watch the best dunker, the highlight reel,the break away dunks…I don’t know man… as I have said above… I might jsut be getting old…

        • The Llamas

          Why would the players try that hard for a non competitive game?

  • Daryl Peek

    The Bunk contest was the worst ever. One dunk and you crown a champ?!? Need to get back to basics and the elite players need to stop cheating the game and fans by no participating. MJ, Nique, Doc and them all participated from 84-88. The rivalries of the best in the league is what made the Dunk contest so exciting. It was like the Ali Frazier trilogy or Rumble in the Jungle.

    Now everyone’s afraid to lose because it might put a blemish on their brand? The spirit of true competition is giving way to corporate ventures.

  • ra

    I stopped watching the NBA All Star Weekend festivities years ago. Not sure what it’s like now, but I recall when it was on TNT, and they would show 2 minutes of activity, and 20 minutes of commercials.

    All the contests could be compressed into 15 minutes, but the show lasted hours.

    Also, the show ‘just isn’t the same’ without Kobe (I’ve heard others mention this, and I knew it would be the case). Kobe’s presence made LBJ’s endeavors more interesting. Now that LBJ is by himself, things aren’t as fun. LBJ just dunks (as usual), and seems to be complaining that he should be considered the best all-time, etc. etc. Kobe ‘never’ commented on himself like that. It’s getting out of hand.

    Anyway, back to All-Star, it was actually more fun years ago when Dwight Howard was there, dunk contests and all, Nate Robinson, even Blake Griffin. Much more interesting.

    There’s nobody really interesting in the league anymore. It’s going down, and the All-Star festivities are just an example of that.

    • Jim213

      Apologize in advance (if not who I think this is) how about a shout out 2/20. The funny thing is that I share the same b-day with someone (if you) you love to hate in a good way at least.

      Too much coincidence being the talk of Mt. Rushmore and the whoopie freaky doo to be coincidence IMO, Otherwise if not who I think it is disregard post as have it down to two people.

    • Jim213


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