Pau Gasol Will Not Travel With Lakers During Trip To Utah Reviewed by Momizat on . Today it was learned that Pau Gasol is still dealing with an upper respiratory infection and will not travel with the team to Utah, according to Serena Winters. Today it was learned that Pau Gasol is still dealing with an upper respiratory infection and will not travel with the team to Utah, according to Serena Winters. Rating: 0
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Pau Gasol Will Not Travel With Lakers During Trip To Utah

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Today it was learned that Pau Gasol is still dealing with an upper respiratory infection and will not travel with the team to Utah, according to Serena Winters.

Gasol sat out of the Lakers loss to the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, and it has been something that Gasol has been bothered by for most of the season. Gasol was dealing with a respiratory infection toward the end of the pre-season and it was something that was still bothering him in mid-November. The illness reared its ugly head last week before the game against the Warriors and has lingered since.

The Lakers recently got Jordan Farmar back in the fold for their Christmas Day game against the Miami Heat, but still continue to struggle without the team at full strength.

There still isn’t any timetable for the return of Steve Nash. Kobe Bryant will have to sit out at least another five weeks while Steve Blake will likely be out for another month. There is no timetable for when Gasol will be able to re-join the team.

After Friday’s game in Utah, the Lakers will have a four-game home stretch in which they’ll surely hope that Gasol will be ready to play in. In the mean time, Jordan Hill, Chris Kaman, Shawne Williams, Robert Sacre and now Ryan Kelly will handle the front court duties while Gasol recovers.

Health has been an issue for the Lakers for the past two seasons as the issues continue to pile up.

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  • matt

    Looks like pau has a case of vaginitis

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This season is a nightmare for the Lakers.$77 million dollars in salary and all these damn injuries and illnesses along with questionable coaching,defense,rebounding,bad shooting % and a 13-16 record.And it just keeps getting worse and worse.Pau Gasol is our only legit big man post up player.SMH!!!!

    • kobe24

      I say last season was more of a nightmare than this year. I don’t think there were man enjoyable games last year. The expecations for last year was playoff contenders however they barely got in with the 7th seed.

      This year however, is much more enjoyable. Although 13-16 is never a good record these guys were never expected to be a playoff caliber team, however the injuries suck no matter what.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        True last season had a rocky start but the Lakers kicked it into gear with a 28-12 record to end last season.Kobe Bryant was very enjoyable to watch last season and Steve Nash had his moments as the shooter on the team.

        I will just say that the defense was much better last season and rim protection and rebounding was much better.But #12 Douche Bag had a lot to do with the defense and rebounding he did make a difference on defense.Also Earl Clark was fun to watch and a great NBA story.

        But with all that said the Lakers barely snuck into the 7th spot on the final night.Expectations were much higher last season.This season has been hell to watch for me tbh,considering all the key injuries and lack of star power and the 13-16 could get worse if things don’t change ASAP.It is what it is.

      • Daryl Peek


    • Jim213

      No excuses to beating the Jazz, Kaman will end up getting more playtime but the team has close to 2 wks to get back to 500 avg. before their schedule gets turned up another notch.

      • kobe24

        Jim I don’t know if it was you that I talked with you (bad with keeping who it was).

        If the Lakers don’t get by .500 end of the year (with the 3 “should win” games) and end up going either 13-19, 14-18 do you think it would be a good idea for Lakers to perhaps start tanking seeing that they are probably out for playoff contentions?

        Open to everyone’s opinion as long as its logical and respectful

        • Jim213

          Don’t believe it was… but if they don’t get back to 500 in the next few games they’ll be no need to tank given they’ll likely end up being a 500 team foremost. All I’m saying is it won’t be b/c of effort.

  • Gregory Choa

    I didn’t realize upper respiratory infections lingered…

    • e3bonz

      He had this earlier, when his production fell a couple of weeks into season. I wondered if this was why looked so sluggish at times.

      • Gregory Choa

        I get that it accounts for the sluggishness, I just didn’t know that it could last/recur as much as it has.

        • e3bonz

          It must be something that keeps coming back. I would think the team doctors know what to do, then again there’s a lot drug resistant strains going around.

    • nlruizjr

      apparently you never had bronkitis but if you ever do use colloidal silver and it will knock it out right quick !!!!! I’ve never had it sense.

  • joe23

    Why dont you just tell the truth Pau that you want a trade instead of making excuses…

  • Purpleloft

    old men trying to play basketball, a sad sight to see

  • Purpleloft

    if the Lakers got rid of Nash, Bryant and Nash they could actually mount up to something,…now it’s only downhill from here. Nash is done, Gasol is done, Bryant doesn’t know it yet but he’s done too…

  • Kenneth C. Taitt

    Pau Gasoft just did an ad for VAGASILE

  • romey

    can LA please get rid of PAU he not a good center no more he cannot defend the rim and it just sucks for the rest of the squad knowing that once you enter the paint its a easy two points because pua is a waste of 7 feet like grow some balls challenge some shots im not asking to be a perfect shot blocking but alter some shots which he has proved all year he cant soooooo now its time for him to go cant have a big man that cant protect the rim PLEEEEEEEEAAAASSSE LA trade him.its a disgrace to watch him when he’s on the floor Kaman has way more game then Gasol now days espically on the defensive end and plus way more heart and toughness

    • Matt Williams

      Kaman is injury prone. Everytime he plays he gets hurt. He’s like a bigger version of Steve Blake.

    • roseducanna

      What the ceners better than GASOL now?When you sick how you play good?

  • Matt Williams

    This is a real illness and idiots in the comments are making light of this. I swear you guys suck sometimes.

  • roseducanna

    Because we have a lame duck coach, watch HOWARD right now.So he move to HOUSTON is right choice.

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