Pau Gasol Wants To Win Another Championship, Not Ruling Out Return Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="130"] Pau Gasol has not been with the Los Angeles Lakers for the past two games as he is still recovering from vertigo. While he looks to r [new_royalslider id="130"] Pau Gasol has not been with the Los Angeles Lakers for the past two games as he is still recovering from vertigo. While he looks to r Rating: 0
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Pau Gasol Wants To Win Another Championship, Not Ruling Out Return

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Pau Gasol has not been with the Los Angeles Lakers for the past two games as he is still recovering from vertigo. While he looks to return for the Lakers’ final 10 games of the season, Gasol is in the final year of his contract and will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

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Although he has voiced his frustrations about the season, Gasol recently mentioned that he wants to be on a team with a real chance to win a championship next season and hasn’t ruled out the Lakers according to Marca.com:

“My priority is basketball. I want to be on a team with real chances of winning the championship next season. I don’t rule out staying in Los Angeles if the circumstances are appropriate.”

Despite numerous attempts to trade him since the failed Chris Paul trade, Gasol is still open to returning to the Lakers under the right circumstances. As a veteran player nearing the end of his career, playing for a championship contender is important.

The Lakers have a lot of work to do this summer in terms of revamping the roster to construct a championship contender. If Gasol wants to stay in Los Angeles to finish his career, he will likely have to take a significant paycut from the $19 million he will earn this season.

In 59 games this season, Gasol is averaging 17.5 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks.
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  • Jim213

    Sign and trade to a team who shows interest.

  • Al Haldie

    I know where ur going PAU say hi to PHIL -and good LUCK…

    • Daryl Peek

      I think Gasol’s words and wishes are more geared towards nudging MDA out the door than heading to NY, which is not likely given their cap situation.

      • Al Haldie

        Mello is not going to stay he will go to the CAV -OR BULLS and Pau will take a pay cut – and he will be a great teacher for Phil system – and don’t be surprised too see FISHER THERE ALSO AS A COACH….

        • Daryl Peek

          Even if Melo were to leave NY they’re still way over the cap and on the border of the luxury tax with only 9 players on the books. Gasol is not taking as much of a pay cut as most people think. I can’t see him playing for less than 10 mil a season.

          • michael

            for over 10 mio, nobody will take him.

          • Daryl Peek

            Andrea Bargnani, Javale MCGee, Halario Nene, DeAndre Jordan, Roy Hibbert, David West, Carlos Boozer, ETC.. all make over ten mil a season and none of them are as good as Gasol right now. Even with the age thing. 18/10/3.5/1.5 is worth more than 10 mil in this league still, and that’s not even taking into account the two time championship experience. Will Pau get 19 mil? No but 10 mil is pretty much a 50% pay cut.

          • CAP

            “None of them are as good”. Nene Jordan Hibbert West Randolp M Gasol, are all better. They are a force in the paint.

            Don’t accept MDA. Look at the Spurs and the Heat of Late. Defense still reign supreme.

          • Daryl Peek

            Nene Jordan Hibbert West Randolp M Gasol are not better. look up the numbers. Marc has never scored over 15 PPG, or averaged 10 rebounds in a season. Pau is shooting a better percentage from the field and blocking more shots than his brother also. Hibbert is not even close. His numbers stink compared to Pau. All Hibbert does is block more shots than Pau. Zack is the closest but is not as good of a defender as Pau, not as good passing and has rarely shot a better percentage from the field. Nene is the same as Marc in that he’s never averaged over 15 points a game, has not averaged over 8 rebounds a game in his career, is no where near the passer Pau is and has never average as many blocked shots per game. West cannot match Pau rebounding, blocking shots, passing and shooting percentage from the field. Jordan is no doubt a better defender and rebounder but fails offensively compared to Pau and as a passer who you can run your offense through.

            Bottom line, there still aren’t many centers in the league with the overall skills to match up with Pau. Pau has never been a beast defensively but is not chop liver. He makes up for his lack of defense with the overall skills he brings that are again still uncommon in the league.

            At this point Tim Duncan, Howard, Noah, Al Jefferson, Demarcus Cousins and Drummond are the only centers in the league that are better than Pau. Honer able mention to PF’s Anthony Davis and Lamarcus Aldridge. Pau is easily top 5 as a center in the NBA still.

  • jeremy

    Kobe gets his way pau will be back. Smart move would to go younger. The future is better then going all in for he now. Also I love Nash but it time for him to go he can barley play he a walking injury

  • Nashir Mohammed

    Pau, go to the Spurs and win a couple more

    • CAP

      Do you know POP? He will bench GASOFT! Defense.

  • Mark

    I really hope Miami picks him up next year. Although I’d love for him to retire in LA. He deserves a chance at another ring. No way that’s happening here anytime soon.

  • Daryl Peek

    This is the problem most don’t want to acknowledge. While Kobe may be willing to mentor a Parker or Wiggins, going younger via the draft does not get him closer to a championship. Going younger means more uptempo b-ball and we already know Kobe’s not likening that. As I’ve said many times, most fans have conflicting agenda’s. They want a happy Kobe but don’t want his wishes to be met. When I said things like this over the summer about Kobe I was called hater?

    • Chrmngblly

      You’re just a bad man, DP.

      • Daryl Peek

        “Shut yo mouf”

        • Chrmngblly

          Yowsa, massa….

  • Zimmeredge

    it depends on how much you cut from your salary after all Pau… but as I presume you won’t take under 12. That’s sad but it’s business.

    try to get something out of him instead of just having him leave.

    maybe we can keep our pick and try a sign and trade Love for Pau because i’m not buying the “trade pick for Love thing”. In my opinion we need a good player in his prime to attract Love and a marquee lottery player. In this situation, Love would definitely be excited.

    But the perspective of having Bryant-Love-Pau is, somehow, exciting. all those guys have high bball IQ. But, although their trio could form a potent mix a 33yo Pau and 36yo Bryant are not giving Love any garranty over the present (reknown “GaSOFT and “question mark kobe”) nor the future (no interesting draft pick for La for quite a long time). Of course you can always rebuild via FA in 15-16-17 but it’s not our way to do things. We’ve always built our champs teams around a key draft player.

    I’d love to have Exum, Wiggins, Parker or Embiid from the draft. Randle and Smart are good too but other than the first four I think we should just let it go.

    • Al Haldie

      I don’t see much D there with KOBE LOVE AND PAU . KOBE wont be able to play much D..

      • Zimmeredge

        they are very few players able to defend and attack well available now (although it might change in the future). you either have good offensive player or good defensive player.
        that’s the problem i have with the idea of Kobe winning a title again. He will need a second high scoring machine (like Melo or Love) and the rest of it well only defensive minded player (defensive pg, sf and center) and a bench going to work every night. Because Kobe won’t be as dominante as he was in the past. that’s for sure. i’m not questionning his will or talent but it will be very hard for him to win again.

  • e3bonz

    I can see him re-signing with the Lakers rebuilding around what and who Kobe wants.

  • Josh

    Here’s the dilemma for the Lakers’ front office and Pau. Pau wants to be on a team that can compete for a championship, which means he wants to see what the Lakers roster will look like before deciding to resign. The front office cannot sign free agents until Pau either sign a new contract or the team renounces rights to him to free up his cap hold. Until one of those things happens, Pau represents just over $20 million in salary and ties the team’s hands in moving forward.

    The only way Pau comes back is if MDA is fired at the end of the season, a new coach is selected QUICKLY and Pau is on board with that selection, and Pau signs a new contract as soon as free agency begins.

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