Pau Gasol Unsure of Future With Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . After more trade rumors surfaced yesterday surrounding Pau Gasol, and with the March 15 trade deadline less than a month away, it seems that the consistent rumo After more trade rumors surfaced yesterday surrounding Pau Gasol, and with the March 15 trade deadline less than a month away, it seems that the consistent rumo Rating:
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Pau Gasol Unsure of Future With Lakers

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After more trade rumors surfaced yesterday surrounding Pau Gasol, and with the March 15 trade deadline less than a month away, it seems that the consistent rumors are beginning to take their toll on Gasol. At least mentally.

Following Lakers’ practice on Thursday, Gasol spoke candidly about the rumors and how they have impacted his mindset and preparation this season. In an interview with ESPN Los Angeles, Gasol acknowledges that he’s been following the reports.

“There’s talks and rumors every day. Today I was reading it was Minnesota is really interested in trying to put a good package together,” he said. “[Other teams are] calling, and it seems like things are just waiting for the right offer to come along, for [the Lakers] to pull the trigger.”

From that quote it sounds like Gasol is a player that has accepted his fate. It seems as if he’s simply waiting for a trade to be finalized. While in the past he has expressed his desire to remain with the Lakers and in Los Angeles, the increasing amount of rumors seems to have changed his mindset, at least a little bit.

Still, it’s not like Gasol is having a bad season. Despite not making the All-Star team, Gasol is averaging 16.8 points, 10.6 rebounds, 3.0 assists, and 1.3 blocks per game. His point and rebound totals are both second on the team, behind Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum respectively.

However, Gasol did end the interview restating his desire to remain a member of the Lakers.

“It’s out of my hands. It is what it is. I’d like to be here,” Gasol said. “I’d like to make this team better and get back to a championship level, but it’s not up to me.”*

While the 7-foot Spaniard admitted that completely ignoring all the rumors is nearly impossible, he did say that coach Mike Brown has helped him find ways to play through the rumors and focus on the task at hand – winning.

*ESPN Los Angeles

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  • Patrick

    We need pau! We love his game! don’t trade him.. PLEASE!

  • Mattslifter


  • LakerLyle

    We need Pau Gasol, even Andrew Bynum. Don’t throw away good pieces like these two. Just sign Aaron Brooks and JR Smith and we’ll all be fine.

  • Mlacy6

    DO NOT TRADE PAU GASOL! He’s better than Bynum, more consistent and has helped Lakers to win championships.  Bynum always seems to be hurt during playoffs.  Kobe and Pau are the tag team duo like Kobe and Shaq used to be.  Don’t break up what YOU NEED.  you messed up with the sixth man of the year so why make two BIG mistakes within one season.  Why is Walton still on the team getting championship rings and not playing?  If he can sit and make that kind of money he needs to EARN IT sometime.

    • Dwooten110

      Gasol has great game but he can’t hold down the middle why you think when Bynum goes out the game the other team goes straight to the hole, he’s a well better Vlaude D who we traded, but a very important piece of our puzzle. Get rid of the sorry scrubs on our team Walton, can’t take nothin but charge Fisher, T. Murphy. They need some of these players that kick our ass like J.R. Smith which the Lakers let another team get, Hell bring back J. West problem solved, now he’s one off a kind!

  • Dizzle001

    They Have To Keep Gasol & Bynum. If They Can Get A Decent PG. Like Idk, Stephen Curry Or Somebody Other Than Arenas…Someone Like Allen Iverson

    • Dwooten110

      Stephen Curry excellent but Arenas, Iverson too much negitive drama in there lifes and this is LA we don’t need no bullshit on our team the media will bring up their past this is Hollywood bring back Jerry West and get rid of this dam coach and his staff! give the job to Brian Shaw! he already know the players and they want to work for him that’s the plus side get rid of the Joker Mitch Kupcheck and realy put together this $900. million dollar franchise make are team fun to watch not stressful to watch we need that domination back. D-DUB

  • Dwooten110

    He would be a superstar! like Dallas seven footer but alittle better, you always play better when you’er happy what we need is a franchise point guard that complyments our players we’ve given up enough quality players Brown, O-dum lol! got a few scrubs, can’t jump! but I give Mc’ nugget credit he blocked a few. Get a good smart guard, hell! i’ll take Nash we’ed be ranked #1 in the West, a smart vet with a few good years left with Kobe you can’t complain plus Kobe can finaly play relaxed and comfortable, can you scoring leader of all time! if not so what I luv Kareem to. Laker Fan since “71″-”72″ forty years for me , OG. LA fan Dodgers, Rams, Lakers, Kings sorry didn’t do the soccer thing we didn’t grow up with that but it’s cool LA wins. Now we got two more tag-along good team now but they represent LA so if they win it’s ok too, but LAKERS for life ya here, Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/BusdiKobe BusdiKobe

    Pau Gasol is no longer explosive and fit to Mike Brown’s system. It is time to part ways with Pau Gasol.

    YI JIANLIAN is the best player out there to replace Pau Gasol. YI JIANLIAN is the answer. YI JIANLIAN is a skilled 7-footer with more quickness and explosiveness. YI JIANLIAN has long range shooting and he shoots with a quick release. He is strong and physically tough. He can play center and power forward position. YI JIANLIAN is a waste of talent just riding the bench of Dallas when he could be of real use to the Lakers – another offensive force. Lakers should inquire on how to acquire him from Dallas if not this year then next. YI JIANLIAN’s game is a best fit for the Lakers under Mike Brown’s system.

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