Pau Gasol To Play Tonight Against Charlotte With No Restrictions

Pau Gasol To Play Tonight Against Charlotte With No Restrictions


Well, it seems like our favorite seven-foot Spaniard is ready to go. Mike Trudell from and TWC SportsNet says it’s time to put on some big boy pants. Man, I already hate myself for saying that. Here’s the report.



gasolAs mentioned earlier, the Lakers went 3-5 without him. It was reported a couple of days ago that it was only a matter of time before he made his return (even though he said that he was “questionable” for Tuesday night’s game). Now he’s ready to go against the Bobcats tonight. No restrictions. He’ll probably play his usual 35-40 minutes today unless the Lakers are winning by 100 at the end of the third quarter.

Kobe said in his interview with Stephen A. Smith that Gasol should be in his sweet spots when he returns. We shall see about that but I’m more curious of how Gasol plays once Steve Nash returns, whether it’s Saturday or Christmas. Gasol didn’t exactly play so hot before he decided to sit games down because of tendinitis on both knees. Gasol is only averaging 12.6 points and 8.8 boards this season. While his rebounding is in line with his career numbers, his scoring and shooting from the field (.420) are not. Hopefully, he only goes upwards from here.

The Lakers did go 3-5 without him but they weren’t much better with Gasol, going 8-9 with him. L.A. is currently at 11-14 and looking for their third consecutive victory.

  • thomas

    yuppi :)

  • hookedonnews

    At some point Kobe is going to have to realize that he is not running this team. I have great respect for his talent, his will to win, his work ethic, etc. However, it’s not his decision where Gasol plays. D’Antoni has already said there’s only going to be one person in the post. That will be Howard as long as he’s on the floor. Kobe needs to do his job and let D’Antoni do his. Otherwise, you’re going to have problems. If he wants to coach, he can apply for the job when he retires. Unless he wants to undermine the authority of the coach and cause problems, he’ll take care of his game and let D’Antoni run the team. No one is going to win a championship or get close to getting there with turmoil in the locker room and a coach who is forced to defer to one player, no matter who he is.

  • Wayne Nagata

    I guess Kobe is so used to running this headless team that he will continue the kobe system, Yes we already have problems with a Dantoni trying to convert a work horse into a race horse.

  • Maxpr1me

    The Lakers problem is easily solved. First; stop the twin towers
    experiment. Gasol should be playing strictly at center. As Howards
    back-up. Metta should be playing the stretch four with Kobe
    playing the speed 3. Meeks at SG and Nash the Point. Second unit; Gasol
    at C,
    Hill at PF, Jamison at SF, Morris at SG and Duhon/Blake at PG…This
    makes the starting unit faster w/better chemistry. And gives them a
    great second unit. Hill’s midrange jumper and Jamison’s slashing
    compliment Gasol’s post-up and passing out at center.