Pau Gasol Says Phil Jackson Is ‘Worth Every Cent’ Of $60 Million Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="248"] With Phil Jackson officially becoming the president of basketball operations for the New York Knicks, Pau Gasol was asked a few quest [new_royalslider id="248"] With Phil Jackson officially becoming the president of basketball operations for the New York Knicks, Pau Gasol was asked a few quest Rating: 0
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Pau Gasol Says Phil Jackson Is ‘Worth Every Cent’ Of $60 Million

With Phil Jackson officially becoming the president of basketball operations for the New York Knicks, Pau Gasol was asked a few questions about his former head coach during practice on Tuesday.

Gasol thinks it’s a bit weird to see Jackson with a Knicks logo behind him according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

The two-time NBA champion also went on to say that Jackson is worth every penny the Knicks are paying him to take over via McMenamin:

Along with Jackson taking control of the Knicks franchise moving forward, the future remains uncertain for Gasol with the off-season rapidly approaching. Gasol will become an unrestricted free agent this summer and all indications seem to be pointing to the veteran leaving Los Angeles in an attempt to win a title elsewhere.

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Although longtime teammate Kobe Bryant continues to hold out hope that Gasol will return, most believe the Lakers won’t be able to top offers made by other teams. Not only will the Lakers likely offer a deal that he won’t be interested in, but Gasol just doesn’t seem all that interested in returning in the midst of a rebuilding process while he’s in the twilight of his NBA career.

Despite all the uncertainty surrounding Gasol’s future, there’s still a chance he’ll return on a short-term deal. Gasol hasn’t ruled out re-signing with the Lakers, but the circumstances will have to right in terms of money and contending status.
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  • Messig12

    Gasol will sign a deal with Knicks. One of the first move that Phil will try to make! If he can get rid of Tyson or Amare and create room to have Gasol on knick roster that’d be perfect to run Triangle or a similar system

    • Jim213

      Scenario: but wonder if the Knicks would show interest in a sign a trade which goes for Pau too being for Bargnani (who’s a FA in 2015). This in turn would give the Lakers another big (for 1 year) aside of a more tradeable commodity to which they might be able to utilize to get the ball rolling with regards to helping to turn things around. Shouldn’t be opposed in acquiring another asset who can be traded before the deadline.

      • Carters Room

        bargnani isnt worth anything. Id rather let pau walk than sign and trade for bargnani.

        • agreed

          Agreed Jim213 is a retard.

          • Jim213


            Just a view trolls… don’t expect too much down the line if things don’t get rolling. They don’t have any assets and only have their first rounder. Yet everyone blames the players like Kobe for his contract or Nash for his salary. Need to place the blame and pressure on FO.

          • Zimmeredge

            let’s overthink… big three break up… melo leaves. Lebron to the knicks. gasol sign and trade for stoud or chandler.
            what do you think?

          • Jim213

            ? Bosh has mentioned that he’ll likely stay put which the same can be said for Wade too. However, Lebron will either go back to the Heat or consider the Knicks as the Cavs don’t have anything going for them aside of Irving especially once Deng signs elsewhere. But is a toss up to where Melo ends up now given Phil but wouldn’t even bother on Stoudamire.

          • e3bonz

            If LBJ goes to the Knicks there’s going to be a whole lot of players around the NBA looking to follow him.

          • Jim213

            Possible, however, with regards to Pau, the Knicks have $91 mil tied next yr. as long as Melo returns. But if Pau wants to play a similar style as Phil’s they have too much tied up in salaries for Phil to try and acquire him. However, with a sign a trade they’ll be trading a future FA for another that may fit Phil’s vision.

            Although, it be a good move, wouldn’t pick up Bargnani after the 2014-2015 season (trade bait). But thinking about it more is there any team out there that would be willing to go after Bargnani being picking his $13 mil payout. Talk about being over paid as some in the Lakers roster.

          • Zimmeredge

            i think deng will resign with the cavaliers… they gave away too much for him to let him go. the cavs might be the only team able to resign him for 12 or more.
            I think we shouldn’t, wouldn’t and much probably couldn’t pay more than 10-12m$ for a fa player this summer. it will hamper our freedom in future fa.
            that’s the way the lakers will have to proceed in the future. pay four or five guys 12-14m year maximum and then gather a bench with what’s left. The league, when the have created the cba thought about the spurs model. imo the big three experience in miami was a one shot. and it’s certainly not a reliable way to win anything as you have to have the best guys around to make that work.

          • Josh

            You realize 5 guys at $12M already puts a team over the cap, right?

          • Zimmeredge

            over the cap (59m) yes not over the luxury tax (around 70m$). 5 guys 60m$ then 8-9millions for 6-7 bench players.
            I’m positive that this is the most valuable way to build a team based on quality and quantity. But of course it can be 3 under 10m and one over 15m or 4 under 10m and one over 10. see my point? the big three is not a valuable solution unless you have the best players in the league and that’s something really hard to achieve imo. it doesn’t mean you have to take averages players. you have to build the best team with talented players ready to sacrifice their income to win together.
            I think, once Kobe’s gone, we will be in good position to achieve something like that.

          • Josh

            Phil will convince Melo to stay in NY. If Melo leaves, the Knicks have no cap space to sign anyone else; they’re in the same position the Lakers were in last summer with Dwight.

          • e3bonz

            I think Pau won’t do a sign and trade. He doesn’t have to do anything but be a FA come July.

          • Josh

            If the Lakers were willing to take back any of the Knicks overpaid players, he would do a sign and trade because it’s the only way he could go to NY. Plus, they think they are in play to land Lebron the next year.

  • Messig12

    “Struggle is Real” for lakers these days and it’s just very difficult to even guess how the next season and season after will turn out without seeing where the team will be seeded for the draft and etc. everyone is thinking so many scenarios but even FO is waiting to see more things introduce themselves first. Uncertainty. But it would have felt better to have uncertainty with Phil Jackson in Lakerland.

  • Mike

    Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol going to the Knicks next year to help install the Triangle offense.

    • Messig12

      I would not be surprised to see LO going back to New York/Queens! Triangle doesn’t need many superstars but smart and willing ball players and those two for the bill. Athletically they are on their decline and with Lamar I’m not sure how his health is now with news that he has a back issue.

  • Messig12

    On a side note, can you imagine the face of Kobe Bean Bryant if Phil had gone back to Lakers? He would have been so happy that he would have bought everyone porches as a gift (probably not because Kobe is a savy money man).

    • Corky Carroll

      I want a Porsche for being die hard dedicated fan since they landed in L.A. come on Kobe….. show me some love

  • DatruthonPau

    Gee, Pau lives Phil so much he quit on him and the Lakers during that playoff sweep to the Mavs. Who can forget Phil smacking Pau on the chest and cursing him right in his face during a timeout all caught in National TV. Pau admitted it himself in his book that his “mind was somewhere else during that series”. Ha basically admitted he no showed that series, but you don’t hear Laker fans bringing it up don’t you? But many fans take every chance they get to bring up Kobe quitting vs the Suns on game 7 and that one regular season game against the Kings wherein he took like 2 shots through 3 qtrs in a blowout loss.

  • MrJoepch .

    How can Jimbo Bust be such a dumb ass??? Horrible PR/Marketing Strategy. :(

  • MrJoepch .

    It wouldn’t surprised me if Melo stayed in NY and LB joined him. :( Now the question will be if we will go after George Carl or will Jimbo still keep Dumbtoni under Mitch Kupchak’s request?

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