Pau Gasol Says Kobe Is ‘Tough Enough’ To Get Through Latest Injury Reviewed by Momizat on . Superstar Kobe Bryant suffered another injury this week that will keep him off the floor for six weeks after only playing six games since returning from the wor Superstar Kobe Bryant suffered another injury this week that will keep him off the floor for six weeks after only playing six games since returning from the wor Rating: 0
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Pau Gasol Says Kobe Is ‘Tough Enough’ To Get Through Latest Injury

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Superstar Kobe Bryant suffered another injury this week that will keep him off the floor for six weeks after only playing six games since returning from the worst injury of his NBA career.

With Bryant set to miss a month and half, Pau Gasol chimes in about his longtime teammate and believes he’ll bounce back once again via ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

Bryant suffering another injury that will keep him out a considerable amount of time has created a lot speculation on if he should consider shutting it down for the rest of the year. The Lakers are currently sitting at 12-13 on the season with little hope of clinching a playoff spot in an extremely competitive Western Conference.

With the team potentially looking at a season without a playoff berth or another first-round exit, Bryant ending his season prematurely might be the smart move. Despite the fact that Bryant might benefit from shutting it down, it’s not in the perennial All-Star’s DNA as he simply won’t give in if there is a shred of hope of returning.

The five-time NBA champion missed eight months before finally being able to get back on the floor for the Lakers. Missing six weeks is nothing in comparison, and with that being said, it’s highly likely we’ll see Bryant back on the floor at some point later in the season.
VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Out 6 Weeks With Knee Fracture, Steve Nash Out 4 Weeks

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  • Jim213

    After hearing a few MD’s talk about Kobe’s injury they believe it’ll take longer than 6 weeks being the injury needs to fully heal first otherwise Kobe’s risking a more severe injury that may be career threatening. 8-10 wks?

    • Zimmeredge

      lets say he won’t play until march (last month of competition approx)… make him he will have the ability to work on his conditioning against teams that are already in the playoff.
      it might be a gift… he will have an entire year to rest and get prepared and work on his conditioning. however he was out of shape and overweighted. now he will have the opportunity to work on that. gettin stronger etc

      • Jim213

        I’d sit him out if not fully healed as I’ve mentioned that Kobe needs to take it cool this season being relying more on his teammates to buy him the off season to get himself back into conditioning.

        • Zimmeredge

          i think he could use the last 2 or 3 weeks of the season to get his nba shape back before he spend the summer with Tim Grover working on his conditioning and work on his legs to have more strenght and power.

          • Nick Christopherson

            Agree with that. Oh and zim I read that convo with the long term laker fan and man that had me laughing. You were so right in so many ways and that person sounded so stupid.

          • Zimmeredge

            thank you bro. Appreciate your support. that was ugly but i’m so tired of reading those comments (and i know i’m not the only one who thinks that way) at the end of certain comments.
            i hope kobe will take his time and rest.

          • Nick Christopherson

            It was pure ignorance and avoiding any sort of intellectual conversation on the matter. But I’m excited now more than anything. Might as well make the best of it. Young guys are really gonna get a chance to shine and we can really see who WANTS to be on this team. Because when they play like they want it, we’ve been killin it. I’ve been loving our offense. Fastest pace laker squad in a while…. LONG TIME LAKER FAN. .. hahaha
            Kidding of course

          • Zimmeredge

            i think, from a pure tactical perspective, when Gasol will move away from LA we won’t need a low post center… I think if we can put Kobe isolated on the low block that would kill every team. it’s kobe’s bread & butter.

          • Nick Christopherson

            Well and especially because Kobe will draw the double still and I like where his head has been as far as distributing the ball. But with this new pressure let’s see how our youngbloods do haha

          • Zimmeredge

            and it’s just the beginning. next season will be even better imo. draft, FA, trade we will use every possible way to improve the roster.

          • Nick Christopherson

            We have good pieces too its just gonna be a tactical game of chess for us this off season. The versitile small forward seems to be the x Factor for a lot of teams so that’s where I’m hoping to see someone good slotted. Someone that can drive and create offense no matter what. I like wes and I’m not against keeping him and watching him continue to grow. But maybe give him a mentor idk very wishful thinking. I was so happy when bunk ass metta bounced lol

          • Zimmeredge

            I don’t know who to go with: Melo? Deng or Ariza? or try to get someone via draft. there are a lot of great sf coming into the draft too. we just have to pick our own.
            for some reason it seems that Andrew Wiggins is tanking his own season. he is not trying to go head to head against Pakari. he is not trying to get high in the lottery. he has the skills and he is a better athlete (less complete offensively tho). The boy is smart he wants to be in a top team asap.
            i think if we can rebuild the team via draft we will be in a top position in the futur. having great prospect is important for our futur. I’ll sign in the minute if I can land the duo Wiggins-Embiid from Kansas!

          • Nick Christopherson

            I like wiggins too. Melo would be a matter if he wanted to take a pay cut. We don’t have as much room with Kobe resigning. And it really wouldn’t leave us withroom for anyone else. I wouldn’t mind ariza but deng is too spotty for me. I want to see an athlete. Whoever lands their though will definitely help wes grow though if we keep him. Wes feeds off nick right now. But its just hard to say because mitch hasn’t been known for going to the Draft for players I hope he doesn’t waste it. Wiggins has tons of potential even drawing comparisons to lebron. Who do you see them keeping dropping on our current roster?

          • Zimmeredge

            Parker = Melo or Durant, Wiggins is a Lebron or Pippen in the making imo. They say Embiid is raw well he might the best “raw” player of all time ^^ Randle is so good too. In fact I can’t find a good comparision for him. he’s probably a “one of his kind”.

            well for me the melo option is not a good option short/mid/long term. Financially etc etc. He’s already 30yo. He is not a true leader tbh and his defensive skills are really really low. he’s an old school guy. You have to set the game half court for him. Ariza might the best option. He knows the franchise. He has develop in a very good sf. It’s better for us, for our future to rebuild via draft in order to tease high fa in 15, 16 and 17. I mean a KD, WB, RR or KL might be more interested in playing with youngster such as one these lottery pick rather than playing with 32-33yo melo. they won’t be sharing the “superstar” status with anybody else. Remember when Shaq went in he was the superstar and Kobe was learning. We are almost in the same position imo.

            keepers? Farmar, Young, Meeks, Johnson, Hill, Kelly. If Kendall Marshall thrives he might be able to stay too. but there will be a lot of good pg available this summer (Lowry, Udrih, Brooks, Bayless, Hinrich, Sessions and maybe, if we’re lucky, Eric Bledsoe).

            Sacre and Kaman = trade baits.
            Gasol = traded along the way this season or sign n trade for a draftee.
            Nash retires.
            Blake = depends… he will have to play for vet minimum imo.

          • Nick Christopherson

            Yea melo isn’t a smart choice imo either. He can’t do a thing with an arguably better squad in New York right now so why would we want him. He’s too selfish for my liking that can work really good when he’s hot but kills them when he isn’t. But there is huge potential in the Draft it’s just really hard to pick because it all changes in the big league. Few players rise above the rest while most fall into the shadows. My hope is on the Kansas boys though. Both solid. Wiggins would fit in on this squad and having our training would help him more than falling into some mediocre team and being a stud. (I.e. kyrie irving) speaking of that’s someone I’d love to see in purp and gold. Ariza would be a solid fit. I never wanted him to go. Hmm id rather keep henry than kelly. I don’t have a ton of faith in him. x has been wishy washy but I’ve seen nothing but improvement and he plays with a ton of heart. I like pau and I’ve always believed in him and I’d hate to see him go but logically we need to while he’s still got trade value. Nick young is my favorite player right now (besides mamba ofc) that stepback j is filthy. And his d has been sollllid lately. I say stick with Blake and farmar and if marshall proves his worth eventually he can step up and replace but ive really liked Steve Blake. But money is gonna be a issue with him. So if he has to go so be it. Smh on nash. Such a waste. I don’t want sessions screw him he’s forever banned from la imo but bledsoe would be nice! ! If not him I think id take hinrich. Pg and sf will prove to be key roles for us I think that’s where we need to see a lot of production. Especially if we stick with this coach.

  • Lakers4Life

    All of this because Dumbtoni can’t manage Kobe’s minutes to 20min-ish per game. Fire Dumbtoni and it’s time to get Phil back for some pwnage next season!!!

    • Danny E. Pagan

      Phil is done dude. The only way Phil would come back is if the team was stacked with all stars but with Kobe’s contract that ain’t happening.

  • Paytc

    Just hold down the fort. Kobe will be back soon enough to impact the Lakers real chances to win a playoff series. We can not get too high after a couple of wins or too low in a few losses. Get a healthy roster,make the playoffs, and play our best ball when it counts most. Go Lakers !

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