Pau Gasol Says Kobe Is ‘One Of The Main Reasons Why I...

Pau Gasol Says Kobe Is ‘One Of The Main Reasons Why I Would Come Back’


Back in 2008, the Los Angeles Lakers made a game-changing move by pulling the trigger on a blockbuster trade to acquire Pau Gasol. The trade turned out to be exactly what was needed to hold onto Kobe Bryant while elevating the team to perennial title contender status.

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As a result of the new dynamic duo in Los Angeles, the Lakers won two consecutive titles and a bond was forever cemented between Kobe and Gasol.

With Gasol set to become an unrestricted free agent in July, the consensus seems to be that he’ll be leaving the storied franchise. Even though all signs appear to be leading toward Gasol’s departure in free agency, the two-time NBA champion said playing alongside Kobe would be one of the main reasons he’d re-sign with the team according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Despite the friendship between Kobe and Gasol being stronger than ever, the fact remains that the Spaniard appears to be on his way out. Gasol hasn’t ruled out a return to the Lakers and will likely keep that stance all the way up to the start of free agency on July 1, but many believe he’s played his last game in purple and gold.

As for Kobe, the five-time NBA champion hasn’t been all that vocal as of late. Bryant has been relatively quite since his rant following the announcement that he’d be shut down for the season due to the knee injury.

Although Kobe has been quiet, that will likely change leading up to free agency. The Lakers organization has let it be known that they won’t be consulting Kobe on decisions set to be made, but it would be surprising not to hear the veteran guard lobby for his longtime teammate to return to Los Angeles.
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  • Daryl Peek

    As it should be. The big three in SA are together for the very same reasons. Chemistry between each other.

    • Guest

      Chemistry, unselfishness, and consistent winning will do that for you.

  • hoperhetoric

    Dont comeback if all you can offer is offense! Unathletic centers are bad defensively! Lakers should model their frontcount to likes of bulls & thunder. Their secret is mobility & quick reaction time, thats why even if not 7footers they are great defensively. Gasol sucks at rebounding too for having a slow reaction time.

    • Josh

      Tied with Duncan and Varajao as the 12th best rebounder in the league this season. I’ve never heard anyone call those guys bad rebounders.

    • TDEAT

      Yeah maybe you should come play u seem real athletic with the fingers

  • Showtime818

    This is one of the reasons I can respect Gasol, he does not take Kobe’s constructive criticism personal and uses it as a resource to get better as a player. Which is why I find it annoying when haters say that “Kobe is not a good team player that doesn’t want anybody else to shine.” Which is BS because he of all people expects the best out of his team mates and will not sugar coat it if they mess up. But, unfortunately this new generation of players cant handle constructive criticism, I mean who wouldn’t want Kobe as a mentor? That opportunity would be an honor and a privilege, but some players such as Dwight can’t handle that kind of mentality.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I thought Ryan Kelly did fine for being pick #48 but i am dissapointed in his defense it’s soft and he is weak in the upper body and he will get tossed around like a rag doll if we ever make the playoffs with him as a focal point.Someone like David West or Zach Randolph would eat him up on the inside of the paint and he can’t hold his own he must get much stronger to stick in the NBA long term as a contributor.Right now i am sorry to all the Ryan Kelly fans but he is not guaranteed to succeed as a winner on the NBA level.Just saying my thoughts.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe is not going to stop Pau from leaving in free agency but it’s up to Pau tbh.

  • $20509373

    I think it’s time for Pau and the Lakers to move on from one another. It’s time to take this team into a different direction and Pau could use a fresh start somewhere else.

    • Jim213

      Agree, Marc Spears (Yahoo) mentions that Gasol would consider reuniting with former coach Phil Jackson. Pau should consider a sign and trade as that be the only way he’d be able to go to the Knicks.

      Best part would be that the Lakers would end up acquiring some bait to help pull off something before the trade deadline. As long as the right player is acquired and utilized.

  • kobe24

    Call me delusional but hear me out. Before anything, MDA HAS TO GO.
    Now, we get a good coach (idk who but someone who actually believes defense is crucial).

    And assuming that
    1. Kobe and Gasol in 80~90% of their 1-2 punch form
    2. Lakers Sign Aaron Gordon
    3. Lakers get FA that are more defensively oriented and have more grit (not Luol Deng nor Lance Stephenson too expensive)

    I think this team can be a legitimate playoff contender. Kobe and Gasol can create enough offense while in the paint with Gordon defending it shouldn’t be as easier.

    And lets not forget NO MIKE DANTONI 😀

  • a Celtics fan

    Gasol was good but he is too old now, just a shell of his old self.

    • Anton Shurik

      And ur retarded look at Duncan that guys a fucking dinosaur

  • corky carroll

    I am just glad this horrible season is over and it’s time to move on, fix the ship and get back to Laker ways. Like everybody else I agree we need a new coach. He lost me for good when he didn’t even know the position the team was in going into and after that last game with Utah. Tank, no tank, doesn’t matter…. he didn’t even know. WRONG COACH. Mixed feelings on Pau. He has been so great and such a class act, sentimental side says yeah… he could have two more good years in him alongside Kobe. Practical side says he has lost too much and is a constant injury happening… plus would cost too much when others could be available for less that have more to offer. Hard one. I hope somebody with more knowledge than me is making these choices. We need a lucky ping pong ball and some really good moves by the FO. Go Lakers

  • catainmidnight

    I like Pau. I like Kaman. I like Hill. Don’t like D’Antoni. They’re all gone if he stays and can’t blame them. Pau could make a Golden State, a Chicago, or a Dallas a NBA championship contender. Mitch, bring him back. I apologize for all the bad things I said about Mike Brown. I didn’t know you’d punish us with ‘no D’ Mike. And as long as I’m making a wish list, bring back Meeks and Swaggy P.

  • NYJ

    Best power move FO could make would be to entice Coach K to end his career in LA with Phil like contract…chance to work with Kobe, lotto pick, and cap space to attract other elite Team USA players…LeBron or KD.

  • hoperhetoric

    Sign Byron.
    (Lakers won’t have money to resign all, Hill, Young, Meeks, Gasol will all command higher salary)
    either or both Ariza & Deng is a must!=contenders!) to be a
    consistent defensive team & defender of Durant/Lebron.

    only like the idea of Gasol resigning to the Lakers if Kobe will be
    healthy because he can always yell at Pau to put his big boy pants on!

    Starters: Farmar, Bazemore, Kobe, Deng, Pau Gasol
    (Top Draftee will not gain experience if both Kobe & young are in the team)
    (Not signing Meeks & Young gives Lakers money for a quality frontline =Deng&HIll)

    2nd unit: Nash, Draftee, Xavier, Kelly, Hill
    reserves: Kendall, Manny Harris, Metta, Sacre
    (resign metta for minimum if possible so he can mentor his praised Kelly)Sign Xavier, Harris, Kendall, kelly again for 1year contract only.