Pau Gasol Rumors: Kupchak Sees Forward Finishing Season With Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . It is no secret that Pau Gasol would like to finish the season with the Lakers, and according to Mitch Kupchak there's a good chance that happens. Gasol has bee It is no secret that Pau Gasol would like to finish the season with the Lakers, and according to Mitch Kupchak there's a good chance that happens. Gasol has bee Rating: 0
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Pau Gasol Rumors: Kupchak Sees Forward Finishing Season With Lakers

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Mitch Kupchak3It is no secret that Pau Gasol would like to finish the season with the Lakers, and according to Mitch Kupchak there’s a good chance that happens.

Gasol has been the center of trade rumors for quite some time now and he was on the verge of being dealt just a couple of weeks ago. However, the Spaniard survived to live another day in Los Angeles and he has the backing of Lakers’ general manager Mitch Kupchak.

Kupchak recently spoke to Lakers.com and he talked about what Gasol brings to the table and how much he values having him on the team. Kupchak still sees Gasol making a positive impact when on the court and would like to not only have him on the roster this season, but also past this upcoming summer.

“He’s playing at a high level right now, and there’s no reason why he can’t play at a high level and finish this season as a Laker,” Kupchak said. “Once July 1st rolls around, we’re going to have an option to extend him, and he’s going to have options to move on to other teams. Years and money will probably be a factor, and I don’t know how that will play out. I do know that he has tremendous loyalty to this city and this franchise, and I think if all things were constant, he’d love to continue to play here, and we’d love to have him here.

“Whether his contract is expiring or not, he’s a huge asset. You could argue he’d be more valuable if he were under contract for two or three years.”

Gasol changed the Lakers instantly when he joined the team in 2008, but in order to prepare for the future the front office may have to deal him. Although Gasol is a beloved figure in Los Angeles, he will have to be traded if the Lakers want to rebuild once the older stars retire.

What is your take Lakers Nation, should Gasol be traded before the deadline?
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Lakers need to just put this Pau Gasol rumor to rest.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      agree… these rumors… whether true or false are just old news….

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeap this is a every other week rumor.Pau trade rumors are played out tbh.

  • MambaMentality24

    This is an old quote from a few days ago. You guys are late.

  • BlackMamba_From_Brazil

    For me the time has passed Gasol, he is unmotivated is a dead weight. We need young players and motivation to win the ring.
    I respect that Gasol has done for us, but for me it’s just a bargaining chip.
    I’m finding Mr. Kupchak very quiet in twelve games losing only eleven! This is for the Bobcats, not the Lakers

    Wake up! Jim Buss

    • Jim213

      • BlackMamba_From_Brazil

        Very Funny!!! Bro


    Yay we’re gonna finish the season in the luxury tax and be penalized even though it’s a dead season!!!

  • Fuck kupchack

    Fuck Mitch kupchack he’s a lame as owner he expects lakers to do gd with pau who don’t wanna play with lakers . Just trade his ass or Mitch has to step down as owner we ain’t gettin no where with this weak team.!!!!!

  • Marty Susman

    Gasol NEEDS to go & a sign n trade to play with his brother is what he wants & what he should get. Now in that deal Zack Randolph needs to go to one of two places. To replace Love who should go to the Lakers, or to replace Monroe who should be a Laker….Lets get that done Mitch…

  • Daryl Peek

    I’m gonna go on one today. I’m off, have some downtime, the little lady is at work and I’m bored. I love to write about the Lakers so here we go…

    The curious case of why Gasol never earned just equity as a Laker?

    07-08 The Beginning:

    Pau’s introduction to the Lakers was met with a whirlwind of glitz, glamour and expectations that quickly became a strange on, off on again love/hate affair. Gasol was outstanding from the jump and seemed to be just what the team needed as the predictions of NBA finals contender came to life. Unfortunately Pau was labeled Gasoft based off his 2008 finals showing as the Lakers lost to the Celtics in embarrassing fashion at the end of the series. Embarrassing fashion would become an on and off staple that defined the ups and downs of the Gasol era Lakers as it was at the end of the Kobe Shaq era. Lets keep that in perspective though. Gasol was relatively new to the team at the time and he’s never been more than a very greatly skilled finesse big man. He is who he is,and lets not diminish the fact that the Lakers were a 42-40, first round exit team the previous season without him, and worse than that the previous two seasons post Shaq.

    08-09/09-10 Redemption:

    In these seasons Pau remade himself as more of a true C averaging 10 plus rebounds a game for the first time in his career. He took Gasoft personal and played outside of who he is helping Kobe get number 4 and 5 in the ring count. It can be argued Gasol was the MVP of the 2010 finals given he performed so well.

    2011 Playoffs Gasoft Returns:
    In house turmoil (the Shannon Brown rumor) is said to be the culprit of Pau’s lackluster 2011 playoffs. Pau indeed failed in those playoffs but the team in general was a hot mess all together. There was never truly any consistency at all during that regular season. There was an element most don’t take into account when pointing the finger at Pau. The health of Bynum. Up til 09-10 Bynum had never been healthy for a full season and didn’t finish that campaign healthy either but played 65 games at a very high level. Phil was always very spotty in giving Drew PT because of injury and attitude. The set back Drew had at the end of 09-10 season set the stage for Pau in those playoffs and in the finals against the Celtics, and he indeed shined! Pau’s stock was at its highest coming into the 2010-11 season. Because of Bynum’s good 09-10 regular season showing the inception of the Gasol trade rumors began. As a player who just came off the best two seasons of his career in helping a then flailing franchise regain its supremacy, this had to be very disconcerting to Gasol? He remained professional midst all of this having another great regular season. Injury again derailed Bynum in 10-11 as he only appeared in 47 games starting only 25. Pau was again the man but the in house turmoil threw a serious monkey wrench in the teams chemistry as the season wound down. Of course Pau took all the blame as his numbers began to fall off. With the team chemistry completely outta whack the stage was set for the then extremely hot Mavs to embarrass (convincingly sweep) the dysfunctional Lakers in Phil s swan song season as he retired thereafter.

    2011-12 Change, The Kevin Love For Gasol Rumor & CP3 Trade:
    After the 2011 playoff meltdown Gasol was again facing intense scrutiny and in June the real K. Love for Gasol trade rumor that had been speculated all season finally came to a head. With Ricky Rubio finally joining the Wolves, Minny was very interested in Gasol due to their Spanish National team chemistry. Given Bynum’s constant injury status the Lakers FO was hesitant to pull the Love trade as Kevin was just coming into his own and Gasol was a time tested proven commodity that fit well with Kobe. Here’s some of the fan sentiment of K. Love as a player at the time…

    “no, Kevin love is overrated, i know he got that 30-30, but he’s just a stat eater on a bad team, sorry but that’s my opinion. If the Lakers make this trade it will be an #EPICFAILURE. . Lakers were tired last year and lost their hunger. The only thing they need to improve on is the PG position and maybe another perimeter player. The Mavs proved veteran experienced team usually trumps talent. DONT DO IT LAKERS!!!”

    Again Pau remained professional midst this.

    Enter the CP3 trade that was nixed. After surviving the K. Love trade over the summer the Lakers FO began the 11-12 campaign by trading Pau and LO for CP3, a great move for the Lakers had it not been blocked. As we all know, LO lost it behind this coming off being the sixth man of the year but Pau while shook, again remained professional midst this too. Teflon Don it seems as Gasol went on to have another standard great regular season for the Lakers again, while also willingly taking a back seat to Bynum who had finally seemed to come into fruition as Mike Brown fully featured Drew in the low post with Phil out of the picture. Dig that? After finally, actually being traded by the Lakers Gasol was still a faithful humble servant of the team in willingly sacrificing his game so Bynum could shine? WOW!
    The 11-12 playoffs ended on another sour note as the Lakers lost to chomping at the bit OKC in the second round. Gasol was again less than stellar but mid season trades (Fisher for Sessions) and the totality of the Bynum feature was a big part of the reason as I saw it. After the Fisher trade the teams chemistry was never the same as they struggled to win games efficiently down the stretch.

    12-13 The Dwightmare:

    Coming off the 11-12 playoff disappointment while still reelig from the effects of the CP3 trade nix the Lakers FO decided to go all out in plan B to try and win another championship before the great Dr. Buss passed. Since CP3 was no longer an option they looked to Steve Nash who showed signs of injury at his advanced age but still had an elite PG season in 11-12 by the numbers… 13 points 3 rebounds and 11 assists per game while shooting 53% FG, 39% 3pt while playing and starting 62 of 82 games, the first time he’d missed more than 8 games in a season since 00-01 as the Mavs PG. Not the big risk most hindsight pundits make Nash out to be. Enter D12, he was the second piece to plan B that the Lakers FO had their eyes on in plan A with CP3. Again Pau was forced to sacrifice his low post game to now allow another big that was thrust ahead of him to shine in Howard. Pau tried to be his normal diplomatic self about this but I’m sure he was growing weary of it knowing Howard was eventually going to be his replacement coupled with the coaching drama, hire of D’Antoni who’s not one to coddle a player and can be down right belligerent in expressing himself by putting his foot in his mouf because he wears his emotion on his sleeve. No one will ever confuse MDA for Phil when it comes to dealing with the media but we can take solace in a coach that will absolutely tell you how he really feels! MDA and Gasol are never gonna be a good mix together. As we know know MDA was forced to feature Howard over Gasol and this did not bold well for his preferred coaching style given his floor spacing needs a at stretch the 4 position. Gasol was now the unwilling odd man out, and he finally showed his frustration with it ALL. Injury for Gasol intervened and the time off helped cooler heads prevail, that coupled with and childish D12 who had been beefing with Kobe all season. By the time Gasol returned from his 33 game injury sabbatical he was ready to step up in place of the then disgruntled Howard. Gasol’s resurgence sparked the entire team as they came together on a serious run down the stretch to secure the 7th seed. Injury again intervened as Pau lost his constant partner in crime i Kobe. All was lost at that point as the team limped into the first round against the Spurs and no one had the heart to put up a fight. This is a very important plight as it seems to have flowed over into the mental make up of the current Lakers.

    13-14 The Leaderless Lakers:

    Hopes were extremely high for Gasol given his end of the regular season performance coupled with his preventative Kobe system off season knee procedure. With Kobe sidelined and MDA with a bigger compliment of players that better fit his style of pace on the court, Gasol was left alone coupled with a slower than expected recovery from his off-season knee treatment. Once again the beef between he and D’Antoni resurfaced and Pau got aggressive in defiance given he was alone and wounded in this. It didn’t help matters either given trade rumors were again swirling the whole time also. It seemed MDA was the target of Pau angst as uncharacteristically he publicly lashed out at D’Antoni through the media. I firmly believe Pau was venting all of his Lakers total, Gasoft/trade rumor IRE at MDA. Kobe indirectly shinned light on this in some of his interviews when he was asked about the Gasol, MDA beef.

    Upon Kobe’s return MDA and Gasol squashed their beef as Pau indirectly admitted he was somewhat dogging it in his performance this season out of frustration. I can’t blame him given all he’s been through as a Laker. As it stands now the totality of all the mental collateral damage done over the years it seem Pau can no longer muster the joy in loyalty in being the best he can be as a key cog on this Lakers team. Kobe being out is a huge hindrance as Gasol does not have the #1 feature alpha leadership make up in him, never has and that is exactly what this Kobeless team needs from him in this injury plagued dark hour. The FO seems set to again show after the fact loyalty to Pau but it seems an olive branch offered too late at this point. IMO separation is the best answer for both parties at this point. Sad revelation as the Lakers organization bares most of the blame in this IMO. Pau has been unjustly disrespected by the Lakers over the years as I see it. I know this is apples to oranges but they should have treated Gasol with the same respect the Spurs did Ginobli during his struggles as the Spurs fell of when he was injured and under performing.

    In thinking over this strange on, off on again love/hate affair between Lakers Nation and Gasol I come to the conclusion it’s a matter of Family. Bare with me here because this has a twist some of you may not be expecting.

    It’s the difference between Showtime and the Lake Show. There’s a clear inherent difference between these two great Lakers eras that older Lakers fans can clearly see. Showtime was the all encompassing vision of Dr. Buss. All the players (coaches, players, FO, media and fans) came together to make Showtime a quasi kindred experience as a whole. The Lake Show was more about business then a kindred experience. The love was just not the same. Don’t get me wrong, this generation loves the Lake Show but the squeal rarely lives up to the originals excitement in billing, and while the results did in this case the inception was all business VS. the fun in Showtime’s (Magic) Magical effect on Los Angles. Pat Riley is Family. Jerry West is Family. Mitch Kupchack is Family but does not and never will hold the stature of the Logo. Phil is not Family. And though he will be via marriage to Jeanie he never engraced himself to the late great visionary Dr. Buss or the Logo. Phil was a means in business and that’s all he will ever be. Many will hate on me for saying this but the facts of the matter is Jeanie and Mitch are the only Showtime rooted Lakers officials that ever truly fully embraced Phil. Given this players like Shaq and Pau were not Lakers Family in the same way KAJ, Worthy, Wilkes & Cooper were as they were given fully Family equity as Lakers for Life, evidenced by them being kept til they decided to retire in purple and gold. I know this ending may seem a Phil bashing but it’s not because as Riley said at Dr. Buss’s memorial service “It feels like I’m back home.” As I watched the Buss memorial service speakers speak I could actually feel the difference in Family as they said their final good by’s to Dr. Buss.

    At the end of the day there’s just something about humble beginnings and Showtime will never be replicated. Pau deserves to retire a Laker but the damage leaves us at a crossroads of continued uncertainty in equity… thogh I’m sure he’ll retire as a Laker whether he ends his career in a Lakers uni or not.

    • Daryl Peek

      Hahaha I see my secret hater is consistently doing his or her job. I love it!

      • e3bonz

        Well, it wasn’t me. Excellent post. I for one want to see Pau stay, he is an extra piece of firepower for whatever additional players are added for the next season.

        • Daryl Peek

          Tough deal man! As you can tell I’m fully vested in Gasol as I truly appreciable the struggle he’s endured as a Laker while showing unbelievable loyalty through the process. How many of us could withstand all of that in our work place?

          I also understand the big picture and that is why i injected the business aspect of Showtime VS. the Lake Show. Being an old head my loyalty leads me to say keep Pau but from a biz perspective its time to let go… time will tell and I hope a happy ending miracle can avail.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Im with you on Gasol – everybody forgets he shut down Dwight Howard during the finals series

  • jt3z

    Either trade him or dont enough of these rumors

  • John

    Come on Kevin love!

  • Ronald Velez

    LAL: Nerlens Noel
    Caron Butler

    Cle : Thaddeus Young
    OJ Mayo
    Arnett Moultrie

    PHI: Dion Waiters
    Larry Sanders
    Alonzo Gee
    Anthony Bennett

    MIL: Pau Gasol
    Toney Wroten
    Tyler Zeller
    1st rd pck (Cavs)
    1st rd pck (Phi)

  • Jan Rey

    what kupchak said is a formality

  • Slater

    In the end of the day its business, Love is LA bound, Gasol for Love would be best for both teams, gasol alongside ricky rubio its a win win or else risk losing Love for nothing in free agency.

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