Pau Gasol Responds To D’Antoni’s Reaction To His Post-Game Comments

Pau Gasol Responds To D’Antoni’s Reaction To His Post-Game Comments


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Pau Gasol’s frustration has revealed itself a number of times this season and one of those times being last night after the Lakers suffered a blowout loss to the Indiana Pacers. Gasol voiced his concerns with small ball and felt there was a lack of discipline being taught, both comments being perceived as jabs towards head coach Mike D’Antoni.

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When asked about the veteran’s comments, D’Antoni said he understood the consistent losing and justifiable frustration were what fueled the remarks, but felt that Gasol should have kept his feelings and comments “in house.”

After suffering their third straight loss tonight to the Memphis Grizzlies, Gasol was asked if he had any opinion on Mike D’Antoni’s response to his comments. Pau told the media during his post game interview on Time Warner Cable SportsNet what he thought:

He also expressed that his comments were ignited by emotions after a tough loss, but he felt they weren’t a big deal. Reporters were also curious how Gasol thought his teammates responded to his comments:

Pau is one of the only Lakers who has been playing consistent basketball every game this and one of the few players on the team with championship experience. His teammates understand that and know his experience and knowledge is valuable to the success of the team.

The Spaniard’s teammates surely share the same sentiments as they all acknowledged that the losing record is proof that the current system is not working. Newcomers, Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks both made mentions of trying to get Pau more active in the game tonight and getting him more looks.
Pau Gasol Expects Kobe Bryant To Remain Positive Even IF Out For Season

  • THOR

    Mike DUMMYTON should shut up.I hate Mike DUMMYTONI with the passion.I hope his funky ass gets fired.DUMMYTONI is the stupidest guy ever and the worst coach in the history of sports.DUMMYTONI ruined the Lakers franchise.

    • Josh

      How quickly we forget about Mike Brown.

      • Kay Carter

        except Mike brown didn’t ruin this franchise he was 41-25…..1st in the pacific, nd got us to the semi-finals where we lost to a much athletic Thunder team, how quickly ppl 4get smh….shouldn’t have fired him

        • hookedonnews

          Yes, and the team lost 11 games in a row before he was fired with Kobe, Nash, Pau, MWP, and Dwight Howard starting. If we had a line-up like that now we wouldn’t have the record we have. Take a look at the Cavaliers and tell me he shouldn’t have been fired. They are totally dysfunctional. This team has been devastated by injuries for the last 2 seasons. D’Antoni is not a miracle worker.

          • nlruizjr

            …….. Not an NBA worker either, incase you forgot his 1st year Dantoni had 4/5ths of the team starters you mentioned above and they fell apart under Dantoni. You forget “Big’s” are Dantoni’s weak spot !!!!

          • hookedonnews

            Nash missed 32 games, Blake 37, Gasol 33, Hill 56 games, and Howard was never 100%. They also had the worst bench in the league. Howard is doing in Houston this year what he was asked to do in LA. The difference is that 1) he wasn’t healthy and 2) he refused to cooperate because he thought he should be able to play like Shaq. With all that the team still got to the playoffs. Of course with the injury to Kobe, and with Nash, Blake, MWP, and Meeks going down in the playoffs there was no ability to advance. D’Antoni also came in without a training camp and little opportunity to practice during the season because of the injury situation. I don’t think there are a lot of people who want to see Mike Brown return. If Kobe had been able to stay healthy and the rest of the team had done the same this season would have been much different because you’ve got a group of players who play hard and buy into the system for the most part. They had the best bench in the league before all the PGs went down including X and Young who were forced into that role because of the injuries to Nash, Blake, and Farmar. I know there are fans that expect wins no matter who’s on the court, but that’s just not how it works.

          • Will

            Mike Brown is a bum. Mike D’Antoni is a bum. No more Mike’s for the Lakers. We need a Phil or Pat, something with a P…

          • hookedonnews

            Phil & Pat are part of the past. They won’t be coming back to coach the Lakers. For now you’re going to have to be satisfied with Mike. I don’t think he’s a bum and neither is Mike Brown, but if I had to choose between the two I’d choose D’Antoni. I don’t know what his long-time future is with the Lakers, but you can’t evaluate a coach whose players are either sub-standard for the most part or injured. It’s going to take a couple of years to rebuild the team. By that time they’ll know whether they want to keep him or not.

          • Chris Lilly

            No need in pointing out stats. Mike D’antoni is a proven LOSER. Small ball will only get u but so far. The teams that have a more balance team always prevail. Only big guy he ever untilized was Amare and thats because he played more of a pick and roll and pick and pop game and was able to knock down mid range shots. He didnt even use shaq as much when he had him. He jus like to see his team jack threes. He does have a reputation of giving players a chance to show whether they can shoot 3’s so he can use them in his offense. Other than that, he’ll always be a loser and never win a ring. Get him out of LA. Only young wing players will develop under him

          • hookedonnews

            Look around the league–almost every team uses some form of MDA’s system. Shaq was done when D’Antoni had him, and the decision to bring him in was a mistake. He wasn’t a loser in Phoenix. The Suns were in the cellar when he arrived. He went to 2 WCF’s, and the Suns went to a 3rd in 2010 using his offense. Same with the Knicks who went to the playoffs for the first time in years under him. There’s more to his system that jacking 3’s. He’s proven he can win when he has the players. You have no clue what he can do in LA because he hasn’t had the players (either because of injury or substandard talent) to work with. Does he want some half-court post game with some big guy in the paint? No, but I don’t see much of that anywhere in the league. Most big men today are like Amare. He’s not the best coach in the league, but he’s a good coach and deserves the chance to prove it. Look at the Nuggets. Is Brian Shaw a horrible coach who should be fired? There’s not a lot of perspective among most LA fans about MDA.

          • Andres Adriana Flores

            Hookedonnews You are wrong!!! 98% Wrong!!! Just Fired D’Antoni!! his fould the players got injure. He did not have balls of taking Kobe Out!! when he was playing 5 straight 45min…!! if Phil Jackson was there he will bench him and take a rest not that stupid D’Antoni!!! and Kobe will not get injure in the first place!! when Coward! was there..

          • hookedonnews

            If you will exercise a little common sense you will see that none of the injuries on this team have anything to do with D’Antoni or his system. Phil Jackson would not have done anything any differently than MDA did with regard to Kobe’s minutes. Nash was out, the playoffs were on the line, and the bench was the worst in the league. Even Mitch Kupchak tried to get Kobe to play less minutes and was told he was going to play and there was nothing he could do about it. Kobe is going to do what he wants, and he did it when Phil Jackson was there, too. All the medical experts have said that the Achilles could have gone at any time, and his minutes had nothing to do with it. It was the 17 seasons, not the minutes. Kobe had promised they were going to the playoffs, and he was going to make it happen. I guess D’Antoni is responsible for him breaking his knee, too. Jerry West has said MDA has done a good job with this team, and so have other NBA coaches and ex-players. You need to stop going on emotion and listening to what other people say who don’t have a clue. D’Antoni is going to be the coach for at least one more season. How much longer he’s there will depend on what happens next season. Hopefully he will have a healthy team to coach.

          • calieagle

            with mike brown and andrew bynum we had one of the best home record in the west.. d’antoni has given us the worst home stretch in history.. regardless of the players we have most of them were drafted in the top 15 of theyre classes so they cant suck that bad and theres teams like the suns with way less talent yet theyre still winning..

          • hookedonnews

            Mike Brown did not have 5 of his best players injured most of the season.Regardless of the players? If they didn’t suck why weren’t they starting on some other team? The Suns have had the same team on the floor all season except for Bledsoe and an occasional missed game by one player or another. I know you can see the difference between that and a team that right now has 4 of its best players still not playing, and has only recently gotten Farmar back. Gasol played horrible the first few months of the season because he was out of shape (not able to work out in the off-season because of the knee procedures), sick, bad ankle, etc.). This is not that complicated. If we had this same record and everyone had been healthy I would be the first one saying D’Antoni should be fired. But to say it doesn’t matter who’s on the court as long as you’ve got 5 people out there is fantasy-land. You’ve got people playing out of position and new players coming in who have never played in the system. Every time they do a Lakers game on national TV they talk about the unprecedented injuries and how no one has ever heard of most of the players who are on the court. And yet some people think none of that matters & the team should win regardless.

          • Kay Carter

            No mike brown got fired after a 1-4 start….kobe was injured nash was injured nd howard was injured….the cavs are a different team….they lacck a superstar

      • nlruizjr

        Josh, I believe the Cavs have a better record than the Lakers and didn’t the Cav’s just beat the Pacers ???? Just Sayin !!!

    • hookedonnews

      The fact that 20 people liked this comment is a sad commentary on those who did it. The Lakers franchise is not ruined, D’Antoni is not going to be fired, and Pau is the one who should shut up. You have no clue about what kind of coach MDA is because you would know he’s not stupid if you did. No coach is going to win with a roster decimated by injuries. None of the players on the court last night would be a starter on any other team with the exception of Pau Gasol.

      • nlruizjr

        The sad part about your comment is that Dantoni will not be fired this season and maybe not until 10 games into next season. You can only give Dantoni so much rope, knowing x’s and o’s is only part of the equation towards winning a “C”, knowing your personnel, knowing Defense are just some of Dantoni’s weak areas.

        • hookedonnews

          I think you underestimate MDA. You don’t have a lot of good defensive players on this team. Bazemore looks like he will help in that area, but there is no great rim protector or lock-down defender. Wesley Johnson is the best we have along with Hill who is okay, but he’s no Dwight Howard. What D’Antoni needs is players. He’s already proven he can win when he has the right players. No, he’s not a defensive genius, but he is putting a lot of emphasis on defense in LA. He hasn’t had the kind of fire-power he had in Phoenix because all of our best players have been injured for most of the season, and you’ve got players starting who should be bench players. Not sure why you believe he doesn’t know his personnel. Young, Meeks, Johnson, Marshall, Blake, and Henry have all had career years under D’Antoni.. I don’t see him being fired 10 games into next season unless some catastrophe happens. The way this season started (without Kobe) tells me that’s not going to happen unless we have another injury disaster, and you’re not going to fire a coach for that reason.

          • Chris Lilly

            dude are u watching the games?? he speak more on offense than he ever does on defense. We dont have great defenders but these guys arent even giving effort on D. U cant talk about defense every now and then. U gotta PREACH DEFENSE. And nobody in the league is a howard on defense. Cant compare. He has crazy athleticsim to be a big man with size. Mike isnt the coach for LA. we have never had a run and gun coach. Its not gonna work im sorry

          • Josh

            In case you’ve forgotten…

            “In all the years I’ve been with Phil, maybe three defensive drills the entire time. And I’m not understating it at all.”
            -Kobe Bryant, after D’Antoni was hired.

            Apparently, U don’t gotta PREACH DEFENSE. And I’ve heard D’Antoni talk about defense in interviews and timeouts quite a bit.

          • hookedonnews

            D’Antoni said that they spend 75% of practice time working on defense. He’s constantly talking about defense if you listen to his interviews and press conferences. He asked them to bring in Rambis (really wanted Nate McMillan) to coach defense. Have you forgotten about Showtime? Look at the points allowed by those teams. This is an undermanned team with a bunch of guys who for the most part couldn’t make it with other teams. You seem blind to who’s actually out there playing. These are not All-Stars.

          • Chrmngblly

            Why don’t you get off our players a little bit? We usually score enough points to win but we don’t rebound and we don’t play defense and we don’t take care of the ball.

            The last 3 are due to coaching, as you know.

      • 3339

        are you seriously still defending this clown dantoni? come on man. He has turned the Lakers into a joke. He is no leader, no champion, and unworthy of coaching the Lakers.
        Since Jim Buss is to damn stupid to fire him, hopefully when Mitch brings in superstar players that don’t want to play in dantonis bullshit system he will quite like phoenix and new york.
        Leadership is the most important part of coaching. dantoni fails miserably in that department.

        • hookedonnews

          Do you seriously believe any coach could take this team to the playoffs? Have you looked at the roster lately? None of these guys are a starter on any other team except Pau. A lot of them are having career years under D’Antoni, and they play hard under impossible circumstances. I’ve never seen such irrational thinking. Look at the players and tell me the coach is the problem. And all the guys who play on the Olympic team have played under MDA’s system. Stop believing the nonsense about superstar players not wanting to play for D’Antoni. That is bull.

          • 3339

            The fact that Pau Gasol, one of the classiest players in the game and a guy that led us to 2 championship continues to voice his frustration over this guy tells me all I need to know.
            dantoni needs to go.

          • hookedonnews

            Classy guys don’t take their complaints to the media. The fact that Gasol was a part of 2 championship teams doesn’t give him carte blanche to criticize his coach and teammates in the media. I don’t know if you think that’s good for the team, but most people will tell you that it’s not. Take it to the coach or your teammates if you want, but don’t create a distraction by blowing off steam in the press. Do you think he’s trying to get MDA fired? What is he trying to do? If he wants to help the team, this is not the way to do it.

          • 3339

            “classy guys don’t take their complaints to the media” thats exactly my point. dantoni must be running things terribly if a guy like Pau will do this.

          • hookedonnews

            Pau behaves badly, and it’s D’Antoni’s fault? That is not logic. That’s like me saying that I only hit you because you were annoying me. There are other ways to handle things.

          • Harley Knoxx

            Your devil’s advocate approach is strikingly familiar. Playing devil’s advocate for the sake of debating is weak. Explain why Thibodeau’s team is winning? He’s pretty much in the same situation D’Antoni is in. Yet the Bulls manage to win games and beat good teams. I’m sure you know the answer to the question, but will probably choose not to answer due to the fact it will debunk your whole argument.

          • hookedonnews

            Thibodeau’s team has one player out, and they play in the East. They also didn’t bring in 7 new players this season–make that 10. Chicago is basically a defensive team with good defensive players. If you’ll compare the games missed by the key players on their team you will see that there’s no comparison between them & the Lakers. The only thing they have in common is that their best player is injured. I think Tom Thibodeau is an excellent coach, but if he had this team I don’t think there would be a big difference in wins. The Bulls aren’t going to win anything when it comes playoff time. If you’ll recall, at the beginning of the season the team was playing beyond expectations even without Kobe. Then the injuries started, Kobe was re-injured, and it’s been one player after another going down ever since. I know you can see the difference when you have players like Blake (when he was there), Young, Farmar, Nash & Henry on the court and when they’re not. I’m not playing devil’s advocate. I’m simply using logic which most people choose to ignore in these debates. They just repeat the usual cliches about MDA & defense, he’s a horrible coach, etc. and ignore who’s on the roster, the injuries, etc. I try to look at the facts and be objective. Not saying I’m always 100% objective, but there are reasons we are losing games and anyone who believes this is all on the coach is not paying attention.

          • 3339

            Last year he had Kobe, Pau, Dwight Howard etc and turned that into a nightmare. I don’t want to hear a word about getting him better players and that’ll fix everything.
            At the beginning of this season you say we were playing above expectations. WHAT??????? What are you talking about???? We were a very average team which is exactly what people expected. Your love/obsession for dantoni is blinding your judgement. I don’t understand how you can kiss his ass on here all the time when he is making a circus out of our team. Thats why all of us are ticked. We are not hating on this guy for no reason. He can’t do the job and we don’t want to waste Kobe’s final seasons or the potential of bringing in a star just to give your boy dantoni a “fair” chance. enough of this bs. We need a coach.

          • hookedonnews

            Pau missed 33 games and wasn’t healthy in a lot of the games he did play especially in the first half of the season. Howard wasn’t 100% either and wasn’t cooperating. We went to the playoffs last season and might have actually gotten past the first round if Kobe, Nash, Meeks, MWP, and Blake could have played the whole series. Yes, we had Nash, Kobe, Howard, & Gasol, but only one of them (Kobe) was really 100% and he was out by the end of the season. We also had the worst bench in the league.

            As for this season, no one expected the Lakers to do anything because Kobe was out, Nash went out after 6 games & wasn’t healthy in all of them, Gasol was clearly not in game shape & ready to play after his knee procedures, and we had 7 new players most of whom had washed out with their former teams and not lived up to expectations. I know you remember us blowing the Clippers off the floor in that first game. We were rolling along pretty well (not burning up the league, but so much better than anyone thought we would be doing) and were on a winning streak when Kobe came back. There was a period of adjustment and when things appeared to be on track he was re-injured. Then the other injuries started–Blake, Farmar, X, Young, Meeks. People like Jerry West have said what a good job D’Antoni was doing under the circumstances. I don’t think he’s blinded by love for D’Antoni.

            What is it with you people that think you’re kissing someone’s ass because you understand that it matters who’s on the court and who isn’t? I’ve never said MDA is the best coach in the league. I just know that you can’t evaluate a coach when you’ve got a bunch of no-names on the court and a new injury every time you turn around. You’re not going to beat teams that consistently are putting their best players on the floor game in and game out when your stars are all injured and you don’t even have enough players to practice 5 on 5 because of injuries. Kobe wanted D’Antoni in LA, so I don’t think he’s worried about his last seasons being wasted. He’s just worried about getting back on the court.

            You don’t know if D’Antoni can do the job. If he ever has a season with a healthy roster you’ll find out. If he can’t he’ll be fired, and I won’t have a problem with it. You want to think I’ve got some obsession with MDA, but I’m just someone who’s able to be objective unlike fans like you who probably hated him from the moment he arrived because you wanted Phil Jackson. I don’t care who the coach is. I wouldn’t be blaming him for what’s gone on this season because I don’t have unreasonable expectations. It takes more than the Lakers name to win games, and I don’t ever remember a season where the team had injuries like they’ve had the last two seasons.

          • calieagle

            dude leads the team in scoring rebounds and blocks and helped guide the team to 3 straight finals appearances.. he spoke the truth when asked a question.. only mda will ignore his best players on the court and brush them off when off the court

          • hookedonnews

            Gasol has been a great player and has helped win championships. Does that mean that everything he does is right and good for the team? My head spins when I read some of these comments. I would say the same thing if any other player had done this. I expect better from Gasol. You excuse it because you don’t like D’Antoni, not because this is what players ought to be doing.

          • calieagle

            the coach is the problem.. i can take this roster to the playoffs (regardless of injuries)

      • Antzer

        Why should Pau shut up? He deserves to speak up and has earned it. Career years for players is great for the players only n it does not mean anything if the team doesnt win C. As Lakers fan dont we acknowledge proven winners only counts with winning it all not wfc’s. Mda is prob good for some players n franchise but not good enough for Laker land.

  • THOR

    Fire the coach.

  • e3bonz

    The team play looked much better in the second half of tonight’s game. Maybe Pau’s comments had something to do with that.

    • Jim213

      Will go out on a limn given X will be back in a week or two. 5-9 for the month of March but give you props for calling it they went 3-7 in those 10 (results of Minnesota’s game loss has the post) games as I had them doing slightly better tho tried to be more optimistic. But if X is thrown back in the lineup 20+ min. they’ll play somewhat better.

      • kobe24

        Rate this is going I won’t be surprised to see Lakers in top 3 pick or heck even top 2 (if 76ers pick it up a little)

        Still I see some keepers for next season

        • Josh

          Haven’t the 76ers lost like 12 in a row? They’re all in for that 25% shot at the #1 pick.

      • e3bonz

        I think I also said 5-9 for March, but now I’m thinking it will be worse, and I would very much like to be wrong.

  • Dex

    Both MDA and Pau himself should just shut up and make the best of it the rest of the way. Neither one is absolved of ANY blame for this pathetic year. Enough has been said about MDA, but for Pau? This guy is talking a big game saying how the “bigs” should be utilized more against the opposing team and their “bigs”? Give me a break. Pau has been getting owned and shoved around by pretty much EVERY big in the NBA all season long. And it’s not just from the DeAndre Jordans, Blake Griffins, Roy Hibberts of the league, but also by the likes of Nene, Amir Johnson, Markief Morris, Plumlee, Scola, and others.

    • Josh

      Everyone is better than Pau, but among centers, Pau is:

      #5 in points per game
      #7 in rebounds
      #8 in blocks
      #2 in assists

      Only Pau, Dwight, Marcin Gortat, and Joakim Noah are top 10 in each category.

      • Tim

        Yes, but what has those stats done for the Lakers record-wise? And here’s another stat, lakers ate among the worst if not THE worst in allowing pts in the paint. A good chunk of that responsibility lies in the guy in the middle,

        • Daryl Peek

          Basketball is a team sport still. If your best players on the team are injured as much as they’ve been this season for the Lakers the team suffers.

          • LakerNation5

            Mike Dantoni is a sorry coach period point blank. I’ll take Nate McMillan over him any day..

        • Josh

          Pau has nothing to do with giving up fast break points (in the paint) or when the paint is being defended by guys like Robert Sacre. And he can’t defend his guy and the penetrating point guard at the same time. Defense is a team effort, and the team is not good.

          • Michael

            Not all the points they give up in the paint are fastbreaks. A lot of them also comes from the half court set when the PG or the low post player just gets to the rim with ease with nary an ounce of resistance. In many instances when the opponent is making his way to the rim and Pau is there as the last line of defense, his idea of defense is just raising his hands and just taking a few steps to the side, thus opening up the lane some more for the opponent. He wouldn’t jump or throw a body or take a charge.

            I agree it’s a team sport and he can’t guard anyone, but his rotations and defensive presence which has never been his strong-suit has gotten progressively worse ever since Phil smacked him in National TV during that sweep to the Mavs.

            I completely agree with the original poster. At this time of the season, it would best serve MDA and Pau to keep their traps shut since both are highly accountable themselves for this failure of a season.

        • lakersknicks

          record-wise? without Pau the entire season, Lakers might be having a similar (or worse) record with the Utah Jazz

        • Yambao Yan

          wft with your amateur comment………..damn those people who speak to much about the game…….

        • Chris Lilly

          Nah it also lies on the sorry defenders on the wing. He gasol tried to block every shot in the lane he’d foul out in minutes. Marshall, meeks, nash, henry, brooks, and sometimes johnson all cant stay in front of the guy wit the ball

      • Terrell

        I like Pau, but to be honest, a good chunk of those stats are pretty much padded from a hell of a lot of garbage time against a lot of 2nd stringers.

        • Josh

          Pau plays against starters and has had a few games where he didn’t play late because of a blowout loss or the second unit was playing well.

      • Leo

        Pau is still the most professional on this team. Nash just milks the franchise so does Dumbtoni. The ex-Suns should get out of town asap.

        • Josh

          I’ve been defending D’Antoni for almost two seasons now because he’s being blamed for things that simply are not his fault. But I’m completely with your anti-Suns sentiment and have been since each guy was brought in.

  • truth24

    Xavier Henry sucks!!!!!!

    • Josh

      But he sure can dunk. :)

  • Ron Artista

    2-8 looks more realistic considering the way they’re playing.

  • Matt Williams

    D’Antoni’s going to be gone once this season is over. Lakers got money up the ass so they can afford to cut this loser loose.

    • hookedonnews

      Not going to happen. Why is he a loser? Do you honestly think he’s responsible for this record? Who on this team besides Pau could start for any other NBA team? Our best players have been injured for most of the season. No other team has had even close to the number of injuries. Mitch Kupchak has made it clear he’s happy with D’Antoni because he understands the reality that you can’t win games when you don’t have enough healthy players to go 5 on 5 in practice.

      • Matt Williams

        Mitch Kupchak said he was happy with Mike Brown as well, but look how that ended. Kupchak know what it takes to win rings cause he’s won a few of his own. Defense wins championships. That’s not just some fancy saying, that’s the truth. D’Antoni preaches no defense. He says he does but it’s BS, and players who played for him will tell you the same. Plus the excuses he makes for the losses are appalling. He doesn’t strike me as a leader when I see him on TV. He’s not commanding respect from his player like Phil did. Last year was awful and we had healthy players. He’s gotta go.

        • hookedonnews

          Mike Brown was fired because he lost 11 games in a row with a healthy team and because they could see that the Princeton offense he installed was a disaster. They also saw that he was wasting the talents of Steve Nash and wanted someone who could take advantage of his skills. If you have listened to a thing MDA has said since coming to LA you know that he has made defense a priority. He wanted to bring in Nate McMillan to coach the defense, but Indiana offered him more money and a better position so he asked for Rambis to be brought in this year. They had a defensive coach last season–Steve Clifford. MDA says that they spend 75% of practice time on defense. We had healthy players last season? Games missed: Nash 32, Gasol 33, Blake 37, Hill 56. Kobe, Nash, Blake, MWP, and Meeks were all out before the playoff series with SA was over. He has never had a healthy team in LA, and last year they had the worst bench in the league. Players who say he doesn’t preach defense are players from the past. This is not 2004. He doesn’t have the high-powered offense he had in Phoenix. He knows the situation even if a lot of other people still are quoting things he said back then. I think his players respect him and most of them love playing for him. Defense may win championships, but you have to have great defensive players to play great defense. I’m not saying he’s the greatest coach ever, but any fair-minded person should be able to understand that you’re not going to do much when all your best players are injured.

          • Antzer

            DP is this you with a diff screen name? Mda is a fun n great offensive mind and thats something any basketball fan can agree n accept. What we Lakers fan are saying, he aint the coach for Lakers, regardless for injuries or whatevers, he just aint the coach we want at the helm, is that so hard to accept? We are die hard fans who expects miracles n potential championship runs eAch year becUse its our dna, its who Lakers are, so yeah we will bash the coach or any coach who doesnt get it done for any reason … By definition we crazy lakers fan are being who we are. If you dont understand our passion n expectations then you aint a Lakers fan … N its oke but do realize you are posting comments on a website name Lakersnation!!!!! Lol

          • Chrmngblly

            He sounds like DP to me, too. Do you really think so? Hook is sure a butt-kisser, regardless, even though his is half-right on Wednesdays.

          • Matt Williams

            Mike Brown got fired because of a 1-4 start. Preseason doesn’t count, but MDA is running this team to the ground. Injuries after injuries. This never happened with Phil or Mike Brown. This ripping and running is what got Kobe injured. BTW take this into consideration: Carmelo won’t come here because of MDA. Pau and Kaman might leave for another team because they don’t want to work with MDA. Dwight left because he couldn’t work with MDA. Kobe is not playing because he was slaving over the system of who…… MDA. You can be pro MDA all you want but I know what I see.

      • Chrmngblly

        I agree, Hook, one more year, I am afraid.

  • fab

    Phil … The Triangle, Mike… The Tanking :S

  • The Coach

    Mike D’Antoni is hot garbage.Man slimy rat fink schmuck Mike D’Antoni benched Jordan Hill to just under 10 minutes the last 2 games and that is after Hill had some very good games.Wesley Johnson at Power Forward lol can i just trade in my Lakers card until Mike D’Antoni is gone?This team is a one fine mess with this idiot as head coach.Right a wrong by firing Mike D.Just admit it already Jimmy Buss.

  • Miller Time Dave

    Lakers need to fire Mike D’Antoni before the season ends to prove a point.

    • Josh

      What point? That no coach should want to come near this circus show? Because you might get fired in the middle of the season even though your roster is so bad that no other team wants any of the players on your roster?

  • Max

    Lakers outrebounded in 18 straight games,that’s a franchise record.Lakers getting destroyed on the boards and it’s the worst rebounding team in Lakers history.Lakers always prided themselves on rebounding the ball before.For sure it’s time for Mike Dantoni and his last place defense to go.Fire Mike Dantoni NOW.

  • Madsen 35

    What type of coach goes 19-39 coaching the Lakers?Just a bad coach.Fire him.

    • Josh

      Pat Riley and Phil Jackson wouldn’t win any more with this roster. D’Antoni has proven he can win in the regular season with a half-way decent team.

  • Luke

    Calm before the storm.Mike Dantoni will get up and quit like a lil bitch that it is.

  • Luke

    Mike Dantoni is a lil bitch.Just quit already fool.Quit making a retard out of yourself clown clown clown clown.Dantoni is a fraud and he is now exposed under the bright lights of LA.His main guy is now 40 and no more Nash bail outs you’re done son.

  • RB

    Fire D’Antoni now. This guy is the wrong coach for a storied Laker franchise. I would have rather keep Mike Brown even though I didn’t like him either.

  • RB

    No big time free agents will sign with the Lakers as long as Mike D’Antoni is the head coach. NONE!!!!

  • MikeD is a BizNitch

    What has Mike D done for the Lakers? Chased away Dwight. Scared away potential free agents. Pissed off Pau. Leading Lakers to worst season ever. How many injuries under this loser coach? Kobe, Pau, Kaman, Xavier, Blake, Farmar, Nash, Young, Meeks, Hill. Good job coach, keep up the good work. And, yeah, lets go small ball, we dont need kaman, or hill, or heck, even crappy sacre, lets make our biggest guy 6’7 take on Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, and lets keep wondering why we get killed in rebounds and points in the paint. GO AWAY LOSER

  • MikeD is a BizNitch

    Hey coach Mike D…….. FUQ YOU

  • MikeD is a BizNitch

    Pau has every right to speak up. Hope the rest of them do, like the other guys that are pissed off, come on, Kaman, open up your mouth, Hill, open up your mouth, lets talk crap about your wonderful coach through the media, lets help get this idiot out of town. I dont understand how everyone, EVERYONE sees how crappy this guy is, except, jim buss.


    TMZ has video evidence of Mike D’Antoni having anal sex with Jim Buss.

  • $20509373

    They’ll both be gone soon enough.

    • Matt Williams

      Pau has a better chance of resigning with Lakers than Mike D’Antoni does staying.

  • The Little General

    MDA is shit!Lakers will never win a championship with MDA.Fire MDA,hire a champ.

  • Mitch

    I pick Pau Gasol over Mike D’Antoni.You really want a list of reasons why Mike D’Antoni and his staff are getting fired.Wow well he smells bad and he is a moron.D’Antoni is ignorant and a stubborn douche bag.

  • Mitch

    I pick Pau Gasol over Mike D’antoni every single time.any smart man picks Pau.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    This style of basketball – and some of the players we have (Marshall,Kelly,Sacre,Johnson) are complete jokes – We are the Lakers man not a fucking D-League/Draft Bust experiment. When is Jimmy Buss going to open up his fat pockets underneath his fat stomach and pay some God damned money for some real players

    • F-U jimmy

      Jimmy Buss saving the money so he can support his cocaine habit

  • Phil K McLeod

    He know the game, now he needs good player around Him and Kobe knows that. He still has game and he can respond what ever he want to say. I support Paul and his commits. Period. Lets play ball you all. Fan over 52 years. Go Lakers.

  • ClippersNewLATEAM

    you guys blame to much on Dtoni.. its all JIM BUSS FAULT.. DTONI was given a chance and he took it.. wouldn’t you?.. its the stupid dumb fuck of jim buss.

    • TPC

      He was given a chance and he’s done a terrible job with it and made a lot of really stupid coaching decisions.

  • APrince66

    Good to see Pau speaking up, and quit possible taking command of this sinking ship with Kobe on the self.

  • richard

    I have been standing up for MDA since he came here… and with the myriad of injuries, have given him slack… but the last 10 games were we have seen players being healthy and with enough body to play, it’s just staggering that in each of those games we were out rebounded each time. I think we should NOT be out rebounded each time… we have three 7 footers in the line up, we have a rebounding machine in Hill, that is more than enough not to get out rebounded. I can understand if we lost due to weaker offensive players, but at least we should have battled on the boards with the players that we have available.

    • nlruizjr

      Dantoni and Rebounds are an oxy Moron in the same sentence.

    • Robert L. I.

      You can’t rebound if every time on offense the small players launch up 20/25 footers as soon as they get near the key. Your Bigs can’t get set and all the defensive team has to do is react to the ball. D’Antoni’s offense sucks. He’s an average coach who alienates players…stupid Italian bullshit.

      BTW last year MDA called Pau out directly through the media and benched him. Pau is a NBA champion, D’Antoni isn’t. This average coach has shown no respect. Can’t wait to see this ass gone! And the icing on the cake would be to run Jim Buss with him. He’s been running the team like an alcoholic. Buss Must go too!

  • Marty Susman

    Pau should have been traded & honestly the more he plays the closer the Lakers might get to winning a game, that’s “BAD”….

  • hookedonnews

    No one acknowledged that the current system is not working. What they acknowledged was that there were two new players who had not yet learned to play within the system. Period. No reason to prolong this story. This is much ado about nothing.

  • Robert Perez

    Mike D with his Small ball and Mike B with his Princton offense… Can the Lakers please STOP hiring guys named Mike!

  • jones

    they should fire mike di antoni , he’s lame

  • Steve White

    One commenter below is totally correct. No more Mike’s as coach. Instead, he suggests someone who starts with a “P”. I agree, and my suggestion to replace D’Antoni is, hold your surprises, is Pau. Pau is one of the smartest and most thoughtful basketball players, and he’d be a fantastic coach. Next year is rebuilding anyway. It would be great if a miracle occurred, and the Lakers mgmt. could see the future in Pau. Pau should never be allowed to leave the Lakers.