Pau Gasol Hopes for Billboards Around Los Angeles Next Summer Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_69203" align="alignright" width="300"] Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor[/caption] After meeting with five teams, the world is now awaiti [caption id="attachment_69203" align="alignright" width="300"] Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor[/caption] After meeting with five teams, the world is now awaiti Rating:
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Pau Gasol Hopes for Billboards Around Los Angeles Next Summer

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

After meeting with five teams, the world is now awaiting Dwight Howard’s decision. Will he stay with the Lakers or take his talents to Raising Cane’s? We’ll likely find out on Friday, July 5, at the very earliest.

If the Lakers aren’t able to re-sign Howard, the team will likely keep Gasol. However, the team won’t be able to relax next summer as Gasol becomes a free agent and he discussed his current situation in a radio interview with Catalunya Radio.

When asked about how his future will be affected if Dwight Howard re-signs, Gasol doesn’t believe the Lakers will automatically trade or amnesty him, but acknowledged that those chances would increase:

“I don’t think that Howard re-signing with the Lakers puts me out of the team for sure, but I guess the chances would grow. I know the Lakers are pushing hard trying to keep Howard with a spectacular campaign in Los Angeles, putting banners in key spots.”

While discussing the #STAYD12 banners around Los Angeles, Gasol decided to comment on his upcoming free agency and jokingly hopes that he receives the same treatment as Howard:

“I hope they (Lakers) do the same for me next season when I become a free agent…I doubt it.”

It’s unfortunate how Gasol’s future with the Lakers depends on Dwight Howard especially for all he has done for Los Angeles. After Phil Jackson retired, both Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni have failed to utilize him correctly by having him operate from the elbow. Gasol has tried his best to adjust to his ever-changing roles and has been unfairly criticized in the process.

Gasol has definitely lost his athleticism since those back-to-back championships, but is still effective in the post when given the opportunity.

If Howard decides to leave, Gasol thrived at the center position this past season and there should be optimism that he can return to his All-Star caliber self after undergoing a FAST technique procedure for his knee tendinitis. He obviously doesn’t defend the paint as well as Howard, so it’ll be up to Lakers management to find some athletic players to cover for Gasol’s deficiencies.

Gasol averaged 13.7 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 4.1 assists this past season despite all the injuries and role changes.


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  • CAS

    Pau, if you were 27 years old Im sure you would great red carpet treatment as well… besides 19M wasnt good enough?

    • Doug Morgan

      No, it’s not enough. It’s not about money, it’s about actually showing him some respect by utilizing his talents correctly! He seems like much less of a player than he did in 08-10 because he hardly even plays the same position. I think it’s pretty obvious to many people, including Gasol, that he’s better off playing a post-up 5 but management/coaching is completely undermining him and disrespecting him by not letting him do so.

      • CharlieMurphy!


      • Josh

        Respect? What, did the Lakers not compensate him very well? He’s still hurt over that vetoed CP3 deal? Which is a deal that ANY NBA GM in Kupchak’s shoes would do in a heartbeat? What is his version of respect? Getting a 3 yr 36 million deal after this coming season from the Lakers? If the Lakers do that, they would be stupid. Tying up that kind of money to an aging player who is already showing signs of breaking down instead of moving on and getting much younger and athletic.

        • Paytc


          I do agree with you.
          As a player you can only control the actions of yourself.
          That said, Pau Gasol has done more for the Lakers than Dwight Howard.
          Unfortunately Doug, not many players can control a coach’s system or philosophy.Gasol and Howard etc… have to find a way to be effective and contribute max effort consistently under D’Antoni ,or whoever the coach is.
          Many Laker fans would prefer another coach, but until we get one you have to step up as players, and get the job done regardless.

          As I stated above….

          Pau, if you play well, especially in a contract coming year, you will be highly appreciated and compensated.I hope to see you giving the type of effort you did once the Lakers were facing elimination.Give that effort all year and watch how high your stock rise.

        • Doug Morgan

          I don’t think you really read my comment…. “respect” in this case would be about actually playing to HIS strengths (which he still very much has) so that he can thrive on the court and be WORTH that huge paycheck.

  • Paytc


    I think it will be your playing that dictates what the campaign will be.

    Last year, it appeared to me you were too concerned with the media trade rumors of your possible departure, than giving it max effort night after night.I could be incorrect ,and it may have been your health… or a combination of both?You played great after we were backed up facing elimination?Obviously every team needs a good mix of youth and experience to win a championship.The Lakers and Celtics have set the standard with regards to championship or bust.That said, we want to win it all now and later.If you stay on the same page with Kobe,who rarely takes a play or a night off,you’ll have nothing to worry about.

  • kray28

    Three straight trips to the Finals and two b2b championships later, Pau wonders if he’ll ever get a billboard from the Lakers begging him to stay.

    Just a little perspective for the ingrate Laker fans out there that can’t appreciate the Spaniard.

  • Twyce (CGF)

    fuck D12, hes a bum with a lot of learning and adjusting to do to better his game, IF he leaves I think the Lakers will be better off without him…..

  • jwickabdurrahim

    Move pau to center and sign al Jefferson to play power forward.

  • SOverstreet

    He deserves it! Pau is the man and a big contributor to the franchise!

  • #GoBigOrGoToHouston

    I really want for Pau to retire a Laker but it just wont be possible. I respect the man as a player but more importantly as a a person. His age is a big factor as the Lakers are aiming to get younger in the coming seasons. Plus the money he is owed is too much. If Pau is willing to take less money when he becomes a free agent then I welcome him to stay. But then again, its all about money. Stay classy Pau.

  • mirmirmir

    Pau deserves more.. he had 2 triple doubles at the end of the regular season that made their way to the playoffs only to be swept by the spurs.. No wonder that his stats will drop cause he’s coming off the bench..

  • Stevenz

    Pau lost a lot of respect when he got dunk on by Blake Griffin, he gave him 2 facials. lol

  • Richard

    I do believe that Pau Gasol will be a different player this season than last year. He will be 100% healthy which wasn’t the case last season. And he is rested which is a huge thing for older players. And the third reason is that, Pau is in a contract year.

    I don’t mind Howard leaving, but if he stays, good. if not, Pau will take the center position which he held with flying colors in the 2 championship years.

  • Michael Ho

    Gasol is classy much better than Coward a freaking clown.

  • CWill

    Hey Laker fans… stay in a state of denial! You need to trade Colby, Nash , and Gasol and start over! The West belongs to H-town, G.S., and OKC…

    • Joel soto

      Just wait to you see those two rings on KB24 fingers boi!!


    Buss made this mess! How a champ Gasol is less important than the crap D12

  • Jim213

    Somebody put a trade Pau sign up there… yes 2 rings with Phil, however these last 2 he hasn’t earned his pay and can’t even rise to be the 2nd best player on the team. 3 team trade please… Yet he would like a billboard?!

  • Joel soto

    Pau: I’m a big Laker fan and just like any other real fan I get frustrated at times. However, over all the Lakers and the city of L.A. Is lucky to have you on the team. The 2 championships would not be there without you. You deserve the whole billboard and an all out parade! I hope you re-sign with the lakers. Just Like KB24 you deserve to retire a Laker the right way. Which is winning 2 more championships!!!!!!!

    ~Joel S.

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