Pau Gasol Expresses Frustrations With Mike D’Antoni’s Coaching Style Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_88156" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] Pau Gasol isn't having a great season by any means. [caption id="attachment_88156" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] Pau Gasol isn't having a great season by any means. Rating: 0
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Pau Gasol Expresses Frustrations With Mike D’Antoni’s Coaching Style

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Pau Gasol isn’t having a great season by any means. He’s had a couple of peaks this season, but he has struggled for the most part, and is putting some of the blame on head coach Mike D’Antoni, according to Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times.

“The fact that I’m not getting the ball in the post affects directly my aggressiveness,” he said. “When I’m not getting the ball where I want to, where I’m most effective, where I can bang guys and utilize my skill, that affects my aggressiveness and overall intensity….

“This year hasn’t been ideal, certain things are not ideal for me, but that’s not going to change any time soon,” he said.

Gasol is right about one thing, he hasn’t been getting many touches in the painted area as he’s only shooting a mere 48.9 percent of his shots from zero-to-nine feet, the lowest percentage during his tenure as a member of the Lakers. And when he is getting touches in post-up situations, he hasn’t fared well.

“I can’t lie to him… Our numbers tell us the worst thing we do is post up,” [D'Antoni] said.

D’Antoni has a point. In 132 post up situations for Gasol this season, he’s only making 35 percent of his shot attempts, which is less than the 41 percent he’s making on spot up jump shots. Gasol has been the best, however, when cutting to the basket and in P&R sets, the only two situations where he’s averaging more than one point per possession outside scoring off offensive rebounds.

(Click on chart to enlarge)

Gasol is ostensibly irritated with D’Antoni, and it’s not the first time. Last season, D’Antoni had Gasol come off the bench for the first time in his career, and sat him down the stretch of a couple of key games which, forced Gasol to express some frustrations. Gasol was asked about D’Antoni’s criticisms, and he responded with:

“I don’t pay attention. Mike is sometimes all over the place, I don’t give much credit to things like that,” he said.

When asked if D’Antoni has ever discussed this criticism with him directly, for the first time in the interview, Gasol sounded irked.

“Nope, zero. Nope, zero,” he said. “Like I said, it’s not ideal, but it is what it is.”

There is a clear disconnect between Gasol and D’Antoni and it begins with the style of play Gasol wants and the style that D’Antoni is offering. At some point, something is going to have to give between these two, and much like last season, it could be Gasol who gets the short end of the stick.

(Statistical support for this post was provided by mySynergy Sports)

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  • LakeShow

    How about our frustration watching you being soft every night? Clearly Pau wants out of LA.

    Memphis is looking to trade Z.Bo. I think Lakers should trade Pau for him and get 2014 first round pick from Memphis. 2 young players can help Lakers build the franchise for the future.

    • BM

      I thought the same thing buuut…. Z.Bo is too slow for D’antonis system he wouldnt work.. he is a good player ofcourse but like Gasol even good players need a system that works for them to maximize their skills

      • roseducanna

        Coach M.D said he is not have a system.One thing fire him and hire coach SLOAN.

        • Jim213

          Don’t expect many of the 2nd unit players to stick around.

    • Thomas Dease


  • Daryl Peek

    Here we go again?!? Why Pau why?

    Everyone knows I’m a Gasol fan and have defended him in the past. I’ve been very critical of him this season but I’ll never completely throw him under the bus.

    All that said, he’s still not getting it done and this is not looking good. A trade is in order (sigh) The beef between he and D’Antoni and his system is not going away. The FO seems vested in MDA so Pau likely has gotta go…

    • nlruizjr

      you have to ask yourself, why hasn’t MD won a title, is it the players or is it the coach, I tend to lean toward the coach (Gasol has 2 rings and MD zero). now the problem is why is it that the FO can’t figure it out, they didn’t have a problem letting M. Brown go and at least M. Brown is a defensive coach.

      • Daryl Peek

        I have to ask you how many HC that are considered good have not won a NBA title?

        That argument is so lame man.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Pau Gasol is on the trade block according to Sporting News.No takers yet.

    • Daryl Peek

      Expect chatter to heat up next week.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        I am sick and tired of all the complaints,Pau please man up sir.:-)

        • Daryl Peek

          Here, here! I’m just really frustrated because this coupled with all the injuries is Deja Vu smh

          • LakersHeatBeef

            I was actually stupid enough to think it was mostly the fault of Dwight Howard and on and on i blamed Dwight Howard for bad morale and bad team chemistry.

            I thought once the problem child Dwight Howard left the Lakers team would be problem free with no drama.Dwight Howard was not the problem,me thinking Lakers would be better off without him was very stupid IMO.Sorry state off affairs currently.

            No matter what the record is,i just don’t like high paid athletes complaining about things they control tbh.

            Pau is getting bullied out of the paint,that’s just my keen observation thus far tbh.I am a big Pau Gasol fan but that was years back,nowadays it unbearable tbh.

            But MDA has bent over backwards for Pau and yet he gets thrown under the bus when the team loses 3 straight home games SMH!Be a pro Pau collect you’re money and just play you’re best and whatever you decide in the off season then god bless you and may the best of luck be with you.But for now hush up please,we got 61 more game on the schedule.

          • Daryl Peek

            Oh don’t get it twisted, D12 was a problem. I’m one who thinks he would’ve fit perfectly in the D’Antoni system. Imaging his production on the team this year? We’d be in the top three in the west IMO.

            Howard was a problem due to his stance on playing with Kobe.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Pau is becoming a big problem in a different way.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Agreed Dwight was a big problem as well.But he is gone to a different state and yet we are still out of the playoffs currently and MDA is getting thrown under the bus by yet another player.SMH at the drama going on,it stinks for innocent hard working paying fans like myself and others.:-(

          • Daryl Peek

            Be encouraged. You are a fan of the greatest organization in all of sports! Everyone goes through tough times. No team is immune to the cycle of losing after years of winning.

            Jimmy, Jeanie and Mitch were groomed by two of the best in the biz when it comes to a steady hand under pressure. I’m sure some of Dr. Buss and West rubbed off on them. They are not them so they will need to find their niche. This will be a moment to laugh at going forward when the ship gets back on course, and I have no doubt it will.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            This is true.

          • Zimmeredge

            I love Pau, but with what he said (Memphis, mourning about his touches) i can’t blame D’antoni… D’antoni’s right. He’s always whinning, mourning or complaining.

          • Al Haldie

            when we knew KOBE was comeing back everone said the team will have to play KOBE STYLE now PAU said he need the touches close to the rim–but i dont see the same suppert,are u LAKERS FANS or do u just jump onto the bus and ride along—GET OFF HIS BACK-what will be will be… long time lakers fan …

          • Daryl Peek

            I’m not gonna support Pau on this because he chooses not to take low post opportunities. If Hill and Kaman can get it in down there why can’t Pau?

            Kobe does Kobe, he also made concessions within the framework of the system. For example; both Kobe and Shaq didn’t always follow the triangle script. They did them while working the system. This is all everyone, MDA included is asking of Pau. The Ball was clearly put in his court when Howard chose to leave. Any failure Pau has is on him.

          • Zimmeredge

            cut the crap for one second, Gasol gets his touches in the low post yet he is not effective. it’s his problem. 40%? why should the lakers give him the ball inside if he’s not decently effective? he is disrupting the offense and he is not helping his teammates. we do not ask him something unrealistic. We ask 50-52% he doesn’t deliver period. he’s not in the best shape for sure and he knows it but telling the media that he do not agree with coach while everybody’s -except him- trying their best to make that team a winning team. he’s a liability defensively. average guy did their best career performance against him.

          • Al Haldie

            Ahhhhhh–this kind of talk could make a man through UP..

          • LakersHeatBeef

            What’s up???Got a problem son???Take it up with me???

  • Zimmeredge

    after all the hubbub he made one or dwo days ago about his possible comeback to memphis, with what he’s saying right now. there’s a big move coming Zbow for Gasol?
    The problem, Pau is that numbers don’t lie. You have your post opportunity but you’re simply demotivated, you lack the will to make the extra effort. you don’t use your head and you already don’t have the body to fight inside the paint against players 10 years younger than you. that’s the problem you’re not your moves as you should. you always try that turnaround fadeway. on D you lack athleticism, energy and motivation so basically the most important thing. the only thing that you’re able to bring is your rebound numbers.

    Fact is that BOTH offense AND defense start at the rim… and you’re simply not good enough.

  • Scott

    It’s obvious who the problem is here. Ever since MDA was hired, the record has sucked, the players don’t like/talk to him, there’s no defense and post game, all we do is shoot 3′s and what’s that amount to? The 7th or 8th seed in the the playoffs at best?! The M stands for mediocrity and the DA stands for Dumb Ass.

    • Daryl Peek

      You just went left IMO. What players besides Pau don’t like to talk to MDA? See this is what i get confused about with many Lakers fans, the quick trigger flip flop?

      Just last week most were singing the praises of MDA in the midst of a 6-2 run, citing the great team chemistry he was building with the young guns. Tough minded, never give up, heart, ETC… was the words flowing.

      Kobe comes back, the team loses a couple of games and all the good will is lost?!? We’ve got to be more convicted as Laker fans! Is MDA the greatest HC out there? No but he’s the guy the FO chose. The teams record was not gang buster (Kobe voice) under Mike Brown or Phil Jackson his last season. Big picture context folks.

      It was inevitable the team needed to move on from the triangle. MDA has no rings but is a good HC to condition these young players the FO was forced to bring in due to luxury tax ring chasing from the past.

      • nlruizjr

        Now whose fault is that , that the FO chose to build with older FA and let the team get older right under their own eyes and now that it’s coming to bite them in the ass and they have to rebuild (sort of) with what is left over as far as talent is concerned but if they were going to do that, why compound the situation with a coach that has never won a title in his life and when asked a question on game interviews, just shrugs his shoulders about how he plans on improving this team, well it’s just make another adjustment to the starting line up, this guy is a complete joke, let alone our head coach. If the FO has any clue that they at least need a head coach that has a plan about how to get the best out of these players, Please FO, B.Scott is available NOW, have some ba##s, get rid of MD, just like you got rid of M. Brown, face it the older stars have had their time in the sun and it’s time to find new talent that has youth and athleticism to compete with the OKC, etc. this loss was just a pathetic example that the Lakers are lacking and these older stars are the reason (especially when the bench is out scoring them in practically every game) that the Lakers need an overhaul, NOW, including the coaching staff !!!!

  • Andrew

    Pau certainly isn’t playing the way we’re used to, and I understand that he’s getting up in age, but I think there’s blame enough to go both ways. Clearly Pau doesn’t have his head in the game, but D’Antoni’s coaching has been absolutely subpar in the time we’ve had him. He has angered the fanbase, the regular players, and especially the stars, namely Pau, Kobe, and Howard. I thought Howard showed little motivation and effort, but I also feel like D’Antoni has completely abandoned our teams strengths in favor of his run and gun system, which clearly doesn’t work on an aging roster like ours. I have always loved Pau as a Lakers fan, but if they trade him for Z-Bo I can live with that. But this team will go nowhere with the current coach, no matter who the players are.

    • Al Haldie

      Where did Z-BO come into all this who was the dumb a– . to think that one up–, the griz. would never trade the numbe one player on their team..

      • Zimmeredge

        oooh i’m sure the grizz will listen to us. They don’t wanna pay Zbo 19m$ per year for the next two seasons. Gasol’s contract expire this summer. he will take a pay cut and they will be in a position to play with the best paint duo in the world: the gasol’s brothers.
        us? we will get a great player. one of the best big man in the nba right now. it’s a win-win situation for us.
        we can try to get a deal with NYK to.

  • Gregory Choa

    I’m a little surprised by Pau’s stance, “The fact that I’m not getting the ball in the post affects directly my aggressiveness,” As far as I can tell, the post is clear for Pau to post up…he’s just posting up too far away from the basket and having trouble getting closer. MDA has pointed this out before. I’m also surprised that Pau and D’Antoni haven’t actually talked to each other about what’s going on.

    • Daryl Peek

      Sad state of affairs for our Lakers. With all that Pau has been through as a Laker (traded, on the trading block constantly) it’s high time to separate IMO.

      • Marco Flores

        yes lets trade our best assets and keep the run and gun offense w/ our aging superstar after he just came back from a devastating achilles tear …

        • Daryl Peek

          YES, absolutely, lets do that! Kobe will not like to see Pau go but did you hear him complaining about the potential CP3 deal prior to the trade nix? Did you hear Kobe complaining about the Brown hire or the D’Antoni hire?

          Kobe supports whatever the FO does, comes to work and mans up! Gasol use to be that guy but is no more. I love Pau but nothing last forever, his days as a Laker are numbered, they’ve been so for the last few years… again see the CP3 trade.

          • Marco Flores

            what trade ??? What is KB supposed to say yeah i am glad the trade didnt happen ??? So you want to see and aging KB in a track meet for two more years … that makes a lot of sense ..

          • Daryl Peek

            Kobe will be fine playing for D’Antoni or whoever. This is where Pau needs to get right. Really man, you need to stop it with the system hate. Kobe is not tripping off the system.

          • Zimmeredge

            we have to agree on this one…. i think d’antoni’s offense is a better fit for kobe at this time in his career. run n gun will give him the ability to run the floor. everybody can run. and it wil allow him to get more easy buckets.
            i think with his lack of explosivness, reaction and acceleration it will be much harder for him to get through any great half court defense.

  • Marco Flores

    Wake up ppl!! Pau Gasol is not an enforcer … He will not be the defensive stopper in the paint … He will not out muscle anyone anytime soon … When healthy he can be arguably the best low post player in the league … given he actually gets the ball in the post frequently and not sporadically … So

    • Marco Flores

      all this gripe about him being soft is ridiculous he is a finesse player… Take a step back and look at the big picture … Laker fans are dissatisfied with Pau …. and yet have totally excepted D’Antoni as most ppl blame Pau and not D’Antoni … He drove KB to the ground and now the Lakers have invested $48 M in our superstar to participate in a track meet offense that is all D’Antoni at age4s 36-37 yrs old ??? Really ??? Run and Gun w/ KB after and Achilles tear ??? its like everyone took stupid pills … yes lets run the legs off our aging superstar and while we are at it lets not post up our best post player …. beyond comprehensible !!!! Get Rid of MD run and gun doesnt suit this team with older veterans that will have more success running a high low post half court set … ie the Triangle …

      • Daryl Peek

        Agreed on the Gasoft part but Pau is a professional and he needs to be that in playing for different head coaches. Pau seems to be jaded from his triangle experience?

        Lets just take a look at players like D-Fish. Fish is what’s considered a triangle PG. He’s no longer in the triangle and did OK for himself in OKC. Farmar was not a triangle Pg but found a way to thrive in it. Same with Metta, Ariza, ETC…

        Again, Pau is a ten plus year NBA vet and fully knows nothing last forever in this league. You have to be flexible as a player in this league because coaches and scheme’s often change more than guaranteed contract players.

        Pau needs to man up on his end.

        • Marco Flores

          he is not going to get any rhythm when they post him up sporadically 10 ft out … and your right he is a professional that is why he was averaging 18 and 10 prior to his sprained ankle vs the Wizards … he was doing what he could w/ an offense that primarily depends on jacking up 3′s …. he had a minor setback w/ the ankle … and all hell breaks lose when he has some bad games … no one was complaining about him when they went 6-2

          • Daryl Peek

            “no one was complaining about him when they went 6-2″ Really man?!?

            Plenty of people were! Pau has been shooting a horrible percentage from the field all season and the D’Antoni system is not the problem. Pau is not fighting for post position and often chooses to pop (I.E. stand still) when running the high screen PNR. This is all on him! Kaman and Hill seem to have no problem getting their low post shots off. Why can’t Pau?!?

            Stop making excuses for Pau via your disdain for MDA. Pau had the same problems under Mike Brown and in the Playoffs last Phil was the HC. This is not a new condition MDA created with his system. Again, Pau just needs to MAN UP.

          • Marco Flores

            under Brown and PJ i think all the Lakers should have man up … not just Pau … Hill yeah what happened to Hill ? went from 25 to mr i am not here anymore … Kaman ? where is Kaman ??? MIA … I think averaging 18 and 10 while going 6-2 is as good as it is going to get w/ an run and gun offense w/ a bad shooting FG% … So your saying Pau should dictate the offense and scream for the ball like Bymum to Sasha ?? lol come on man lets be real … Pau is lost in this offense and still can get 14 -19 w/ a bad wheel … yet everyone is crying cuz why again … he is not getting what 19 and 10 if he does … they will complain he is not getting 25pts and 10 if he does that then they will complain he didnt play good defense …. sh!t if i had a dime for every time KB had a poor shooting percentage and didnt play any defense …. my point is Pau is made out to be the scapegoat for all of the Lakers problems

          • Daryl Peek

            His poor shooting percentage is a huge problem. A player like Pau should not be shooting 41% from the field. Again Hill and Kaman get theirs down low. why can’t Pau?!? Please stop deflecting. Pau chooses to shoot all them jumpers and Pau lets smaller players push him off the low post. The numbers are there in the boxscore but they are never impactful as the eye test clearly shows, and his numbers were not as good as you rep. Pau had been slowly regressing on he boards all season. He started off at almost 12 a game and is now barley above 9 per game.

            Pau has an average of 13/7 shooting 35% from the field over the last 5 games. Not what you state and NOT ACCEPTABLE period.

          • Zimmeredge

            Kobe can shoot 40 no problem about that. Pau can’t shoot less than 50. that’s mathematics. if your inside guy is not effective the rest of the team won’t be effective as well.
            talking about going to the post? let’s check his match ups’ numbers… Davis, Love, Okafor, Gortat, Bosh, Monroe, Drummond, Cousins they will eat him raw all season long… those guys are attacking him and when Gasol got the ball well… those guys are busy talking care of Hill…

  • Chris Lilly

    fuck mike d’antoni. Get rid of this chump. Like asap!

    • Marco Flores

      Nah lets make Pau the scapegoat and keep the run and gun offense with our aging superstar … forget extending his career and getting the ROI for the $48M contract … lets rung his legs off with MDA and not post the ball up…

      • Zimmeredge

        aging superstar? Pau Gasol is 33-34yo. Nash won’t play until it’s christmas in july… Aging superstar… this roster is super young…
        Kobe can run.

        • Marco Flores

          he ran till he achilles tore .. i guess you enjoyed that part …. running KB at this point in hi career is beyond stupid especially after a $48M investment … and again those young guys are not going to win you anything … probably wont get to playoffs … so to run and gun w/ a mish mash group of guys jacking up threes seems like a great way to rebuild w/ a coach that has no clue what to do defensively …. then by all means enjoy your season and your coach … but for me … i would fire him and use talent we have to their maximum and preserve KB legs …

          • Zimmeredge

            are you sure that you know the meaning of running in offense?

  • Tyrone

    B-Freaking-S. Many times, Pau IS getting the ball within 5-6 ft of the basket and he either has deer in headlights and passes it back out, tries to back down his opponent but ends up getting bodied and pushed further and further away, and the times he does manage to get close for a shot, gets it stuffed right back down his throat by a much smaller defender. Of course, the Pau defenders doesn’t see it. I’ve been critical of Kobe myself, but I’m amazed at how Pau gets a pass from MANY fans. I get he’s a great humanitarian and all, but lets call it as we see it on the court.
    Just how coddled is this guy? People take every opportunity they get to raise how Kobe “checked out/tanked” that Game 7 in Phoenix and that Kings regular season game a couple years before. But does anybody hear any mention of Pau blatantly tanking an ENTIRE playoff series to the Mavs in Phil’s final season? Phil is as stoic as it is whether he’s winning or getting blown out, and I’ve never seen him that irate at a player ever, with cameras catching him smacking pau in the chest and right at his ear cursing him out as he heads to the bench at a timeout call.
    The past few years, Pau has been going on and on whenever in front of reporters about how he’s more comfortable at the post, how he needs touches there, and all that. Even during the recent title-run, whenver Kobe would go on his consecutive 30-40pt streaks, Pau would take veiled/subtle shots saying how while it’s great and all, it’s much better if the offense is run first inside (ie..to HIM). When Dwight left, he even assured he’ll be the presence the team needs in the post and all will be fine. Even some sports sites/analysts, and even fans actually claimed that with Dwight gone, Pau will be back to his dominant self. They were obviously not watching that past 3 years starting from that Mavs series, when he just completely lost it. Everything Pau asked for he got the first 20 games of the season and he couldn’t cash it in. They don’t even need him to score 20pts.They now have a solid bench with mulitple guys who can drop double figures. They need him to play halfway decent defense at the most and it seems all he cares for is scoring. The Lakers went 10-9 ( winning 6 of the last 8 and 3 straight on the road) MAINLY because of the young guys running Dantoni’s offense. If they ran the slow dump it in down low to Pau offense, they’d be lucky to get 5 wins. You only run that offense if you have a prime Shaq, prime Tim Duncan, and even a Prime Pau Gasol. At some point, it can’t be Dantoni’s fault anymore and plenty should also fall on the player, and we are well past that point with Pau.

    • Michael

      I’d buy you a drink If I knew who you were. You just summed up my thoughts perfectly. Pau is more concerned about his scoring avg when what they really need out of him is some halfway decent defense. Scoring isn’t the Lakers problem. Even if Pau doesn’t get his 20pts, the Lakers make up for it for they got plenty of guys now who can drop double digits at any given time.

  • James

    “When I’m not getting the ball where I want to, where I’m most effective, where I can bang guys and utilize my skill…”
    –Where he can “bang” guys?!? Thanks for the laugh Pau, best I had in a while. This guy serious? He’s the one who’s getting violated down low by the Amir Johnsons, Nenes, Markeef Morriss’ of the league

    • Daryl Peek

      Your going hard on Pau but I can’t dispute much of what you’re saying. Pau is making excuses for lack of effort or injury, and if it’s injury he needs to sit out til healthy enough to man up.


        No Injury… The guy is just an excuse waiting to happen… It’s glaringly obvious how the guy tends to look around, so as to lay blame on someone else, as soon as someone blows by him or punks on him.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Pau Gasol El Matador on defense.He is a Matador from Spain lol hahahaha.

  • roseducanna

    LAKERS will lose next 4 games.

  • Jim213

    From what it sounds like it’s almost an excuse to not hustle on both sides of the court. Probably doesn’t get the ball at the appropriate time given he’s prone to TO’s as both Blake and Pau avg close to double the TO rate than the rest of the team.

    Don’t know what else to say given his problems with hitting open jumpers it’s noy like he’s a force to be reckoned with inside. Even Kobe has managed to nag similar #s when it comes to rebounds thus far.

  • itskayemiranda

    I love Pau Gasol. I’ve defended him in the past 2-3 years because I really believe in his talents. I didn’t even want CP3 unless we get to keep Pau. It’s so easy to call out MDA and his coaching style but really, the other players have adapted to his style and are producing. The problem, I think, is that Pau refuses to work harder and really learn the style. That plus his injuries. I hate to say this but I think a trade is imminent and would be beneficial. I still love Pau though. :(

    • Zimmeredge

      n#16 up high in staples center in a decade.
      he won’t be the first and he won’t be the last to go away via trade.

  • Sylvia Ross

    d’antoni, knew the style of play he was dealing with when he took the job. He should be the one to adjust not PAU! We need another COACH.

    • Zimmeredge

      14 guys are telling the press “the coach’s system allows us to thrive” then you have one guy, mourning alone… look at the stat sheet for one second. it’s not since MDA it’s maybe since Brown was hired.

      • lakers72

        Agree…. if its not MDA …. somebody else is gonna say jim buss or kobe lol

        • Zimmeredge

          or worst… it could be Lebron’s fault!!!

  • lakers72

    Lame… gasol talks about not getting enough touches in the paint like he’s been dominating every chance he gets it in there… his lack of defense against opponents pfs and centers overshadows his complaints …. and please .. your agressiveness is directly affected by less touches? How about being punked inside out ? Doesnt spark any flames to your agressiveness ?Just look at the first game kobe came back … even jumping for a rebound it looked like he was more engaged in the game then gasol….

  • Marty Susman

    BOTH these guys need to go, Gasol for draft picks unless we can ship him to the Pistons for Monroe or for Love & Mike needs to go play golf & let Kurt take over until we sign Byron to head coach with Fish as an asst. 2015 is a year when the “super studs” will be available. Maybe we can get lucky & players like Westbrook, Love, K. Thompson will want to come home, maybe if we can get Monroe in the middle & H. Barnes on the small wing we can win it all again…

  • Richard

    “I’m not taking sides but both Coach and Pau make a point. Players should be more effective in getting him the ball at the right time and right place (inside) to make him a more effective scorer and Pau needs to be quicker and active defending the basket. Overall the Lakers need to do what they need to do to play a more effective and coordinated game on the defensive end. This should help them pick it up on the offensive end and win more game. Injuries have hurt and disrupted their team play. Pick it up”

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