Pau Gasol Addresses Lakers Selfishness, Seals Trade Fate? Reviewed by Momizat on . After the Lakers embarrassing loss to the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night the questions surrounding the Lakers are growing increasingly numerous. One of t After the Lakers embarrassing loss to the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night the questions surrounding the Lakers are growing increasingly numerous. One of t Rating:
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Pau Gasol Addresses Lakers Selfishness, Seals Trade Fate?

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After the Lakers embarrassing loss to the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night the questions surrounding the Lakers are growing increasingly numerous.

One of the big issues in Washington was the shot selection of Kobe Bryant, and the fact that he missed more shots (22) than big men Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum combined to take (19). This prompted Lakers head coach Mike Brown to question Bryant’s shot selection, and now has Pau Gasol seemingly unhappy as well.

According to Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie blog, Gasol had some choice words concerning the Lakers lack of teamwork.

During an interview with a Spanish radio station on Thursday, Gasol spoke about the Lakers selfish attitude on the court. (As Dwyer points out, the following quote was placed through an internet translator.)

“(There is) lack of concentration, overconfidence and a certain level of selfishness, in general. I’m not a person or a selfish player, but we have to move the ball more, and we have to look further the team game, because we have enough talent to use different players.”*

If indeed the translation is correct, this is a troublesome sign for the Lakers. Even though Gasol doesn’t say any names directly, there’s only one possible player he could be referring to. There’s no doubt Bryant’s shot selection deserves to be scrutinized after a 9-31 shooting night.

The implications of Gasol’s comments could go far beyond a minor fissure in team chemistry. With the team already shopping Gasol around the league, this isn’t going to help convince the front office to keep him around.

The growing dysfunction that is the Los Angeles Lakers continues to unravel before our eyes. When the team’s most professional and level-headed player begins making comments such as these, big-time trouble is brewing.

*NBA Maniacs

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  • AL

    Live by Kobe, die by Kobe.

  • Gentega

    The Lakers are playing up to their level of talent. They have three bigs and zero guards If they spread the ball around and concentrate more they might make it to the second round of the playoffs and as Kobe said last year, that’s a wasted year for the Lakers.

  • A11

    STUPID SITES LIKE THIS PERPETUATE THE PROBLEM!! When you post this 50 times on twitter it’s like your hoping there is conflict within the team.  You guys need to stfu and just let this team figure it out on its own.

  • purp&yellow

    kobe needs to trust his team mates towards the end of the game 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=725044796 Frank Williams

    I have checked out both games in this two game losing skid, losing to The Pistons and The Wizards, it looks like the problem lies with the Defense allowing those teams to come from behind and overtake for the win.  Regardless of the lack of scoring from the bench, Defense is what the Laker’s bench need to focus on, once that’s done, the Offense will show it’s self.  When you win it cover’s all deficiencies the teams has and when you lose, those deficiencies are magnified.  I still feel the Lakers need to answer the Point Guard issue, which is top priority.  Let’s Go Lakers Let’s Go!!!

  • Justin Hymes

    Man I think Pau is right. You got him and Bynum down low and I think they could be used more. I rides with Kobe but we need better team ball. Now as far as the trade goes I would let some of our BS players go. Pull the trigger get Beasley f*** that first round pick it ain’t like they gone be in a position to get the best player out of the draft anyways. And if ugonna deal gasol I kinda like that Houston trade better

  • Acreole1nsh

    I Love the Lakers and I LOVE LOVE Kobe, but Coach and Gasol has a point. Bad shot selections, turnovers, no rebounding, players not able to catch the ball when thrown a pass. BUT, you CAN NOT put All the blame on Kobe..They all need to clean up their acts.. Use YOUR BIG MEN ALL THE TIME. You have what other teams WANT, 2 big men, THE BEST PLAYER in the NBA, come on now DO IT TOGETHER. 

  • Marc

    Kobe Bean …..I love man but you need to pass the damm ball…….thats selfish dude…..i see you need a coach like Phil Jackson because we know you would not have pulled that_hit if he was the coach …Kobe you have no respect for coach brown at all… I understand because i dont respect him so kobe before you shot 30 shots again please fire coach brown so thing can go back to normal…….


    Pau is a talking head… Doesn’t even consider the FACT he is possibly the softest player in history to ever play in the NBA… The guy is weak to the core… Can be moved out of position by anybody’s grandmother… When a shot goes up, he morphs into a sheep among wolves… His time with the Lakers is past the expiration date.

  • http://coachdesignz.wordpress.com/ coachD

    This is a positive sign for the Lakers. Coach Brown & Pau talked about the problem(s) they see from day to day. Metta did, Kobe did, Fish and the rest of the team had players only locker room meeting. One thing on my mind, it’s the team coming together as one, not the other way around.
    Hopefully this will result to more wins rather than really self-destruct the team and kiss the ring goodbye. 
    I’m calling for the Lakers fans to stay together, for WE STILL BELIEVE.

  • Andrew Austin Del Rosario

    Thats True…Thats Why Gasol And bynum Cannot Score MuCh!!!1

  • LakerLyle

    I wish the team finds their way back into the game, and hopefully Kobe would take high-quality shots, if not, feed Pau and Drew. Phew, easy as that.

  • Devin Byrd

    Gasol either needs to say kobe’s name or just shut the fuck up. I’m a Lakers fan, and Pau needs to go. I think he’s a great player, but we need to shake things up in order to make a championship run. Sorry Pau, but your time with the Lakers is up.

    • David

      it is true that he should mention Kobe’s name but we all know most of the times kobe is selfish ballhog so its understandable… come on they have 2 premiere bigs and they are not getting the ball like the stat said kobe shot 19 more shots than bynum and gasol… really thats just bs… ok lakers have alot of useless pieces but if u think bout it all they need to get rid of is walton, MWP, blake.. normally i would say barnes too but hey he is clearly the 4th best player in the Lakers… thats just not right so i wont mention barnes since his contract is takable… u have a 4th best player just for 1.9mil thats bargain. But yeah we need to relook at things and trade either/or all of MWP, Blake and Walton… think bout it those 3 players about 14-15mil thats just wrf….

  • Dealerschoicesocal

    I disagree with the majority of you guys. I like the laker team as a whole atm aside from the pg spot. Mike brown is not getting the job done offensively. He told kobe to let it go offensivley. If your team mates aren’t getting open an just standing around he is just taking the shot. I can’t wait for kobe to just go off on another radio show! Dont turn on the mamba, he is the man. He has made remarks along the lines of yah bynum is good when I take a triple team an open the door for him…lol but yah we need phil back….PHIL 2012

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