Orlando Magic Listening to All Trade Offers for Dwight Howard

Orlando Magic Listening to All Trade Offers for Dwight Howard


Before the start of the regular season last Sunday the Orlando Magic announced that they were no longer listening to trade offers for center Dwight Howard.

Safe to say that didn’t last very long.

Now, according to Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel, the team is listening to offers from all teams in exchange for their superstar center. This means teams that aren’t on Howard’s so-called wish list. Ultimately, that means Orlando is hoping a team will take a chance on Howard as a rental player before possibly losing him to free agency after the season.

They will listen to anybody who is willing to take a risk and give up a few good men for Howard if he can lead them to the NBA Finals as a temp. It’s another reason why they will wait until the March 15 deadline to make a deal for Howard, after he’s played 44 games in Orlando. His new team would land him for 22 games, plus the postseason.

Realistically this isn’t much more than a negotiating tactic to put pressure on the Los Angeles Lakers and New Jersey Nets, the two teams seen as the front-runners in the Howard sweepstakes.

But Lakers fans will be happy to hear that Schmitz believes in the end Howard will end up in Los Angeles.

“The deals might get better closer to the deadline, but I still believe Andrew Bynum will be wearing a Magic uniform in the end.”

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  • Mkdavid90

    Hope You All Know That The Lakers Are Not That Freaking Stupid To Trade Pau And Drew For Dwight…Come On Now People…I Think It’s A Fair Trade For Drew And LUKE FUCKING WALTON!!!! FAIR TRADE!! LET’S GET IT DONE!!! As Long As Walton Is Out Of Our Team I’ll Be Freaking Happy…

  • Dats-dat-dude

    I co-sign witj Mkdavid… Get Luke out of here.. Sitting on the bench collecting easy money… Or get rid of Steve Blake… Dude is never consistent… We really need a point guard more than a PF or a Center…

    • JohnSmith00

      It’s not that simple the Lakers only assets are Gasol and Bynum and the Lakers would be stupid to trade away anyone from the bench. The bench hasn’t been this cohesive in years even with odom on the bench they always seemed so incosistent. But with Blake out of his shooting slump, the additions of Murphy and McBob who do all the defensive dirty work odom used to provided, and metta taking his bench role with strides the last thing you do is throw a hammer into the mix.

      So that leaves the Lakers in a position where Bynum or Gasol for a top tier PG isn’t enough, Bynum and Gasol for a top tier PG is too much. Bynum or Gasol for mid tier PG and junk isn’t enough and in all honesty not worth it. So i say this instead if the Lakers feel the need to trade for Howard, push the magic into including Jameer Nelson in turn the Lakers take Hedo Turkoglu’s massive contract and you’ve got yourself a trade that benefits both sides.


      me too fuck luke

  • Mb1ltran


  • 1#kobefan

    Mk david you cant trade Luke Lakers signed him again dummy 

  • Sti1lmatic

    Lets not get all worked up for nothing again. The commissioner can also phuck with the dwight deal if needed. Lets keep the core we have and get a fast n’ decent pg.
    Steve Nash! Here us knocking?

    Lets just wait til Durant is available!!!

  • Bigrob107

    Bring back Jerry West for one day to get the deal done!!!!!!!!!!

  • De Lano Parker

    Forget getting Howard get Mo Williams and trade Gasol to Houston or Minnesota….
    The team will be..
    Mo Williams
    Kobe Bryant
    Matt Barnes
    Luis Scola
    Andrew Bynum

    Mc Roberts
    Terrance Williams
    Plus 3 first rounders
    Houstons,ours, and Dallas’s