Open Thread: What’s Wrong with the Lakers?

Open Thread: What’s Wrong with the Lakers?


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  • Kjtsiaperas

    Just saying right now. I hate the Blazer announcers

    • Sportsmom_247

      Just tweeted that same thing, they are the rudest, most moronic announcers in the NBA!

      • Kjtsiaperas

        They were saying that kobe was trying to con his way into a foul. What idiots

        • Riche

          Laker fans let me set you all straight. I’ve been a Laker fan my entire life I was born the year they set
          the winning streak record and won the championship in 72′. So, I speak from years of experience.
          When your are playing sports at this level it becomes a mental challenge. The Lakers are picking and
          choosing their challenges, they wanted to win ALL of the games they lost last week,but were only willing to extend themselves to a up to a certain point. Once the regular season is over they will focus their energy towards each team they face. One game at a time one team at a time, and hopefully they
          will have enough to win a third title. So lets just all just enjoy each game,because when its all said and done, It’s just entertainment.

  • salDIEGO

    Bynum and Gasol have to get involved early in the game… Watch for those passes to them, it seems like every time they catch it they’re out of balance.. Also it looks obvious when KB is going to shoot. On defense they’re getting late and the other team has lots of good looks at three pointers.

  • Wjang59

    theres nothing truly wrong with us, we did this last year lost a couple of games and everyone jumps off the bandwagon thinking were fake and won’t win a championship. All we need to do now is focus on the playoff games and get ready for the long road to the finals not the regular season.

  • JV25

    Youre right, we need to get Bynum and Gasol involved early. That will solve a lot of the offensive problems. It opens up so many other options, the cutters, spot up shooters or they can post up. Turnovers have been an issue lately too. That could be a product of the end of the season, laziness and being sloppy. We did win the series 3-1 though.

  • S Purvis

    Nothing they need pressure to be succesfull. .. For example for me when i play at the gym on the good nights when the real ballers come out i automaticly play better cuz i kno im under more pressure and winning means something… Back to back champs the lakers have played 80 semi meaningless games… Yes they are still important but they arent playoff games… Real ballers show up when it matters… So Lakers will be a completely different team come round 1 mark my words… Twitter therealpurvis

  • s. sierra

    Theyre too slow on the court…need to move faster & think faster

  • youngrobbins1524

    i dnt think there nothin wrong wit the Lakers i like when ever time the lakers go on a losin streak theres sumthin wrong. Theres nothin wrong wit the lakerswhen they came out the all-star break as the hottest team and the best record they did they so they can catch the spurs…but wit that #1 spot they would have to play a very good and very young thunder in the second round…and then tonite game if they won today they would be facing a scary Portland team in the 1 round…i think they played but was like f*** it if we win we win if we lose we lose….we gotta remember as well to that the lakers went 4-7 before headin into the playoffs last year and we all know how that turned out

  • Lakerfan

    They’re just getting old…

  • 723592

    just like comentaotrs continue to say the lakers are the best team in basketball when they feel like it. I am between a rock and a hard place when it comes to kobe bryant i continue to make arguments that he is better than lebron james but his game this year proves other wise. Kobe of all people should know down 7 with 2 minutes in the quarter you don’t have to run up the court and shoot a 3 from mexico everytime the ball is inbounded but he contines to do things like this which does not help the team. The lakers bench in particular shannon brown and steve blake provide nothing of the bench shannon tries to make plays that are not capable of being made, he is not on the floor to be a play maker but yet he tries to be which leads to turnovers. Steve blake can’t hit a open shot to save his life. He missed four threes in the last game. 2 WHICH WERE BACK TO BACK WIDE OPEN SHOTS. Lastly pau says that amares and otheres comments about him does not effect him well in these last four games pau has backed down both offensively and defensively like a little girl he has played “SOFT”. The lakers have everything to be successful they have expereience, height, a great closer and the best coach in basketball. They have to use these things equally. Every night the ball should be pounded inside, to have an inside out game. If that means kobe takes less shots so be it. We have the advantage inside but use it every other night. That is not and effective way to play. They have to play the same way every night. I AM A DIE HARD LAKER FAN, BUT I DON’T LIKE TO SEE US FALL BECAUSE PLAYERS ARE NOT PLAYING LAKER BASKETBALL, RATHER THEY ARE PLAYING THERE OWN STYLE OF BASKETBALL WHICH IS NOT WHAT GOT US 2 BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONSHIPS.

  • Lalnba11

    there is nothing rong with loosing some games. it will be better in the long run for the lakers in the playoffs just rember last year what thay did at end of the season we lost a lot of games and we won the finesl ah ah just what and wacth dont worry we got kobe no one els does

  • Lakerman99

    Are you kidding me.? We’re F’n Toast.Mavericks are killing us and we can’t do anything to stop them. It will only get worse when we go to Dallas. I’m thinking the Mavs in 5