On The Eve of SportsNet’s Inception, Still No Deals Are In Place Reviewed by Momizat on . With Time Warner Cable's SportsNet and Deportes channels set to debut on October 1, there are still no current deals in place that would allow any other pay-TV With Time Warner Cable's SportsNet and Deportes channels set to debut on October 1, there are still no current deals in place that would allow any other pay-TV Rating:
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On The Eve of SportsNet’s Inception, Still No Deals Are In Place

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With Time Warner Cable’s SportsNet and Deportes channels set to debut on October 1, there are still no current deals in place that would allow any other pay-TV provider to have access to the channel.

As I detailed in a previous article, there are positive and negative aspects of the deal the Lakers struck with TWC.

Right now, the main negative is that no subscribers other than TWC subscribers can watch Lakers games.

As for what you’ll be missing on the debut of SportsNet? According to TVWeek, SportsNet will kick off their programming with a two-hour live edition of the show “Access SportsNet,” which will feature Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and L.A. Galaxy superstar David Beckham as in-studio guests. There will surely be more overall coverage of the Lakers and ongoing analysis of the team as well.

Currently, there are approximately 3 million households with a pay-TV service other than TWC, with DirecTV holding over 1 million of those accounts; according to Tom Hoffarth of Daily News, Los Angeles.

Plenty of folks will have to resort to occupying bars and restaurants to watch the games, but many of these establishments don’t have access to TWC, either–which could have an immediate impact on the local economy.  

Others will resort to streaming the games online, illegally.

However, the off-court Lakers coverage SportsNet will carry on a daily basis won’t be available online (okay, maybe on YouTube), and no one is going to spend money at a bar just to watch some of the other programming. For diehard fans who truly bleed purple and gold, these types of “all access” shows are just what they’ve been waiting for.

Personally, I’m getting extremely anxious about not being able to watch the Lakers on my own TV, and TWC isn’t even offered in the general vicinity in which I live.

I’m sure that all pay-TV providers are currently in negotiations with TWC, but it’s up to the fans to put pressure on both sides of the spectrum to ensure that deals get done across Southern California.

So, once again, I implore all of Lakers Nation to go to iwantmylakers.com and demand that your pay-TV provider get a deal done ASAP with TWC, and continue to Tweet with the hashtag #iwantmylakers or the one that I personally created, #idemandmylakers.

In case you missed it – Take a tour of the Time Warner Cable SportsNet/Deportes Studios!

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  • Jerome Wilkes

    Does this mean lakers games wont be shown on NBA LEAGUE PASS?

    • http://www.facebook.com/suki.thind.1 Suki Thind

       I honestly don’t know, but from what I’m guessing is that if you’re in the local area, no. But, I don’t know.

    • Spartan7828

       Hey Jerome! league pass will only show the away games not the home games. The homes games are only exclusive to time warner.

  • LAkerzzzz

    lol ive been sending tons of e mails to my service provider via the TWC website thing for the past month pretty much. i live in las vegas and my provider is cox communications which is like one of the biggest providers out; every time id put in my zip and provider on the website it would say there are no plans they are gonna carry it. well today i decided to read the faqs on there website and it says vegas will be getting coverage which makes sense since there is a huge LA following out here. so i decided to call the 4my lakers number on the website and it said theres a good possibility if i check back in october my provider will be carrying TWC sportsnet. what i could gather from this is TWC is pretty much using us to get a sort of census for personal use they get our zip, provider, and email and then dont tell us that anyone is gonna carry them until pretty much tomorrow. what a bunch of con artist.

    • http://www.facebook.com/suki.thind.1 Suki Thind

       Yeah, I hope it all works out over there. Definitely need my Lakers out in Vegas for when I visit! lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/kimipinaycd Kimi Milano

    But what fans need to realize is that this tv deal is what enabled the Lakers to go out and spend for those players. TWC was probably counting on the limited availability to create more leverage on the other providers.

    • http://www.facebook.com/suki.thind.1 Suki Thind

      Yup, you’re absolutely right! That was one of the things I noted as a “good” part of the whole deal in a previous article. If not for this deal, we’d just end up watching Kobe’s career fizzle out. And yeah, I figure the more this thing drags out, the more leverage TWC will have. I just hope this thing doesn’t drag on too much!

  • VanDEEZY

    IMMA CRY ….purple and gold tears if i cant watch the LAKERS on VERIZON FIOS…especially cuz my 3 yr old loves he’s lakers….I go to at least 10+ games a year…Please bring it to other networks…i cant live without my lakers.. BOOOO WHOOO

    • http://www.facebook.com/suki.thind.1 Suki Thind

       I hope these deals get done ASAP. I can’t live with out my Lakers!

  • TheMonitor

    This IwantmyLakers thing sounds like a hoax to me. You just type in your zip code and your cable carrier and that’s it. Nothing happens! It’s a waste of people’s time!! TWC never gave me a good rececption when I used to have them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/suki.thind.1 Suki Thind

      After you do that, there’s a button in which you can click “Request TWC SportsNet”…I’m sure the e-mails go to the providers, because the site was initially set up by TWC, and they’re looking to create as much leverage as possible with the other pay-TV providers–so if they can get enough people to e-mail their providers, they’ll be in a good bargaining position. But, feel free to contact your provider via phone or e-mail as well. I’ve been tweeting, calling, and e-mailing Charter (my provider) for over a month now. These deals NEED to happen.

  • Rane Pakiz

    anybody know of any bars or restaurants with time warner?

  • chris

    pissed off no lakers game…wow

    ill just cancel the whole thing.  not worth the hassle. i’ve called my directv provider and they told me i couldnt get it.  

  • Robert V.


    Robert V. Chino Hills (time Warner served area) included in basic cable package!

  • Go Lakers!

    I hate Time Warner. They have poor service and now they are taken our Lakers for ransom. They don’t care about the fans only about the money. Shame on them.

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