Odom, Bynum and the Fifth Starting Position

Odom, Bynum and the Fifth Starting Position


Recently we released a poll asking Lakers Nation to give us their opinions on who should start for the Lakers in the playoffs, Lamar Odom or Andrew Bynum. Now this is obviously assuming that Bynum is healthy enough to play, which according to the LA Times isn’t exactly a guarantee at this point. However, if Bynum and his achy Achilles are good to go, should he be benched in favor of Lamar Odom in the starting lineup? While this is a popular choice amongst Lakers fans today, I believe this would have a negative effect on both the starting rotation and the bench.

Let me first say that Andrew Bynum’s apparent inability to come back from a semi-serious injury is a serious issue concerning his dedication to the game, as this is definitely not the first time we have seen him behind schedule in a rehab effort. I honestly feel that when he returns from his injury, Andrew Bynum should be given back his position as the starting center for Los Angeles. This conclusion was made, however, purely on Odom’s impact on the bench.

We have all seen how much the bench has struggled this year, especially when Lamar Odom has been logging heavy minutes with the starting rotation. Odom has been the most consistent force off the bench for LA this season, and when you consider how inconsistent of a player Odom has been throughout his career that should tell you something about the current state of the Los Angeles bench. The starting rotation is clearly stacked with talent, both on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. While Odom’s skills are undeniable, I feel he is much more worthwhile as the go-to man off the bench.
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