Now Might Be The Perfect Time For The Lakers To Bring Jerry...

Now Might Be The Perfect Time For The Lakers To Bring Jerry West Home



A few events in the past 48 hours have me thinking. Mike D’Antoni’s resignation coming on the heels of some other news involving a former Lakers coach is enough to make me believe that now might be the best time for the Lakers to bring Jerry West back into the fold. The slate has never been more clean and who better to act as the team’s consigliere than Mr. Clutch himself?

On Tuesday, Zach Lowe of Grantland reported that Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson asked that Jerry West not attend practices or team activities. West was hired as a high-level adviser by the franchise’s owners not long after they purchased the team in 2011.

Even though Jackson has denied the report, saying it was both a ‘lie’ and disrespectful’, Jackson’s firing of an assistant coach and the reassignment of another in the last few weeks before the playoffs are enough evidence to at least leave open the possibility that Lowe’s report is true and that Jackson might be lying.

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orl-shaq0520060716183402Regardless of whether or not the story is true, it would only be another in what seems to be a growing list of recent events that seem to suggest to me that it might be worth it for the Lakers to explore a reunion of sorts with their former player/coach/general manager/executive VP of basketball operations.

It has been nearly 14 years since the last time West was a Lakers employee. He left the team  just a couple of months after they won the first of three consecutive championships in 2000. Even though West admitted that the pursuit of Shaquille O’Neal in 1996 had nearly killed him, he never seemed to be a fan of drama or nonsense. That might explain why West wasn’t around for any of the bad blood or ill-will  that transpired between Shaq and Kobe Bryant during their last few seasons as teammates. When hypothesizing about what the two of them might have accomplished had they tried harder to make it work, it was only natural to wonder if West’s presence would have been enough to resolve whatever conflicts they had.

If you think about the issues that might have resulted in West’s departure from the team, as well as the events currently surrounding both the Lakers and the Warriors, you’d have to think that the Lakers might be in a perfect position for West to return to a role similar to the one he currently holds with Golden State. The difference being that West, who still lives in Los Angeles, would have a much shorter commute.
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  • independentbynature

    I would love to see the return of Jerry West to the Lakers.He is a basketball genius and a class act.He was one of my sports heroes when I was a kid.I just can’t see him as anything but a Laker for life.

  • Jim213

    One hundred percent in agreement as there may be some real issues with West and M Jackson in Golden State. But I’d have no doubt the best GM in NBA history would help to turn things around even if he had a minimal role as an adviser as he prefers today.

    Jerry West’s son is currently with the Lakers (scout) and if Magic became part owner of the Clippers I’d wish luck but that wouldn’t change things with Jerry West on board as the future would look promising.

    However, given Jim’s belief that he knows more than the experts and with Jim dissing West in the past this may likely end up being a dream as FO believes they’re doing a great job given this season’s outcome which goes for the lack of talent. smh

    Although, still disagree with YOUR LAST ARTICLE tho it’s two different perspectives!

  • JohnSmith00

    That’s a nice thought and all but the problem about where to put him still hasn’t changed. With Jeanie as president, Jim as VP of basketball operations and Mitch as GM, there are only two scenarios that I can think of where he can be brought in. Either Jeanie or Jim would have to step down the latter of which is as likely as hell freezing over, but if one did step down he could be brought in as president or VP.

    Seeing as Jim already has a strangle hold of the team I think the best scenario would be to have Jeanie step down. Let Jim take over as president and hire Jerry as executive VP, this way Jim would have his ego stroked while at the same time taking on a lesser role without even realizing he’s taking on a lesser role. It would then allow Jerry and Mitch to become a one two punch when it comes to basketball operations.

  • Daryl Peek

    Would be nice to have the Logo come back as a consultant and work with his son Ryan and Jesse Buss in scouting. This is the only position feasible as the official FO structure is set for now.

    • Jim213

      Another scenario, J West with the Clippers (consultant) if Magic becomes part owner of the team? We may be taking a back seat for awhile if that occurred but not sure West would go with it.

      • Daryl Peek

        Can’t see West with the Clippers even if Magic’s group buys the team. BTW, the league is in for one helluva battle in trying to ouster Sterling.

        • Jim213

          Funny that no one could get a statement from Sterling before Silver’s ruling except Fox News Channel. Heard he intends in suing the NBA if the owners kick him out (which they are).

          Scenario but wouldn’t count it out tho just putting it (West) out there.

        • ra

          Sterling is poison for the NBA. If he doesn’t leave (and he ‘will’ get plenty of money if he does), he’ll be making a bad impact on the NBA. He has already damaged the NBA image (the one Stern tried to build).

          • Jim213

            Sterling came close but given Silver’s ruling he’s earned the respect of the players and fans IMO. Although, it still remains to be seen being how long the process takes as Lebron is pushing for a quick resolve.

            IMO, if the Heat end up going to the Finals and the issue gets delayed somehow by the NBA would Lebron boycott or refuse to play the Finals along with teammates and their opponents? That would hurt the league but possible IMO.

          • Daryl Peek

            Sterling is and has been a problem but it is Stern and all in the league who helped enable the monster by turning a blind eye all of those years ago. Kareem and Boomani Jones put it best when speaking on the current hypocrisy of the Sterling fire storm. No ones defending Sterling’s ISH but as Cuban, KAJ and Boomani said, it’s a slippery slope using those words spoken in the privacy of his home as the reason to ban Sterling and force him to sell the team. As bad as Sterling’s views are, that is a hard sell in a court of law as reason for ouster…

            Chris Mannix ✔ @ChrisMannixSI
            Growing fear in NBA offices: Sterling files a lawsuit and starts deposing EVERYBODY. Asks team personnel if their owner ever got racial

            I know this is not the popular view but if the process goes to court, get ready for feathers to be ruffled.

    • ra


      • Daryl Peek

        Can’t see co-GM either. Been there done that and West is done with the heavy lifting at this point of his career. A person like Mitch is not going backwards given the position the Buss family has vested into him. Consultant is all I can see for West.

        • Chrmngblly

          Consultant is fine, as long as they change the process for selecting coaches, Please let the Lakers learn, for a change.

  • corky carroll

    YES YES YES AND MORE YES. Jerry is EXACTLY the addition to the mix that we need. I would love to see this happen, and sooner than later. Make is so FO

  • $20509373

    I would love to see the logo come home, but Jim Buss isn’t going to relinquish control of basketball decisions. The Dream scenario would be the logo as President of Basketball Operations, Mitch as GM, and Jim learning to be the man behind the man. But realistically he’ll be an outside consultant if he does return.

  • Jordonh4

    Love for it to happen but it will not. Lakers didn’t bring on Phil, and if there is no room for the owners fiance then what room will they have for West? Sucks, but I can’t see it happening.

  • They call me Pringles

    What’s wrong with Mitch Kupchak? He got us great players throughout the years. Players who complimented the team’s coaching system. He wasn’t the one hiring the coaches, Jim Buss was

    • $20509373

      It’s not about Mitch. It’s about adding a basketball mind to the fold.

  • Lakers4Life

    Would be good to have Jerry in order to appeal to all the upcoming FAs to join our Lakers. LeBron for the win folks!

  • Ron Harper

    This article makes no sense. Everyone wants someone in the FO to somehow step down in their position. Would any of you step down out of a high position from your jobs or career voluntarily? I DONT THINK SO!
    1st, Jeanie or Jim would never step down out of their positions. Their own father would turn in his grave if they gave up what they were given by Dr. Buss.
    2nd, Mitch would leave the organization if Jerry West ever came back.
    3rd, Why would his son want me to come to the FO. He probably would feel like his dad would tell him what to do all the time or criticize his scouting reports.
    4th, In GSW, why would West wanna come back and take a wack ass just advising role when he’s already playing the big dog in GSW.

    • Dorian Holden

      Jerry is just a consultant in GS. He is far from the big dog up there.

    • AndrewUngvari

      It’s odd that you think the article makes no sense, considering that it’s pretty obvious you didn’t read the whole thing. It’s three pages, although it’s kind of hidden under the video how to get to the next page.

      I’m not asking anyone to step down from their position or to give up any of their current responsibilities. I’m calling for West to serve as a high-ranking adviser, a Godfather of sorts. Not even as a full-time gig. He wouldn’t have the final say in matters. He’d just be someone to help with their brain trust and ask the right questions.

      He’s not the big dog in Golden State. Not sure where you got that info from either. The role I’m asking him to take in LA is the same “wack ass” advising role” he currently has with the Warriors. Did you know he still lives in Bel-Air? Did you know that Bob Myers was the GM of the Warriors. What big dog job are you referring to?

  • Mark Rigney

    This would be the best move Buss could ever make. Come home Mr. West!

  • LAstory

    Andrew Ungyari, while I agree with it would be great to have Jerry back, however how could the Laker Brass even justify bringing him back in any way considering they could not find anything or any role for Phil Jackson. I think that it would be a P.R nightmare that the Lakers can ill afford to have at their present state.

    • AndrewUngvari

      Phil wanted to construct is own roster like Pat Riley has in Miami. West is way past that point in his career. This would be as an adviser. Phil wanted much more than to just be an adviser. Did you read the whole article? There are three pages, it’s not very easy to find the other page numbers.

  • Justin Credible

    Jerry West hasn’t done anything for the Lakers in so long it’s time to pay his dues again like the IRS.

  • Robert L. I.

    Jerry will not return. He left because he didn’t like how Jim Buss was running the team. Yes Jim was being groomed way back then, and Jim shared his belief with Jerry “That anyone can run basketball operations”. He even hired his buddy the bartender. Jerry won’t be coming back.

    How asinine you would suggest it, Mitch has that job at the moment.

    • Chrmngblly

      Let West participate in the coaching search. Consult on a project by project basis, They need to shake up the decision making process.

    • AndrewUngvari

      I don’t know where you got that ridiculous notion that West left because of how Jim Buss was running the team. West left after the 2000 season. Jim was still more than 10 years away from running the team. West left because of Phil and because he felt that he was being ignored. At least read all three pages of the article before you comment. That’s all I ask.

  • Benito Valeriano Cabantan Cena

    Why not Jerry “Mr Clutch” West himself doing his stuff?not only as holding a guard position during his days but more on the strategy behind their wins! I love to see Jerry West doing coaching job