Nick Young: “We Tried Our Best” Against The Miami Heat Reviewed by Momizat on . After getting blown out in two road games by an average of 23 points, most fans predicted the same would happen against the Miami Heat on Christmas Day. Without After getting blown out in two road games by an average of 23 points, most fans predicted the same would happen against the Miami Heat on Christmas Day. Without Rating: 0
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Nick Young: “We Tried Our Best” Against The Miami Heat

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After getting blown out in two road games by an average of 23 points, most fans predicted the same would happen against the Miami Heat on Christmas Day. Without Kobe Bryant, the Lakers battled until the end, but fell short in the final six minutes of the fourth quarter.

While there are no moral victories, Nick Young said following the game that the Lakers didn’t want to get embarrassed on national television and tried their best against the two-time defending champions:

“We’ve been tired of losing. Going against the champs, you don’t want to get embarrassed on national TV. We didn’t want to get too far in the hole. We tried our best.”

With Kobe Bryant out for at least six weeks, most expect the Lakers to fall out of playoff contention. However, they went 10-9 without him and showed great competitiveness through those first 19 games. While the Lakers have been dealing with injuries in their backcourt, the return of Jordan Farmar seemed to put everyone back to their natural positions on the court.

Although the Lakers are now three games under the .500 mark, they have an opportunity to capitalize on the next four games and get back to a winning record. Los Angeles faces the Utah Jazz on the road before returning for a three-game home stand against the Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Jazz once again.

Happy Holidays From The Lakers And Lakers Nation

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  • Jim213

    IMO, too many TO’s to compete on any given night but especially against the Heat.

  • Al Haldie

    Over all i think the guys played as good as they could today–if when blake gets back we will have two PG and that also will help-lets face it there have been too many line up changes {no ones fault}.. With being short handed , even though we still worked hard and we have no quiters on this team— look at the nicks and nets, they have better teams?? but they dont work as hard as our guys do–and it shows—… hard work will pay off—thanks for every thing win or lose u work hard….

    • nlruizjr

      AH, I agree somewhat but when you have a system that is built around the perimeter and very little inside, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you just cut your chances of victory in half and then add to that very little defense (perimeter or otherwise), Plus I’m just getting sick and tire of Gasol half-hearted effort on defense (he plays defense like he’s afraid to have any kind of contact, why MD doesn’t play Kaman more, he at least will make an effort at playing defense and he’s not to far off from Gasol offensively), I have been a Gasol supporter but enough is enough.
      dantoni and rambis are a couple of notches below Laker standards for a coach, it’s time for Jimbo and Mitch to cut ties with these 2 JOKERS and bring in someone that knows how to win, ala B. Scott and M. Cooper, etc. Give Scott sometime to get things together for next season and decide who will make the team from this patch work of players. Infact it would be better if they didn’t make the playoffs and start making trades for picks now.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        you just agree that the KNicks and Nets have a better team, talent wise, and yet performs way below their potential.. and yet bashes the coach and the team for how they perform above what a lot of people have peg them to be… common man… make up your mind! MDA has done way better than all those pundits have said before the season began with very little to work with. Who in the world would have done better with this situation the lakers have? Scott and Cooper? YOu are way above what your mind can conceive…

  • ra

    I don’t know if he played his ‘best’, but he played phenomenal. That 3 pointer against LBJ with a hand in his face – wow – that was symbolic of what the Lakers could do.

    In the meantime, if you subtract out the turnovers, the Lakers win! Overall, it was a ‘great’ performance by the Lakers. This is where ‘small-ball’ works well, against the Heat who don’t have a large inner presence. The Lakers can outrun the Heat, and this game was a good preview of a possible Finals (yes, I said it). The Heat couldn’t handle all the sprinting of the Lakers, and the 3′s. If the Lakers made more of their 3′s, again, they would have defeated the Heat.

    I was really impressed by this game. MDA’s style worked here, and I consider it redemption for his comments about Laker fans (as long as he doesn’t say anything else negative about the fans). The Heat have been blowing out teams lately, and they ‘didn’t’ blow out the Lakers – in fact, the Heat could have lost the game easily. So. Good job!

    • Chyeah

      FINALS PREVIEW??? LOL LOL The greatest joke I’ve heard on this page

    • Trek Life

      Turnovers and free throws killed them. If they just made their free throws it would be a W

  • romey

    PLLLLEEEEEAAASEEEEE LA get rid of PAU thanks Pau for all you contributed but your time here is done you cannot protect the rim look like you want to protect the rim when he’s in the game its everyone go to the basket he’s a terrible problem on defense and its just a set in stone thing now in the NBA if you cannot play defense and have some kind of rim protection you wont win so please LA get rid of PAU he is tooo weaaaak and soft

  • 3339

    oh ya good attitude. He basically said we know we won’t win but we don’t want to get killed and look bad.
    Pro players shouldn’t be credited for playing hard. They should always be playing hard.
    It’s kinda annoying how some people are acting like the Lakers won simply because they played hard against miami.
    fact is that they’re 13-16, no threat out west, and doing exactly what people thought they would.
    oh but dantoni doesn’t have a full team. bullshit. he has a roster of professional players that are more than capable of playing well. Look at Phoenix.

    • Trek Life

      Get outta here with this nonsense. 2 other teams were embarrassed yesterday.

      So you’re saying that every player in the league is equally talented?

  • Gregory Choa

    Honestly, I had real trouble taking this game seriously because those short-sleeved shirts just looked so gay on everyone. That was an epic fail NBA marketers…please shelve those forever!

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