Nick Young Suggests Lakers Don’t Get The Same Respect As Other Teams Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_89764" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports[/caption]For the first time this season, Nick Young fouled out of a g [caption id="attachment_89764" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports[/caption]For the first time this season, Nick Young fouled out of a g Rating: 0
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Nick Young Suggests Lakers Don’t Get The Same Respect As Other Teams

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time this season, Nick Young fouled out of a game. Young picked up his fifth foul with 6:45 left to play in the game when he fouled Alec Burks on a shot attempt. Young check out of the game briefly, but returned with 6:13 left in the game. Less than 30 seconds later, Young was called for his sixth foul while chasing Marvin Williams around a screen.

Young was frustrated after the foul and headed to the locker room briefly before returning to the bench to watch the final minutes of the game. Following the game, Young said that he felt that the Lakers didn’t earn the same respect as the other players in the league in his post-game interview on TWC SportsNet.

“It’s just the respect factor. You know I don’t feel we get the same proper respect that everyone else gets when it comes to certain things out there on the court. It plays a major role. I’m not going to call no names, I’m not going to say it’s the ref’s fault. Just watch the game over and see what happened out there.

“[...] I’ve never fouled out during the real season — and that’s the tough part. When you’re in a groove like that, but we just wasn’t getting no calls tonight.”

Young was instrumental in keeping the Lakers in the game with 13 points in the 4th quarter, and watched as the Lakers tired to close out the game without him on the floor in the final minutes, but a few sloppy turnovers and an offensive rebound/tip dunk put the game on ice.

The Lakers will head home for a four-game home stretch before heading on the road for three. Three of the four games are teams with win totals under 10, so the Lakers will have an opportunity to add some tally marks in the win column.

Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Pokes Fun At Nick Young, Talks About The Test Of Achilles

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Nick is 100% right the Lakers are getting treated like bitches by the refs.SMH!

    • Jim213

      Blame the refs NOW?!?! Brought this issue a few weeks ago, Kobe and the other league stars will mostly get the benefit of the call. However, the refs tend to reserve judgement with the rest which favors the home team.

      They basically NEED TO SPEAK UP and ADDRESS THEIR ISSUES WITH THE REFS AS OPPSED TO JUST LETTING THIS GO MORE KEEPING QUIET. If Young believes that then it cost them another game b/c this hasn’t been the first time this has taken place.

      • Paytc

        I am not sure I would agree with you on Kobe getting calls. IMO that is one of the differences in the benefit MJ had over Kobe.

        As far as getting ref calls… you can’t control the refs or the league more importantly. If Nick Young AKA Swaggy P wants more respect he just needs to keep having no fear and firing shots up in Lebrons face like he did on Christmas day. Nick Young did not back down from D.Wade or Lebron. That earned my respect which is more significant than the refs IMO, and many others.

        My advice that I give to coaches and most importantly players is to “do more than enough to win”. That way you don’t need to blame the refs or anyone else.

        The plan remains the same. Get a healthy roster,make the playoffs,and play our best ball when it counts most.

        We need to win the next game. Then take it one game at a time.
        No excuses! Go Lakers !

        • Jim213

          Your view, but not saying the majority of the calls always favor the prominent players. From watching numerous games throughout the years calls will tend to favor the most relevant especially when other players don’t address their issues.

          However, overall calls seemed worse when Tim Donaghy was around though the NBA likely cleaned things out throughout the league.

          • luzzjl524

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      • nlruizjr

        No, the fans need to start complaining the the Commrs offc, after all the refs are his boys. They need to start sending in photos, etc. of missed calls or phamtom calls by the refs against the Lakers. Everyone knows that Stern hates the Lakers, since day 1.

        • Jim213

          ?! it’ll only chastise them more as they have to argue their point though the coach has been speaking up for them foremost through out the game rather than themselves.

      • Nick Young

        That’s true…. I watched the game and it’s puzzling how some of the fouls right in front of the refs get missed…. and you are right, that the home team tend to get the calls…. that’s been happening since the 80s…. There was also a recent incident when Le bron shoved someone on to the floor right in front of the ref and the ref quickly turned away as Lebron looked at him to see if he was caught….

  • GM Jack

    Let us get realistic. At 13-17, that is the best you are going to get. This is no Showtime.

  • cmoney24

    Got some serious bullshit calls against us tonight. Absolutely horrible.

  • lakerfan0

    The refs ain’t shit! The Lakers don’t get any fouls, the opponents could easily murder them but James muthafuckin Harden gets every pussy foul calls! And of course The Queen Lebitchass James.

    On the other hand, this game was winnable and the Lakers could’ve won if they made their FTs. They missed 7 at the charity stripe.

  • 3339

    wow. Lakers are desperate. smh. Now it’s the refs fault.

    • nlruizjr

      You noticed that too !!!!!

  • petron_run&gun


  • Apex

    I’ve got mad respect for Nick Young piping up. This issue about the referring in this league when isolated is the most important topic in the nba. Seriously though I’ve been on the “bias and favouritism” ref calling for so called star players and home teams. I remember about 3 years ago I was watching a regular season game with the heat and lakers, I couldn’t believe the calls that were fallible and in favour of wade and lebitch, I was so fucking pissed off because we had lost the game by not being outplayed but because we were out ref’d, so I went home and googled “bad ref calling in last nights game.” Nothing came up except, and this is huge if you don’t know about it, “Tim Donaghy.” I strongly suggest you read up on this guy!! David Stern flat out hates the Lakers, and the way the game has been ref’d in recent years has turned this beautiful game into shit. People myself included feel like the nba is honestly like the wwe or more cleverly a “reality tv show” This elite game of basketball is honestly turning into a fucking joke!!!! As a fan of the nba I’m am losing interest, because I can see the stars, if called on an even steven basis would not really be stars at all and to me it is transparent and ruining this game. It’s beginning to feel all so fake!!!

  • Jose De Jesus Ortiz Hernandez

    That always happens is UTAH!! ask anybody!!!! Specialy the lakers. The mormons hate the lakers here in Utah. I know what Im talking about I live in utah!!!!!

  • Chyeah

    Lol funny how Lakers fans are complaining about the refs this time. Get ready for a possible fine Nick Young.

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