Nick Young Says Kobe Bryant Has Been A ‘Mentor’ To Him Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="283"] Veteran guard Nick Young recently re-signed with the Los Angeles Lakers on a four-year deal that secures his long-term future with th [new_royalslider id="283"] Veteran guard Nick Young recently re-signed with the Los Angeles Lakers on a four-year deal that secures his long-term future with th Rating: 0
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Nick Young Says Kobe Bryant Has Been A ‘Mentor’ To Him

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Veteran guard Nick Young recently re-signed with the Los Angeles Lakers on a four-year deal that secures his long-term future with the team. Although Young has only played six games with Kobe Bryant, the 29-year-old says the five-time NBA champion has mentored him all the way, according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

“He’s been great, really,” Young said. “He’s been like my mentor, really, right now. He’s been calling, texting me, talking to me, motivating me. I think that’s big. Growing up, who would have thought Kobe would be the one doing all that? I didn’t ever think I’d be working out with Kobe or talking to him.”

Young also mentioned that if Kobe is Batman, then he is Robin to reflect his new role as the five-time champion’s sidekick:

“Batman needs Robin,” Young said. “I’m here, ‘The Boy Wonder.’ The Boy Wonder is here. That’s what I’m here for.”

Over the past few weeks, Kobe has been doing nothing but motivating teammates from last season and newcomers that have recently signed with the team. Along with Young, Kobe has reached out to Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer to prepare them for next season.

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It’ll likely be another rough road for the Lakers during the 2014-15 NBA season. The team wasn’t able to land a superstar in free agency and as a result, brought a lot of the players from last year’s roster back for at least one more year. Young will be playing alongside a lot of familiar faces come October with Kobe, Steve Nash, Xavier Henry, Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson, Robert Sacre and Jordan Hill set to return.

New additions to the squad include Lin, Boozer, Ed Davis and rookies Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle. Even with the odds against them heading into next season, the Lakers could surprise some people with some savvy veterans surrounded by hungry young players trying to prove their worth.
Lakers Hire New Coach Byron Scott

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    I guess i never know what i am talking about but like i have been saying Kobe has been mentoring Nick Young and helping him bring out the best of his game, and from last season you can see Nick Young building an all around game and developing a lot of Kobe’s moves, thats why Kobe was so excited from the sidelines last yr and once again like i have been saying since Kobe is working with Nick don’t be suprise to see Nick Young starting along side Kobe next year and it will be like seeing 2 Kobes on the floor and thats not good for defense not what so ever and thats a dual threat to have.

    • Zimmeredge

      not good for our defense as well tho haha

      • WAYNER

        Actually it is better for the defense because when you make shots on offense it gives a defense a chance to get back and get set for the other teams next play and also making shots gives the team momentum to feed off, Byron already texted Kobe and said you guys better be ready to play some defense which is great within itself because its letting you know he’s a coach who preach that but he’s also good on offense and thats why the showtime era was so good cause they had threats on offense but the defense was preached by Pat Riley, if you got 2 pure scorers putting up numbers this is deadly for the opposing team and once Nick Young gets better on defense and Byron preaches that this team will be unstoppable, people forget we have good players they just were not utilize correctly last yr.

        • Realistic Laker Fan

          I’m sorry, what? This team is filled with players who aren’t exactly the greatest defenders, Nash,Boozer,Lin,and Young who aren’t known for their defense aren’t suddenly going to become threats on that end. Young is better utilized of the bench without him who’s is going to be the go to scorer Randle?Clarkson? Davis? I don’t see how that will workout well.

          • xiqi


          • xiqi

            defense=70%hardworking+30%skill。。so i think that if nick young can put a right an attitude,he may be a not bad defender, maybe not to ‘good’

          • WAYNER

            Thats why its called develop and receiving proper knowledge, Nick Young was a lot better on defense last yr with Kobe mentoring that, you think Kobe just woke up and became the best defender no, you think Michael Jordan woke up with the best shoot off the dribble shot no, Kobe said Michael Jordan is like a big brother who always gave him pointers basically mentored him like Kobe is doing Nick, Phil Jackson preached defense to Lamar Odom, Sasha, Shannon Brown, Farmar etc like Byron Scott does, Kobe didn’t just wake up with post moves he worked with Kareem and Hakeem Olajuwan and studied a lot of film, some players aren’t good at post moves they improve that ( Joakim Noah, if you have paying attention Roy Hibbert is working with Kareem now

            some players aren’t good on defense they get better , some players can’t go left they get better some players can’t shoot at the top of the key ( Blake Griffin ) they get better.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            That takes time, Randle,Lin,Clarkson,and Young are still young and can improve but they aren’t going to go from a lackluster defensive player to a lockdown defender in one off season.

          • WAYNER

            Do some research Andrew Bynum was drafted in April 2005 at the age 17 yrs old after being selected just days in Kareem abdul was hired to work with him, on January 2006 Bynum matched up against former Laker center Shaquille O’Neal for the first time. At one point, O’Neal dunked over Bynum on a putback attempt. On the next play, Bynum spun past O’Neal and dunked the ball.

            Bynum showed flashes of dominance He had then-career highs of 16 rebounds and seven blocks on January 26, 2006 against the Charlotte Bobcats. His first career double-double on November 7 included a career-high 20 points, 14 rebounds and three blocks against the Minnesota Timberwolves, and he had 19 points, 10 rebounds and six blocks on January 5 against Denver Nuggets.

            You think it took him 4 years to improve or a couple months

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            What’s your point? If you did your research you would know that Bynum was a great shot blocker coming into the league thanks to his lateral quickness, leaping ability with his solid awareness and length. Like I said you’re not going to go from a mediocre defensive player to a lockdown player in one year, it takes time.

          • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

            who said anything about lock down defender?

          • laker4life

            there’s no impossible for the players if they really want to improve. If their thoughts is like yours then theres no goat in the nba.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            The whole “GOAT” thing is opinion based some people might think Kareem,Hakeem,Wilt,Russell,etc. are the “GOAT”. Young isn’t no Kobe or MJ he can improve defensively but it doesn’t mean he will, he’s been coming off the bench for his of his NBA career for a reason.

          • Ray-Marcus

            Clarkson showed he was capable in spurts in college and was average in the summer league

          • WAYNER

            And as far as saying some one is better coming off the bench that is usually how it use to work any way before some one became a starter, the only way you would have known Kobe was good was because when he got subbed in off the bench and then you seen his talent just imagine if they said Kobe is better just coming off the bench, Kevin Durant with the Seattle Supersonics came off the bench,

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            Nick Young is more efficient off the bench adding him in the lineup with Kobe doesn’t sound like a good idea (look at Melo and Smith they can’t play well together) not to mention defense is already an issue with this team.

          • WAYNER

            So what about Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant ?

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            What about the them? Durant is a willing passer and Westbrook makes the right passes at times, Smith and Melo aren’t exactly the greatest or most willing passers in the NBA.

          • WAYNER

            Thats because they have a coach in Scott Brooks who demands passing which Phil Jackson will demand from both Jr Smith and Melo how do you Shaq who scored almost 30 points and Kobe who scored 27 points played together they are double threats the same way Nick Young and Kobe can be your only proving my point.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            You know what fine, play Kobe and Young together Young isn’t know as a great passer and a willing passer (averages 1 assist a game) but whatever so be it, Byron Scott is no Phil Jackson but fine Bryon and his Princeton offense (which Mike Brown was using) will lead Kobe (with a bunch of unanswered questions) to average 30ppg and Young to average 20 ppg together.

          • WAYNER

            Once again if you did research you would understand that Byron Scott is a coach who adjust his system according to the roster he has, Mike Brown had a good defense but couldn’t get the players going on offense you keep bringing up what a player was known for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant was known for driving to the lane but became better all around players and they brought in a coach to fix that. Ray Allen is known for his 3 point jumper but people forget how good he is on a field goal shot, Lebron James is known for driving the lane but became better at low post shots and passing.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            Is that why only two of Scott’s teams
            have ranked in the top half of offensive efficiency, and only one has
            finished in the top 10. His teams actually averaged a bottom-10 finish
            (20.7) through 13 full and partial seasons. Scott doesn’t make an immediate impact on defense end either if you look at the defensive efficiency of the Nets (23), Hornets (22), Cavs (29) his first year they are lackluster in his final years they a great defensive team (Nets (4) and Hornets (9)) the only exception being the Cavs (27). You guys expect way to much.

          • WAYNER

            When Byron Scott first signed in 2001 he didn’t have the players he had in the yrs he went to Championship you idot,
            when he first started he had Stephon Marbury, Kenyon Martin thats it the roster we have now he has way more to work with then he had in his first yrs do your research, in 2002 he had Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, Dikembe Mutombo, Kerry Kittles went to the finals that yr and the year after with the addition of Alonzo Mourning what are you talking about.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            Offensive Efficiency Rating (OER) is the average amount
            of points scored by a basketball player per shot taken. This includes missed field goals as well as free throws.

            Defensive efficiency statistic measures the number of points a team allowed per 100 possessions.

            Scott isn’t a great offensive coach out of 30 teams he offensively is ranked in the bottom 10 (20.7) over his coaching career (13 seasons,including the Nets,Hornets,and Cavs), defensively he doesn’t make an immediate impact hence the “if you look at the defensive efficiency of [his past teams, in the first year] Nets (23), Hornets (22), Cavs (29) they are lackluster. In his final years they [improve and are a] great defensive team (Nets (4) and Hornets (9)) the only exception being the Cavs (27).”

            You expect way to much out of Scott and this team.

          • WAYNER

            No i don’t expect anything but like Byron Scott said people thinking this team can’t be turned into a contender in a year or two are absolutely ridiculous given the right coach and personal, Scott has proven that he can do more with less but this time he actually happens to have a lot more pieces then he did with New Jersey Jason Kidd, Keyon Martin, Richard Jefferson are not better than the roster we have now and i think people like you don’t understand that, just because a player had a bad season last season don’t mean they aren’t good anymore just because a team has a bad coach and couldn’t utilize true talent don’t mean a team can’t be turned right around but you will see when Nick Young is in the starting line up next yr one of the main reasons Randle was brought in cause he can contribute immediately, Ed Davis developed under 2 good basketball defensive players in ZBO And Gasol there is a lot of talent of the team they just have to used properly.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            That was a great team they had Kidd who nearly averaged a double (18ppg,9apg), Keyon Martin who averaged (17ppg,9 rpg), and Richard Jefferson (15ppg, 6rpg) with a bench that averaged 50 ppg.They also played in a weak Eastern Conference where the Pistons where #1 with only 50 wins that year, that would have been tied with 6th in the West that year or tied with 7th this year.

          • comrade24

            Perfect example. The Thunder will never win a championship with that duo because they’re both ball dominant players. Late in games the ball just sticks and they end up settling for jumpers

          • WAYNER

            True but they have to learn to pass the ball thats all Kobe isn’t 26 anymore so Nick Young can take a heavy load off Kobe at the age 36 people think Kobe will be the 26 yr old Kobe like Byron Scott said Kobe has to change his game so with Nick Young being utilized correctly Nick Young could actually do more of the scoring

          • comrade24

            I’d like to see him come off the bench and score 15ppg. The way to preserve Kobe is to have Nick be his backup. If he comes off the bench and is shooting the ball well, then Kobe’s able to rest for longer

          • Ray-Marcus

            I agree…exactly why Wade and James did not dominate as heavily as was expected also…and those guys are even willing passers on occasion

          • comrade24

            Unless we sign Marion or Beasley I hope wes Johnson gets the starting role

          • Ray-Marcus

            Yeah Wes has potential defensively….he showed that last season in some games and with some good defensive coaching could excel. Could become a 3 and D guy

        • Zimmeredge

          problem is that young and bryant are iso players. most of their game is based on that. and as long as there is only one ball… iyoung is consistently trying to shoot. i guess young is exactly what we need for our bench as a 6th man.
          I hope we can get Shawn Marion but at this point Idk how it’s going to be possible. almost sure we gave our mle to young. so we do not have much to offer him at this point. we used our rookie exception to sign randle. idk how much money we have left at the moment.

          • WAYNER

            And thats the same thing they said about Wade and Lebron when they first signed with each other as long as theirs one ball they can’t play together thats absurd its all about who the coach is and controlling the ego’s the heat didn’t work out the first year because of that thinking Dwade went to Lebron and said you have to be you in order for us to win because like Kobe Dwade knew he wasn’t 25 no more which Kobe knows as well if a guy can take a lot of pressure off my game at the age 36 with a bad knee and coming of an achilles injury you think a Kobe and a coach won’t take advantage of that, thats why they wanted Melo to take the pressure off Kobe it confuses defenses and keeps them from double teaming one or the other its been proven that two scorers can be on the floor with Westbrook and Durant

          • Zimmeredge

            But lebron and wade were or are terrific defenders. Not much wade tho.

          • Badazztj12

            Young and Kobe are not total ISO players. They can also play spot up. If we were in a system thats not so hard and the ball is always moving we can always find a open guy(Princeton Offense)

    • Ray-Marcus

      2 years you mean…I would be all for Nick starting if he he showed more awareness to see who is around him to pass the ball. He is still bad defensively but I think he has improved a little in that area and is willing….but does he have the basketball IQ to move the ball around as a starter for a good team? Not too sure about that

  • Josh

    I think we are going to make some noise this season. Everyone sleeping on us. It’s okay though being the underdog is much more fun and is actually nice for once. I have complete faith in us. This season should be promising..

    • A Fan

      It damn sure should be. Last season’s team was surprising a lot of people before the injuries (remember when they were over .500 before Kobe returned?) so I’m optimistic about this season if our guys can stay healthy

      • Realistic Laker Fan

        That was 15 games into the season, the Magic and 76ers were over .500 at one point as well….

  • rival

    Although hill and boozer might be the possible starters, Byron Scott needs to find the best most efficient front court combination.

  • wangkon936

    Now, if he can average more than 1.9 assists per 36 minutes, that would be great (alleged “ball hog” Kobe Bryant averages nearly 6 assists per 36 minutes).

  • LakerSpartan117

    Glad to hear that…. I saw Nick Young last year trying to lay defense and observe the floor more on offense instead of just the basket. Hopefully Kobe can help him reach potential that everyone doesn’t seem to recognize.

  • Said Imami

    dear WAYNER you have a nice classroom I been a lakers fan for more fan 30 years and we deserve it to go back to the top

  • dagga

    I have fallen in love with Nick’s game from last season, the guy is shooting the ball, taking clutch shoots and playing D really well. So i guess Kobe is to be blamed for this? Well I have always told people, Kobe doesn’t just hog the play, he plays for and with his team mates trying to make them better and to see the will to win in him and follow his lead….guess Dwight didn’t want to do that…..now you can see that he is doing it still, but this time he is making it public and all the guys around him are doing the same…so to all the Kobe and Lakers haters out there< beware cause Lakers is back!

  • Badazztj12

    Not Young is not a bad defender. Defending takes effort and thats what I seen last year. Also with Wesley. Scott already said they need to buckle down on defense this year. Thats what I like to hear.

    • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

      Nick Can Improve Defensively, But I Would Rather Start Wesley If He AttacksThe Rim&Deveops An Consistent Shot. If They Can Play Team Defense, They’ll Do Good.

      • Badazztj12

        I never said Young should start over Wesley but your right about Wesley being in the starting line up. Young would give our bench scoring. Team defense is always great. Glad thats Scott main focuse.

        • savi

          I would rather have Xavier start at 3, so that he can switch and defend the quicker guard who Kobe is supposed to guard, and Kobe can switch to guarding the opposing SF. Xavier has size, skill and athleticism to be at that position and is very dangerous because he attacks the basket at will. Young and johnson can be super subs to Kobe and Xavier.

          • Judo Mma

            You forgot to add that Xavier plays very good defense too


    lol Nick is a joker. I hope Kobe doesn’t give him the death stare if he messes up from time to time. It’s nice that Kobe is mentoring him though, so much for that talk about Kobe being difficult to play with. He has really taken a liking to Nick. People are saying Nick needs to get more assists but he’s there to be a scoring punch. If anything he needs to rebound more and play more defense. I think Byron Scott will bring that out of him.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    Dear Steve Nash,


    Don’t go out this way bro, don’t go out like a bum and shit. Train and condition your ass to get healthy for your last season. I hope you can play 15 minutes per game and 70 games is all I ask for. Don’t be like a lazy ass and sit out 70 games again for the 3rd season. Go out on a good note dude, don’t be like the guy who just sits around to collect his pay checks. I really don’t give a shit if your a Legend or one of the top 100 players of all-time. You certainly have been trash as a Laker. Stop playing Soccer or going on vacation trips bro, work out with your Canadian trainer like you did during mid season last year. Your back needs some conditioning, and playing Soccer does not help that. For once as a Laker, do something helpful and play about 70 games, please. The Lakers did you well by not stretching your fucking contract so you can remain close by with your daughters. Otherwise, your waived contract would have been picked up by some shitty team in the East and if you forfeit and retire, you would have lost over $6Million. I don’t need you to mentor Lin or Clarkson, I just want you to play. Please.


    Laker fan since Kobe was drafted.


    Fuck you, for playing the 10th game last season, you douche.

    • lakers2424

      i dont think its nash`sfault…. he is dealing with some pretty awful nerve damage and u can see he wants to play ne just cant… and being 40 doesnt really help either

  • Jason

    I read that with a big Nick Young smile in mind lol

  • Carlos Gonzan

    You’re not seriously comparing NIck young to Kobe. Nick Young is nothing more then a bench player who comes off the bench and gives you a quick jolt. His shot selection is horrible and he plays no defense. He get abused and I mean abused by guards and forwards. He does not belong on the courts for long periods of time. He is a 6th man at best. He hurts you more then he helps. That’s why every team he’s played for dumped him. Lakers are in a desperate situation and are loaded with scrubs. Ed Davis, Randle, Kobe, Kelly, and Jordan Hill are the only guys worth a damn. Maybe Clark remains to be seen. But the rest of clowns LIn, boozer, young, Johnson, Nash. It’s going to be a circus. Back to my point, please don’t ever compare nick young to KOBE again. That’s a major insult.

  • lakersrule24

    i mean the lakers roster isnt that bad…. its decent… and plus eric bledsoe is still there and it looks like phoenix is going to let him go

  • lakers2424

    and jeremy lin and carlos boozer are pretty decent pickups… if jeremy lin averages like 14 and 5 and boozer averages like 15 and 8… the lakers could be a 8th or seventh seed type of team

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