Nick Young Says Clutch Free Throws Biggest Moments Of Lakers Career

Nick Young Says Clutch Free Throws Biggest Moments Of Lakers Career


Nick YoungThe Lakers lost a heartbreaker to the Chicago Bulls tonight, getting beat on a last second lay-up by Taj Gibson. Nick Young had a monster game for the Lakers and did everything he could to get the Lakers the victory. Unfortunately, the Lakers lost 102-100.

Young had 31 points, five rebounds and two steals, but more importantly he drew a foul on Joakim Noah on a three-point shot attempt. Although it was a regular season game, Young felt an immense amount of pressure at the line according to Serena Winters.

Young would go on to make all three free throws and help the Lakers get to overtime. Young admitted the free throws were the biggest moment in his Laker career, even though it’s only been half of one season. He did have to hit three straight free throws in a row and also admitted that was the most pressure he had ever experienced as a NBA player.

Young’s effort the last couple of games has been valiant. He has single-handedly carried the scoring load for this team in the absence of Kobe Bryant. Young is earning himself a good paycheck next year, but this city would love for him to remain in the purple and gold.
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  • Jim213

    Good game (Young), but it’s obvious the team seriously lacks some inside presence.

    • Daryl Peek

      We could absolutely use more but Pau did a really good job today on the boards, protecting the rim and scoring in the post outside of in OT.

      I was shocked to see Pau being as forceful as he was up til OT. He looked like 2010 Gasol. The Young fiasco in Phoenix seems to have sparked the fight in these guys. They went head to head with a very good defensive team tonight and held their own. Turnovers was the difference. Marshall had his first bad game and Johnson was MIA.

      • Jim213

        You forgot about Pau’s 5 TO’s with Marshall’s 4. Unless TO’s don’t get addressed (which they won’t) don’t expect a possible win streak. They turned the ball over 10 times (vs. Raptors) and pulled out a win but the season only gets more challenging especially after the all star game when teams look to closeout the season strong.

        • kredo

          I’m pretty damn proud of my Lakers. Pissed about the loss last night, but we aren’t being blown out anymore. They are playing with heart. With Nash, Bryant, Blake, Henry, and Farmar all injured I would say I’m surprised we aren’t being steamrolled every game. Plus the emergence of Swaggy P is a great bonus. Hopefully he will be a laker for a long time to come.

        • MambaMentality24

          20pts, 19rebs,5blks, 3stl and you’re complaining about turnovers? Yes they do need to be addressed but the effort is definitely there.

          • Jim213

            Who’s complaining about Pau? TO’s and D hasn’t been addressed as far back as the start of the season.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Hire that one guy that used to play for Miami Jarvis Vernado shot blocker.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Good game Swaggy P aka The Future it would be sweet if we won that but its cool im happy you guys give your all that’s all I want from you guys this season L4L!!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Nick Young has been very impressive this season for the Lakers.#The Great One

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers record is 3-13 in their last 16 games played.I might just join team tank lol.