Nick Young On #STAYSWAG Campaign: ‘The Fans Love Me’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="283"] Nick Young became one of the most beloved Lakers on last season's team thanks to his innate scoring ability, and infectious personali [new_royalslider id="283"] Nick Young became one of the most beloved Lakers on last season's team thanks to his innate scoring ability, and infectious personali Rating: 0
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Nick Young On #STAYSWAG Campaign: ‘The Fans Love Me’

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Nick Young became one of the most beloved Lakers on last season’s team thanks to his innate scoring ability, and infectious personality.

With Young officially opting out of his contract with the Lakers, there has been a swell of support to keep Young in Los Angeles, most notably with Lakers Nation’s #StaySWAG campaign.

The L.A. Daily News’ Mark Medina recently asked Young about the campaign and he was thankful to the fans who contributed:

Growing up a Lakers fan, Young understands the history of the team, and the passion that the fans have. He embraces the spotlight of Los Angeles, and shines under pressure, something that many others have folded under with the Lakers.

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He has earned a bigger contract due to his play last year, and general manager Mitch Kupchak is hopeful that the Lakers will be able to bring him back, but that will all depend on how much money other teams will offer Young.

The Lakers are very adamant about maintaining their cap flexibility for next season and paying Young more than what they believe he is worth is unlikely to happen. Young indicated that he would take a pay cut to stay with the team, a good sign for Young fans.

If this does wind up being Young’s final season in Los Angeles, it was a fun ride, but the fans have clearly spoken as they are looking forward to Swaggy P being around for a long time.
Stay Swag Billboard

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Jim213

    For some but I’d prefer signing Bazemore, Meeks, Farmar, Brooks (camp invite), and X Henry the all around consistent players. These players can do both, put up points on the board and play defense. As Gasol and Hill will likely head elsewhere do Hill is more likely to not return IMO $$$.

    • Cuco

      Thing about Meeks, will he be as good as he was last season playing in a new offense that likely wont allow him to shoot whenever he wants? Its a toss up really. We cant tie him up after one good season, much like they did w Luke.

      • Jim213

        Meeks game continues to improve season after season. Out of all these players Bazemore is the true keeper but IMO they (5) can be acquired for $12 mil at minim IMO. If need be Bazemore and Meeks can be utilized to the starting rotation too.

    • DKWTTY

      Put up what points? How is Nick not consistent? Brooks and X are consistent? lol. They aren’t. Nick averaged more points in less minutes compared to Meeks and their 3 point shooting is is 38 to 40. I’d take Nick, Jodie, Kent, Jordan and maybe X back. You all don’t want a guy who scores 18 off the bench easy compared to some scrubs who get cut by teams weekly. Wow.

      • Jim213

        Smh, no starting an argument over Young but the TEAM needs players that can play on both sides of the floor. Let’s say FO ends up acquiring melo this off season. Between Kobe and Melo starting that would be were most of the offense would rely upon.

        Need defensive all around minded players as opposed to Young who’s capitalized on his opportunity given last season’s injuries. Don’t see Young getting minutes if they happened to make the playoffs next season.

        • DKWTTY

          This argument is soooo weak to me. Jodie Meeks is stopping who? Farmar is stopping who? The only guy on that list who can play defense is Kent Bazemore. You forget that collectively as a team they were all horrendous on defense? This defense thing with Nick get’s overblown and it’s becoming the new “Kobe doesn’t pass”. Youtube Nick’s defense last year.

          You can’t claim they are all around consistent players when night after night we’ve seen those guys struggle on defense AND even worse, offense. They are not consistent. There’s no such thing as what if they get Melo and relying on Kobe and Melo. Didn’t Miami just show us that 2 or 3 is not enough?

          Well if we need defensive all around players those scrubs you named aren’t it. Meeks was embarrassed nightly on defense. If Young capitalized on a bad year what does that say about Meeks then? Who played more minutes and scored less? So Young doesn’t get playoff minutes but you see who getting them? Xavier Henry, Jodie Meeks and Marshon Brooks? Wow.

          • Jim213

            Weak argument?! Back in the regular season I’d posted the defensive impact player ratings for most of the players. Young and Marshall had the worst ratings on the team as opponents scored more on them from inside.

            Bazemore and Brooks weren’t on the team at the time. Those stats support this view. My claim is these players place better effort on the defensive end and that’s what’s needed night in and out.

            Especially if FO manages to place a solid starting rotation on the floor for next season. Because these players won’t get the same amount of time on the floor as last season with a healthy roster. So as long as they play their role to the best of their ability that’s all one can ask of them.

            Team effort but ESPECIALLY DEFENSE! is required to win championships. Kobe and another top player (Melo?) will be reliant on the offensive end. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the team won’t have an impact offensively. But the offense would be reliant and Kobe and another offensive player night in and out.

            Those so called scrubs are the best option to help fill the 2nd unit as they have potential. Young, athletic, and will be better players down the road with the right coach who can get the best out of them next season.

            Young won’t be playing the same role as this past season and when FO acquires better players for the starting rotation the 2nd unit will have to limit their opponents impact on the floor. Defense will determine who gets minutes in the playoffs to help limit opponents.

          • laker mogul8888

            If young could just play d he would be an all around player. The lakers dont need one sided players that are just about scoring.

          • DKWTTY

            What was Kobe’s ranking? I’d like to see those stats. Unlike Kendall Marshall, Nick can shoot and score. The comparison is irrelevant. Nick is an asset, Marshall isn’t. So if you have no stats for those players you just mentioned how does that support your view? Nick tries as well and even took some charges. I don’t care if they put in “effort” and it doesn’t work and they also don’t put up any points – at that point they’re basically useless. Marshon Brooks is not good.

            Of course we need defense. That’s a given but I’m still not understanding how you hate Nick but are praising the rest of them when they suck too. That makes no sense.

            How did Kobe and Melo carrying the offense work for them these past few years???

            You are misunderstanding me. I want most of them for our bench but Nick included. That’s just dumb to not want him back. Why wouldn’t he be playing the same role next season if you want those same guys back for the second unit? There is a reason he was our 6th man, he was the best out of the group off the bench. The starting rotation will have no impact on what he does. His chemistry with Farmar is great too.

            So if a coach can get the best out of the others why can’t he do the same with Nick? A coach change with also change his mindset and make him work harder on defense. D’Antoni just let them do whatever, a new coach won’t allow Nick to do that and actually it works for the Clippers. Jamal Crawford doesn’t come in to stop anyone and play both sides. He comes in off the bench to score. I say $3 to $4 million is ideal.

          • Jim213

            Yes you give more precedent to offense as opposed to defense but don’t hate Young. Just believe he shouldn’t be considered for a big sum of $$. He’s moved around from team to team for a reason and tho yes he took advantage of this past season don’t see him having a big impact next season with a healthy roster and better starting rotation. No diss but your argument (offense over defense) is insubstantial.

          • DKWTTY

            Again everything you are saying about him can be applied to the other guys you are praising. You realize that right? He had one of the best seasons of his career. I never said offense over defense. Your argument that we need defense but you want Meeks, Brooks, Henry and Farmar back is insubstantial. So you basically want a bench full of guys who can’t shoot and score and who also can’t play defense over a guy who can score and plays a little defense? Yeah okay.

          • Jim213

            You mean clownish players who can’t give 100% effort? No, smh. Lol you actually believe FO will let the whole roster go with the amount of salary tied UP? This is to bring back the more promising players to the 2nd unit (not talking about all stars players here smh). Analysts also mentioned a similar scenario being required changes needed once Kobe returns tho if FO manages to produce a healthy lineup.

            Get it you favor Young, I could care less b/c there are better all around players that can be acquired who also would like to play for the Lakers and show more than certain players this past season given they had a full season to play. Don’t dislike Young but wouldn’t bring him back. However, FO will decide. :P

          • DKWTTY

            Clownish who don’t give effort? You call fighting an entire other team no effort? While the scrubs you are praising sat by and did NOTHING? Where was the Laker pride? They don’t have any. Why would you want those types of players on your team who don’t get angry when they are losing? WHERE DID I SAY THEY’D LET THE WHOLE ROSTER GO? WHERE? I KNOW THAT! We are talking about bench players!!!!!!!!! DUH!

            You keep saying that but are giving NO examples of these better available options. The only reason “FO” wouldn’t bring him back is if he requires too much money, not because he isn’t an “all around player”. You’d be dumb to take any of those scrubs over Nick Young. Trust the FO knows THAT!

          • Jim213

            Wow you’re really sold on Young. Good luck on that but the other so called scrubs (better options) are what will help them next season. I’ve posted and given enough info in the past to back up my argument. IMO, Young will take his act elsewhere with the better available options FO has but you still haven’t presented anything to back up your argument.

            One on one street ball Young wouldn’t beat any of my preferred options. The other players are more aggressive FACT! and given his inability to bang inside he’d likely settle for too many jumpers. It’s a mental thing but if Scott is hired don’t think he’d be fond of Young too as the same can be said for #24. :P

          • DKWTTY

            Listen I’m not going to argue about this for days on end. I’m sold on Nick when you’re comparing him too….nobody. I’ve yet to see the list of these other better all around players we can get for cheap. If Nick Young leaves he’ll be dead to me just like almost all other players on other teams(Save for a few that I am a fan of like KD, Melo, D-Rose). Whats not to be sold? He played his ass off. Gave us 18 points off the bench.

            How is them being more aggressive a fact? LOL! Where was there aggressive when Nick was being jumped by the Phoenix Suns? Doing what they usually do….nothing. You gotta be the only person in the world sold on Jodie Meeks, Xavier Henry and Marshon Brooks(LMAO) as the saviors for our Lakers. Wow you even hate Kobe. If it were up to you we’d be the Los Angeles D-League All Star Lakers.

          • Jim213

            LOL, if it were up to you we’d have no defense. Tell that too Marshall, Kaman, Kelly, who were on the floor too as believe the same goes for Meeks. Seen it all lol… a player who acts clownish and yes sticks up for himself is seen as a better player than the one’s who can also put up points and play defense?! lol your opinion. But if he sticks around which I wouldn’t care for $3 mil or less stick around because the others will out hustle him.

            Young’s not gonna be shooting all those shots as last season with #24 and another potential star on the floor. So if he can’t shoot it as much he’ll be a defensive stopper to help the team LOL. The only defense he’s shown that many can recall was taking that famous charge as Farmar (humorously put it) . Bet you probably work at LN’s or something similar but put your name out there show you have some merit rather than come up with some weird alias smh.

            If Young sticks around don’t expect the player of old b/c he took advantage of the opportunity (offense) as he should’ve but that doesn’t mean he’ll complement bench players who should be able to play tough D. That’s all I’m saying yet all you can come up with is Young? for the bench lol.These players mentioned again are for the bench… FO isn’t going to sign a new bench. They’ll help the starting rotation LOL tho saving the team relies on the starter’s we all know that smh.

            You’ll probably change your alias down the road too if Young returns as we’ll see who out hustle’s who LOL.

          • DKWTTY

            1 man does not determine an entire teams defense. No one in their right mind passes up on an offensive power because you believe his defense isn’t up to par. Unlike offense, you can teach and beat it into guys heads that they need to play defense. How many tongue lashing can change those scrubs into shooters though? Alright then. What are you talking about? Clownish because he has personality? Nick isn’t a clown on the court. He knows when it’s time to go to work.

            1. Guy gives you 18 a night, a little defense
            2. Guy who can’t score for his life, a little defense

            And you’d pick guy #2? LMAO! Wow. Young will be coming off the bench. What part of that do you not understand? Him and Kobe and this so called other “star” we are getting won’t be on the floor then. There are no guarantees we make a free agent splash. Haha I so wish I did work for LN. That would be a dream come true but sorry I don’t. I just like Nick to come back unless we can find someone that is guaranteed to be better. Why do I have to keep repeating myself? Are you Jodie? Marshon? Xavier? See how foolish that is?

            You keep saying that but what about MEEKS who you are in love with? You think he’s going to be effective when he’s BACK on the bench with Kobe back? The fuck did Meeks do on the bench? Nothing! What did he do with all that opportunity with Kobe out the WHOLE season? Oh I know-score less than Nick and got embarrassed on a nightly basis, remember how many times his ankles got snapped? I DO! You are obviously NOT reading what I said. You’re ranting on and repeating the same thing because you are reading and comprehending what I am saying!! Who are your replacements options? So Meeks, Brooks, Henry is our bench. God damn they’d get blown out every night-oh wait….they did already!

            Your obsession with aliases is bizarre. Why are you so paranoid? I can admit to being wrong and unless I get banned I will be here and admit to being wrong. Can you say the same? I really don’t care but as of right now I want Nick back, I also want Meeks back and Farmar. You see I’ll say it for the last time-I want most of them back for the BENCH UNIT! Stop upvoting your own comments too.

          • Jim213

            ?! Let’s see Melo or Young? lol (SF) smh. A consistent starter over an inconsistent one? (smh). However, it’s not that I hate Young but his antics are childish, played out now. He almost believes he’s the mayor of LA or something.

            Took advantage of last year but things will be different if he sticks around especially with Scott or Hollins defensive minded coaches. Stick around we’ll find out if he so happens to return next season. LOL.

          • DKWTTY

            Thank you for again proving you aren’t reading or can’t comprehend what you read.

            1.There is no telling if Melo comes to LA with many other teams better off than us
            2. Nick is a bench player, he won’t be starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Okay Nick is a clown, he likes attention. Who cares so long as he puts up numbers and does what he has to do.

            I see you can’t answer me so you resort to what you always do-repeating yourself. Yawn. Meeks was trash and didn’t take advantage of Kobe being out so there goes your argument out the window. We’ll agree to disagree.

          • Jim213

            Why shouldn’t we care?… how about #24s more focused on competing rather than antics. But don’t read your post fully…very unsubstantiated info that Young took advantage of this seasonj given the injuries and should be put before more rounded players. SMH

            Meeks is the better player out of the two and mentally sound than Young. Congratulate Meeks for his dedication in seeking higher education too (recent grad). Yet we see Young out there in LA clubs absorbing the limelight while mixing with the crowds who light it up while being caught on camera. lol… can bring up the Gilbert arenas issue back in the day too. dedication yes smh.

            Laker dedication and hard work indeed… lol please put the pipe down. If Young goes great if he stays stick around and be amazed at his mediocre ways given he’ll have to bang now and play some D when the future coach arrives. Nick’s career has taken him both ways as a starter and bench player for those mediocre teams.

            Fact: Nick was brought in to shoot the ball not pass it or
            play defense given last year’s circumstances that also involved #24 AT injury. Again vfy for yourself Young was brought in as a shooter not to pass or play defense but too shoot. He helped the team out but he’ll no longer be relied upon to hold the ball and make shots like he did this
            past season.

            Yes I know it’s hard to decipher this info given your
            belief but if he stays for $3 mil cool (trade bait possibly down the road) have better options that rely more on the defensive end as opposed to Young’s offensive only mentality.

            http://www.nbclosangeles. com/blogs/triple-threat/Lakers-Nick-Young-staying-bench-230535401.html

            Can post 25+ articles but it’s a lost cause. Keep posting your lost cause smh. If he stays for $3 mil cool as then we’ll see how he does against the more focused/motivated teammates tho he’d likely be traded down the road 9if contract more than a yr. Move the manure out of the way and smell the real air. Although, if you’re female disregard.

            Not dissing Young but if he’s the go to guy on the bench don’t think so as this has been argued before a few years back SMH.

            http://kevinbroom. com/2011/02/08/a-further-look-at-nick-young/

            LOL… don’t expect a reply after this one. $3 mil at most. good luck tho

          • DKWTTY

            18 points average off the bench is clown behavior? You’ve YET to explain how that’s clown behavior. #24 can hope and pray on contending all he wants but the reality is we won’t be unless we get a miracle this off season “blah blah blah”? That’s not a fucking argument. Nick took advantage? I’ll ask for the 90TH TIME why didn’t Jodie Meeks take advantage then since you love him so much?? Bullshit!

            Now you’re bringing up irrelevant non-basketball related shit. Who gives a fuck what Meeks does in the offseason? School isn’t for everybody. FOH with that. What Laker dedication does Meeks have? Where was he when Nick was being jumped by the Phoenix Suns? You think fans would let is pass if Kobe had to fight 5 players while bitchass Meeks stood there? He has no Laker pride. It’s just a check to him.

            You’re rambling. Nothing you’re saying makes sense. Nick was brought in as a shooter and what was Meeks brought in for? To be a defensive specialist? Bwahahahahahaha. It’s not hard to decipher-I’ve said that about twenty times already but you can’t comprehend what you read or are too in love with your own opinions to grasp what I am saying.

            One article supposed to prove what? With our bottom seeded defense Jodie Meeks starting did what exactly? You can’t bench both of them. LMAO! Now you’re a misogynist to boot. Wow. What a great person you are.

            Yes let’s get rid of Nick and his 18 points and keep Meeks, his weak defense and his 8 points, oh and keep the scrubs Henry and Brooks. Your b-ball IQ is terrible. I don’t give a fuck is Nick goes or stays-we’ll still suck.

          • Jim213

            18 points average off the bench is clown behavior? How about off the court antics? (business after all). Smh, just as the former coach said last season too, Meeks,was one of the most consistent players this past season. Stop it, your argument is pointless now.

            Non basketball related shit? Wtf, same shit that get’s posted by sites from analyst/writers with regards to player analysis. You don’t have an argument to stand on on this one. To no surprise Young isn’t with the Wizards now. right… wonder why? Meeks was brought in as a role player who has more upside than Young.

            Stop it already lol. Meeks is a better role player than Young who took advantage of the lack of offense from last years roster. It’ll be different next year. For the 5000th time if he signs for $3 mil cool but better players shouldn’t be overlooked. Bazemore wasn’t offered an extension to save cap but he”d be considered before young.

            Again, (no diss) all you talk about is Young’s 18 pts avg with a screwed up starting rotation thanks to the former coach. Hasn’t done shit in the past and don’t expect him to all of a sudden become the sixth man of the starting rotation. If he’s reacquired stick around and we’ll re-argue this topic at the half way point of next season. Although, doubt you’d be around given your alias. Disregard if you’re female tho (no diss).

          • DKWTTY

            What does Nick going to clubs have to do with the NBA and the Lakers? he’s 29 years old. Should he stay home and be boring like you? Stop being ridiculous and mentioning irrelevant stuff. Yeah yeah Meeks is God, best defender, best shooter of all time. Yeah but facts say otherwise. So you’re using the media and analyst as your argument? Because they didn’t do the same thing with Kobe and his FALSE rape case, right? That sure did effect his basketball skills. LMAO!! Your argument is weak as evidenced by the fact that you haven’t used ONE fact yet.

            You’re mocking Nick and trying to use something against him that goes for Jodie Meeks too, who you are advocating for. You don’t see how that’s stupid? Why is Jodie not with the 76ers? Or the Bucks? SAME THING!

            Stop what? Do I have to write it in braille next? I agree with the $3 million thing. Yes I agree but who are these better players? We’ve argued for days and you still haven’t given a player who will be cheaper and better. We can have Nick AND Jodie you know, if the price is right. It’s not one or the other type thing.

            Listen. I’m saying that because you keep saying he took advantage with a bad team and no Kobe so I’m asking if he can do that without Kobe why couldn’t Meeks? You can’t grasp that? Why didn’t Meeks score more since he’s so good and with NO KOBE?

            There you go with that alias shit again. You must be off your meds, you’re very paranoid. I said I WILL be back to brag that I was right OR admit I was wrong. Are you willing to do that if Meeks is trash next year? Doubt it. I’m not arguing with you anymore because you’re an insecure misogynistic pig. “No diss” but this woman just beat you in a sports debate and your fragile male ego can’t handle it. Explains your fall back and use of ad hominem tactics instead of facts.

      • dollarbill4life

        I like Swag, but we need perimeter defenders. If you don’t have a rim protector, which we don’t, then you need guys who are going to get on the perimeter and play some damn defense. Defense is not one of Swag’s “strong suits”.

        • DKWTTY

          And the same goes for all the other guys he wants back so…

          • dollarbill4life

            You can keep a sand bag or two on defense if you bring a few good perimeter defenders to supplement them.

    • dollarbill4life

      Meeks plays no defense. Henry is injury-prone and has limited range. I’d
      bring Farmar, Brooks and Bazemore to camp. Hill should be re-signed.
      Let Pau walk. Signing Lowery is a long shot. We need a rim protector
      and/or perimeter defenders who are athletic and committed to the
      defensive end of the floor. I would avoid signing those one year guys, too.

      • Jim213

        Bazemore is the best prospect out of all of them. Henry just suffered one injury and took his time as he should given they weren’t going anywhere. Hill will likely end up elsewhere for the right price. Don’t get me wrong not sold on Meeks too as been a proponent of his this past season.

        But have to make the most of the available players given there isn’t a quick fix with close to half the salary tied up. Like Farmar but given his constant re-aggravated injury I’d be cautious about signing him to a 2-3 year deal at most. But I’d give him another shot next season in a back up role to show that he’s bounced back. Plays defense and can help to guard quicker guards.

        • dollarbill4life

          I’d bring Brooks back, too. Mike D’Asshole never gave him a long look. Where are we gonna get a center? I think Gortat is available, but he blocks few shots. I would have drafted the injured big man from Kansas and waited for injury to heal by January. It’s scary to say this, but the Lakers may bring Kamen back.

          • Jim213

            A few options IMO,

            RFA, Ed Davis PF/C- Grizzlies (young tho a 50/50 shot given the $5+ mil pay hike RFA) Given M Gasol and Zach are getting plenty of playtime hearing that the Grizz will pass on him and not match a high offer

            UFA, *Marcin Gortat C- Wizards (if Pau doesn’t return he’d be a solid CONSISTENT option for less$ but doubtful given a possible 1 yr. deal from FO)

            If FO’s done their homework they’d be looking overseas to acquire another center. Plenty of talent overseas tho finding a player that could have an immediate impact will be the challenge IMO.

          • dollarbill4life

            Davis is a scrub. Gortat is slightly better than Kamen, but neither blocks shots or plays physical. The Lakers need a head banger in the paint, not a finesse guy.

            Since when has Mitch ever done his homework?

          • Jim213

            This is more of a question for FO but proof is in the pudding. The (5) position has changed as opposed to previous play but not a quick fix. Unless Pau decides to return for less (temp fix) but overseas is a different scene as FO doesn’t have too much of a reach overseas when looking for talent. With you on the Lakers needing a banger inside ,

            Been saying that since the regular season but unless Greg Monroe is overpaid seems the quicker options who’d be able to have an impact are minimal. However, with Randle being drafted he’ll help out inside no doubt. But best to acquire a banger (5) inside tho may not be addressed soon but down the road.

          • dollarbill4life

            Monroe is restricted and I have a feeling a team like Atlanta will snap up Gortat. As far as addressing the need for a center, this is a very bad spot for the Lakers to be in.

            I think it’s best to let Pau walk. He’s really starting to break down now. Drafting Randle was a step in the right direction.

  • Jet Hampton

    All 3 of you are dumb as hell. The can’t carry Swaggyp Nick Young shoes.. We are talking basketball, not playing with your balls.

    • Jim213

      More like two but tell that to your mom.

  • Javon Newton

    He played in the playoffs for clippers hit a game winner and two threes before nick is nice no matter wat you say and defense is a team effort not one player meeks has defense but hes to short so it doesn’t effect pepole beside his offballbsteals

  • Barry Bunes

    This fan does not love you. Your a hot dog without mustard who does not play defense

  • Guest

    Meeks plays no defense. Henry is injury-prone and has limited range. I’d bring Farmar, Brooks and Bazemore to camp. Hill should be re-signed. Let Pau walk. Signing Lowery is a long shot. We need a rim protector and/or perimeter defenders who are athletic and committed to the defensive end of the floor.

  • Joseph Apohen

    Swaggy P is exciting and entertaining. I enjoy watching him score and he will score a lot. Lakers would be dumb if they don’ sign him.

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