Nick Young Compares Lakers Locker Room To ‘Funeral’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_89764" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports[/caption]Following the loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night [caption id="attachment_89764" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports[/caption]Following the loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night Rating: 0
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Nick Young Compares Lakers Locker Room To ‘Funeral’

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Following the loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night on the road, the Los Angeles Lakers leading scorer Nick Young spoke in the locker room. Young compared the state of the locker room to a funeral via Bill Oram of the OC Register:

With the Lakers losing eight of last nine games, the team has hit a brick wall with the squad seemingly unable to get anything going no matter the competition. Along with the constant struggles on the road or at home, the Lakers are still without Kobe Bryant, Xavier Henry, Steve Blake and Steve Nash.

As for Young, the team will take another severe blow if the Sixth Man of the Year candidate can’t get back on the floor against the Houston Rockets or in the near future. Young’s back injury hasn’t been diagnosed as of yet, even though it was suffered in the loss to the Denver Nuggets, but if it is considered serious the team will be without its leading scorer.

Young is currently averaging 16.6 points per game and has been a constant scoring threat off the bench for the Lakers.
Lakers News: Lakers Waive Forward Shawne Williams

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  • Downtoearth2

    MDA is Lakers ‘s false hope. He came just to destroy Lakers legacy, after golden years.

    • Juan Toral

      …As much as I was initially optimistic about the MDA hiring, is as much the pessimistic I am about it, today… Ownership along with Management, obviously did not like how much MDA played Williams, and therefore cut him… They also did not sign Kaman, on a mid-level contract, to waste away on the bench, either.
      …Besides all of MDA’s other shortcomings, I believe these two issues, on their own merits, has proven to the Lakers’ brass that he is not the coach to lead them to the promised land and will ultimately have MDA’s days as the Lakers coach, numbered… I will be very surprised if MDA is still here next year.

      • DanFromMV

        They cut Williams because his contract wasn’t guaranteed and they are trying to minimize their luxury tax

        • Juan Toral

          Not at all the case… Williams was
          cut, firstly because he was a liability, and secondly to open up a
          roster spot for any future incoming trade… His contract had about
          1/2 million guaranteed left to pay on it, not much in the way of
          saving money in taxes.

        • Juan Toral

          Not at all the case… Williams was cut, firstly because he was a liability, and secondly to open up a roster spot for any future incoming trade… His contract had about 1/2 million guaranteed left to pay on it, not much in the way of saving money in taxes.

    • Gregory Choa

      Yeah, that’s the spirit!

  • Kristoffer Viloria

    Lakers need to trade Pau ASAP!

  • Tanking Is For LosersCheaters

    Most the guys playing on the Lakers will be janitors somewhere in a few years.A lot of the guys on the Lakers will be broke in a few years working as a janitor somewhere.Many of these guys will be begging for money on a street corner.Just sad how bad the Lakers are this season.Mike D’Antoni ruined the Lakers legacy forever in a matter of 1 year and 3 months SMH in disbelief.God is watching you.

    • Jim213

      Took it to the extreme SMH. But don’t blame the players as many of them have had limited roles thus far within their nba career. However, they failed to capitalize on the opportunity to really increase their value $$. Yet I can’t help to think that the coach’s rotation hasn’t helped.

      There’s been many games in which kaman and Pau could’ve been utilized as opposed to S Williams given his inconsistent play and yet the coach still went too deep within the roster given players major minutes rather than stick to the players would’ve won him games.

      With that said FO GET’S MOST OF THE BLAME. Why blame the players who’ve seem to play better today (at least hustling) than the first few games of the season. This is why FO gets the blame foremost for failing to make the right moves to place the best competitive product on the floor which really involves placing an all around team on the floor as opposed to bringing in a so called star player.

  • Nick the Quick

    Can someone create a fire MDA petition or something! I bet Del Harris can do a better job than him.

    • Matt Williams

      I’m on it. Creating the petition now.

      • Slava Meeks

        Thank you me and about 10 others that i know will sign it.Thanks.

  • Lakers Fan

    Just imagine the locker room when they see their record at the end of this road trip…

    • DanFromMV

      That’s why they don’t have to “tank”. The losing will feed on itself and they will climb the Ping-Pong ball count. Too bad the Eastern Conference has so many bad teams.

  • Daryl Peek

    They played better than I thought they would tonight but the mood in the locker room is in part due to the waiving of Williams. Shawne was well liked and had gotten very close with Young and Hill. This grroup is truly losing their will to compete and those that are blaming D’Antoni need to wake up. Injuries first and foremost coupled with the outside noise is the problem.

    • Jim213

      50/50 on you with that but in a similar story the Suns lost to the Bulls today who where disappointed and upset to lose Deng per comment/twitter too. But the win really has to do with having a better starting rotation aside of hustlers and bangers inside.

      Most of their points came from inside the paint as the Bulls lack shooters aside of 2-3 reliable ones. Just came down to hustle and them wanting it more and not b/c of Deng (STOP IT, PUN).

      • Daryl Peek

        The Bulls have a much more long tenured together group than we do and a very tough minded HC in Thibs. They also don’t have as many injuries as we do.

        Boozer Gibson, Noah and Hinrich have all been playing together for several years. That kind of continuity makes for a more cohesive team that can handle the absence of both Rose and Deng. They are playoff battle tested without Rose and have been without Deng for long stretches this season already.

        • kobe24

          Hate to disturb your conversation (which seems like a fine one)

          What do you guys think about Lionel Hollins as coach???

          • Daryl Peek

            I like Hollins but coaching is not our problem. Injuries. Too much change is an issue also. We need to find an identity be it MDA or someone else and stick with it for a few seasons so continuity can build consistency.

          • Jim213

            Never heard you bring up the CONSISTENCY. But I’d try Mike Budenholzer, Popovichs’s right hand man now who’s moved up the ladder since joining the staff in 1995.

            True knowledge of Popovich’s style and adaptations though not a proven HC but the resume shows franchise loyalty with one franchise (Spurs) as rumors are that he’d likely replace Popovich once he retires.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Chemistry can only get you as much… talent and able bodies factors into winning as well… injuries has depleted this roster, and has left it with basically no one at the Guard position… nobody on their right mind should expect the team to win with such number of injuries to key players.

          • Jim213

            No diss but you seem to go with the flow of their current losing streak? Disagree, now at best they’re a 500 avg. team but no excuses to not beating team’s that have similar situations or lack an actual starting 5 roster. Could’ve made the playoffs (with healthy roster) but now it’s just fighting to finish 500 IMO.

          • Daryl Peek

            Richard is absolutely right. No team could win with the amount of injuries this group of Lakers has had to endure. No FO could’ve done anything about a situation like this. No HC could keep it together any better.

            Kobe, Nash, Blake Farmar, Henry, that’s five ball handlers out in a PG oriented system. Coach Pop and the Spurs would lose in those circumstances. Now add in Gasol Kaman, Hill, Johnson, and Young who’ve been injured or sick, and lets not forget Kelly started the season in recovery mode from off-season surgery.

            It was amazing D’Antoni was able to groom chemistry at all this season. Outside of Nash, and Kobe you could not predict or prepare for this number of injuries. Bad luck for these Lakers.

          • Jim213

            You seem to believe that FO has placed the best product on the floor and as a result of injuries the team has played bad ball/losing streak? SMH If that was the case I don’t believe that everyone would be making a big deal out of things given the expectations of this team.

            This season is the opposite of last season as injuries aside of not being able to build chemistry hurt last year’s team who had championship expectations. But I’m not blaming the coach for the current condition of the team (like others) it’s his inability to go with or have a better of of who to play to pull those close wins out.

          • Daryl Peek

            No Jim, you are confused or refuse to understand there was no ability to put a better product on the court. End of FO bashing story.

          • Jim213

            Daryl this doesn’t just correlate to this season given it’s been building up bad moves. The FO bashing will only grow with the masses and will slow when they prove otherwise.

          • Daryl Peek

            No FO is perfect. We’ve gone over this a million times. The reason we are where we are has been chopped up already. It is what it is.

          • Jim213

            Been through this many many times but the proof is in the putting as the chants will only increase for the ineptness of FO.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Have to disagree with you Jim… no team the Lakers faced so far have the same number of injuries to key players let alone a Kobe type player. NO comparison in that area. Secondly, before the start of the season, everybody said, this team is an 8th seed even if Kobe is healthy, how much more having decimated with injuries as it is. thirdly, I am not going with the flow and tanking, tanking should not even be mentioned along side Lakers. I want them to go hard at it every game, I want to see them fight, WIN or LOSE. I don’t get excited much about wins, and I don’t get too down on loses. It’s just the way it is for this team at this point of the season… No continuity, lack of able bodies, and lack of leadership. How do you expect them to win? The best we can expect of them is to see that they battle it hard on the hardwood and let the chip fall where they may. Not tanking of going with the flow.

          • Jim213

            Sounds like you believe that we lack starters aside of PG’s. Would’ve agreed with you on the 8th seed if the team hadn’t exceed expectations at the start being that they kept battling and had a better record than so called analyst thought. They basically believed that Kobe would’ve returned to his high level of play from the start which we shouldn’t have perceived as I and others have said.

            It was going to take time for Kobe to return to his level of play as we’ve observed upon his return. Aside of that we ain’t tanking though if the team plays less than 500 it won’t be mostly due to effort. This team had played better than most had believed even after the injuries of Kobe, Nash, as Farmar and Blake showed that they could carry the load too to help the team win games which I’d strongly believed Pau would’ve needed to assume the role.

            The team has just enough as the coach has recently mentioned to play and win games but the issue IMo is the belief of the players settling for mediocrity and losses that’s hurt the mood of the locker room. But like I’ve said in the past I don’t care if they lose as long as they hustle for those 48 minutes which them seem to be doing for 24-36 minutes of games today as opposed to the 48.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Jim, you have to account the history of these players…either they came from teams with losing mentality…or rookies and that counts a lot toward having mental toughness specially when pressure is at its greatest. That is what is left for MDA to work with. all his veterans, aside of Pau are injured, and Kaman, who doesn’t seem to play within the offensive or defensive philosophy they want to run.

          • DanFromMV

            And the roster (sans Kobe and Nash) wasn’t very good to start with.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Lakers core of Kobe, Nash, Pau can be as good as any team when fully healthy and in tune. the rest of the team are called supporting casts… they shouldn’t be looked upon as game changers. That’s the mistake of many in this blog. They forgot to looked at the players as they are. There is a reason why these players have nothing to show yet in their career aside from playing in the NBA.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I am with you on continuity and consistency… that is why, I am not against trading Pau if MDA is going to be the coach for next 3-4 years… we got to get players that can play a fast pace than Pau…

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Why the down vote?

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            If we keep Pau Gasol beyond this season… I would like to have Hollins in as coach… him and Kobe plays very well in a half-court deliberate type of pace…

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      You sound like a broken record.

      • Daryl Peek

        Does that mean I’m not speaking truth? The players on the team sound like a broken record in post game interviews. I see you hating on me. smh

        The funny thing is, I may disagree with others but never get personal. I just argue the given facts.

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          haha. You get personal with me every time you respond to one of my posts – starting with telling me to “kick rocks” about my lebron james comment. You speak about 50% truth – absolving the coach of all responsibility for the lugubrious nature of the locker room and poor collective chemistry (especially with us being the worst 3rd quarter team in the NBA) – is just bs. The nuggets are riddled with injuries but they could still get up enough to woop us around the floor. You ride the homer card so hard it just needs to be called out. I smh at most of your posts because they are not fact based – just lukewarm opinions of stating the obvious to further forum conversation. If you were quoting the players or coaches directly – going out and doing real recon – i would give your statements much more credence. But you are nothing more than an armchair sociologist.

          • Daryl Peek

            Almost half the team is and has been injured but it’s the coaches fault? But I’m the armchair sociologist. OK LMAO

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Why is it that we always compete in the first half and get BLOWN out every time in the second half? Riddle me that.

            The glue guy early in the season was steve blake – he doesnt get hardly enough credit for his impact on chemistry. In absence of those players it is the coaches job to rally the troops around hardnosed D and competing – rather than laying over and dying and playing solo ball come the second half.

            And we are are the 3rd worst defensive team in the league. That comes from poor scheming and turning the ball over like its something to do.

          • Daryl Peek

            “Rockets center Dwight Howard said Houston’s central focus in halftime adjustments Wednesday night was to stop Marshall from getting into the paint, and the Lakers scored just 15 points in the third quarter to lose their lead. Eight of Marshall’s 13 shots and three of his six turnovers came in that third quarter.”

            Since we’ve lost our main ball handlers this has become our third quarter plight, something that started before Marshall. Riddle solved.

            Agreed on the Blake factor. I’m one of the biggest defenders of Blake. I caught hell for defending him over the last few seasons.

            Now as for the defense and competing, were gonna agree to disagree on that. Rambis is in charge of the defense. Both he and MDA have done all they can to implore communication and hustle on defense. We saw this at times when the bench mob was fully healthy.

            You seem to be like others in here who want to completely disregard the injury plight?!?

            The turnovers are a direct by product of constant line up change also. The continuity of consistency cannot be built when you have so many injuries to you primary ball handlers in a PG driven system.

            But i know, I’m just an armchair sociologist with magnifying thick homer glasses on when it come to the coaches and FO.

  • LakersLife

    get sloan please..

  • Brandon Leong

    Just stick with the team guys, we are already in tanking mode if you didn’t already realise

  • jake mendez

    What do you guys think of Stan Van Gundy. He is the one who really make the 2006 heat a championship teambefore pat riley took the team from him because he knew the team had a big chance. and when Van Gundy was the magic HC they went to finals against us… and the sistem that he used with magics can be use with the this lakers team, because he used a lot of three pointers.

    • DanFromMV

      He will be a good choice when they have rebuilt the roster…in 2020.

  • Robert Sacre Full Time

    Lakers are tanking this season away.Tanking is a horrible thing to do all it does is ensure you will be back to the lottery again and again.Accepting losing on this level is just pathetic it is something that can stick with a team for several years.Mike D’Antoni is about .500 as Lakers coach and this season he will dip way below .500 overall as Lakers coach.MDA is 60% of the problem and the players are 40% of the problem.

    Lets hope the Lakers fire Mike D’Antoni after this road trip.I can guarantee you all that no college player can save this team from where it is right now.matter of fact Michael Jordan in his prime can’t save this Lakers team that’s how bad the current roster is constructed.

    Not even Phil Jackson and Popp and Spoelstra with Pat Riley could save this garbage Lakers team.Yes it’s how bad the roster is constructed right now,the problem is 40% the players and that means get new players that can actually play basketball the right way.Using the Draft to rebuild takes way too long just remember Pat Riley saying it takes too long to build through the draft oh it’s best to build a team fast through free agency and trades.No team that has tanked is a champion overnight unless you are the Spurs after getting Tim Duncan.But that is a very rare occasion that a team was a winner after tanking.

    Fact a rebuilding project takes usually 5 years minimum and many times up to 8 years of rebuilding.The Suns are still rebuilding after 3 losing seasons and Bucks and the Kings seem to be bottom feeders every year tanking the season away.Orlando is in full tank mode the last 2 seasons since losing Dwight Howard.

    Tanking is a bad idea and it will set this franchise back many years if they decide to tank every season until they have enough pieces to compete.Reality is the Lakers have a Top 5 protected pick traded to Phoenix for 2015 and the 2017 First Round Pick is sent to Orlando so potentially the Lakers will not get out of rebuilding until 2020 since picks will be missed due to bad trades by Mitch.The Lakers Front Office is terrible and those guys are stupid idiots that have no idea about basketball.Mike D’Antoni is stupid fire him.

  • Blake Steve Believe

    Mike D’Antoni is doing a terrible job as Lakers head coach and he should be fired right away.The Lakers play zero defense and the offense looks terrible because the players fumble the passes and they miss wide open shots.Hell i have seen more missed lay ups and dunks this season more than ever before.

    The team shoots a low field goal % and Mike Dumbtoni the phony keeps messing up the rotations and patterns the team has no shot to win any games this way.Jim Buss hired Mike D’Antoni and he is probably planning on giving him his pink slip very soon well it’s just smart to know that Jim Buss will fire his ass.Mitch Kupchak might get fired or at the very least demoted if he keeps on making bad trades and horrible signings like the Chris Kaman signing yikes that was pure garbage.Lakers defense is so bad throw it in the trash and come up with a better defensive game plan.

    Mitch is hoping Kendall Marshall+Jodie Meeks+Nick Young save his job good luck with that one.Yeah the Lakers are in need of a team leader and if Kendall Marshall is that leader of men then start proving it now since the Lakers need at least some proof this can be saved by a true leader of men.Kendall Marshall and Jodie Meeks have been selected as the saviors of the Lakers Franchise for the near future.

    I believe in Kendall Marshall and Jodie Meeks as being a great backcourt it looks like they work well together and Meeks has his numbers in scoring go way up and become consistent since the passing prodigy Kendall Marshall was inserted into the lineup.Kendall reminds me of Jason Kidd with his passing ability and he has some Tony Parker moves when he scores.Gets to the rim and finishes.Kendall Marshall is a great passer with great court vision awareness.

    Save The Lakers Foundation.Lakers FO are inept and MDA is a clueless putz.Fire everyone if this team can’t get it right.Hire Jeanie and Phil.Appoint a new head coach if this coach fails to make the playoffs.

  • Swaggy P Is A Lakers Fan

    Lakers suck this season.Mike D’Antoni needs to be fired RIGHT NOW!

  • Kinky MDA Offense

    Nick Young is right.Lakers are in a hell hole and nothing can save them.It’s Hell.

  • 3339

    seriously the Lakers are lost. I really can’t believe any true Laker fan thinks dantoni is the right fit for us. I guarantee that you could give dantoni a healthy Lakers roster and he will still mess it up. dantoni’s coaching career is all due to Steve Nash.
    We are seriously dantoni’s Knicks. Hopefully Mitch brings in better players against dantoni’s wishes (like Melo in NY) and he quits because Jimmy can’t see that dantoni stinks.

  • cooldad

    everything it is the management fault the past trade Kupcake give away our draft pick trading and picking wrong player , keeping Ebank , also Walton for so long before get rid of him. Since kupcake took over , first mission was a failure he pick up on the way their down fall like Peyton , Karl Malone etc identical now like Nash and keeping Pau every year is average falling does not have capability to be a leader for the younger players he just a cry baby girl. If you are great player any coach he play or any system change he can protect the middle and strong in offense too. Big man can plays inside or outside if you are great. LikE KAREEM . Akeem, Chief,etc..

  • Rob

    ok, the Lakers are supposed to have the best training and therapy crew in the NBA, but obviously something is wrong. For two years straight they have had nothing but injury after injury. Someone needs to look into what the heck is happening over here. There is no other team that is even close to all of the injuries the Lakers have. Just freaking disgusting and frustrating. Dantoni does need to go. I gave him a fair shake when most were hating but the guy cannot coach defense, which would be the only way we can win right now

  • Joseph

    Fire Mike D’Antoni please. #WeWantPhil

    • Christopha007

      Why would Phil want to come and coach a D_League Roster? Why would you want to put him through that? This roster couldn’t do much better with Phil…there is no substitute for lack of talent and healthy guards!

  • Gregory Choa

    It amazes me that fans continue to equate a team patently decimated by injuries to sucking / bad coaching / tanking / not playing defense. Do you guys realize we have two…count ‘em, 2…healthy guards on our 14 man roster at the moment? There is NO WAY any team can be expected to win games in this league with that kind of attrition rate…just not possible. Effective team defense is born from continuity and chemistry within its personnel – when players are being constantly shuttled in and out of the lineup, continuity on defense and offense cannot be achieved. Can’t blame the coach for this…you can’t even blame the healthy players…it’s just bad freakin’ luck.
    I never thought it was possible to have to suffer through an even more injury riddled season that last season, but that’s exactly what we’re ensconced in. We just have to weather this storm. Throwing coaches, players and the front office under the bus won’t fix this team – getting our bodies back healthy will. Be patient and practice tolerance.

  • Christopha007

    I don’t know about you guys…but Nick Young’s whole “swaggy-p” routine is getting VERY old. He wonders why the locker room is like a funeral? Well let’s see…could it be a 14-21 record and having lost 8 out of 9 to some of the worst teams in the league?

  • bnavarro8

    I swear people are so quick to blame everybody BUT the injuries! !! LOOK AT THE REAL PROBLEM , you guys honestly think we’d be in this position if we were healthy? Hell no …. people are so quick to turn on their own “team” when stuff goes wrong … d’antoni is part of the problem but face the facts .. injuries has fucked us

    • Christopha007

      I don’t think people are turning on their team. Everyone is just frustrated! Nick Young wants to dick around and crack jokes all day long…that’s all good when you are at least playing competitive ball. I agree, the injuries have been UNBELIEVABLY bad (again this year)

  • john cox

    How people pick a Losing coach with a system that doesn’t work over an all-star player in Pau,that is still putting up all-star numbers…is hard to believe ?
    No free agents will come play for him??
    Last i checked DH is doing pretty well with a good coach in houston?
    And we still have idiots on Espnla radio Ballwashing MDA…wtf

  • EJB

    I wonder how MDA encourages his players after a loss. I’m pretty sure now nobody listens to that guy.

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