Nick Young Calls Bryant Injury News: “Shocking” Reviewed by Momizat on . It seems like the injury bug will not leave the Los Angeles Lakers. Just six game since his return from an Achilles tear, Kobe Bryant will once again be sidelin It seems like the injury bug will not leave the Los Angeles Lakers. Just six game since his return from an Achilles tear, Kobe Bryant will once again be sidelin Rating: 0
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Nick Young Calls Bryant Injury News: “Shocking”

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It seems like the injury bug will not leave the Los Angeles Lakers.

Just six game since his return from an Achilles tear, Kobe Bryant will once again be sidelined for an extended period of time. Bryant has fractured the lateral tibial plateau in his left knee and will miss about six weeks of action. Just as the players were starting to get adjusted to him in the lineup, Bryant will be forced to watch his team from the bench.

Nick Young spoke to the media about the news and the Los Angeles Times writes that the guard is still in shock. Young was playing well alongside Bryant and those two were on the verge of becoming a very potent duo. Now Young must take on a bigger role in the rotation and make up for the lost production.

“It’s shocking,” said Nick Young.  “You’ve just got to somehow come together as a team and just try our best out there at this point.”

Young is accustomed to playing without Bryant as he was one of the main options earlier in the season. However, this time will be very different as Young will not have Jordan Farmar or Steve Blake with him in the lineup. This has been an injury plagued season for the Lakers and everyone is hoping no one else goes down.

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Out Six Weeks With Fracture In Knee, Steve Nash Out Four More Weeks

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  • Marty Susman

    Kobe being hurt again is not shocking, it’s expected. He is old, he is tried and even if his mind says yes his body is saying NO. Mitch n Jim donated $48,000,000 to the Kobe retirement fund while blocking the team from getting two super stars…Just as they got a crippled old used to be point in a crippled hobbled Nash they screwed up giving Kobe all those bucks before he set foot on the court. The guys on TV calling the game can screen as much as they want when he makes a shot but bottom line he is not worth anywhere near the dollars he got..

    • Paytc

      Kobe sells tickets. Kobe is worth far more than he is paid. The Lakers would have to be idiots to let arguably the all time greatest brand go :-)
      Kobe’s name world-wide is bigger than the money they paid him.

      Gotta take the bitter with the sweet. Kobe and many of us understand that and give unconditional support to the leagues best.

      And Kobe has played through injuries his whole career. He is just getting sidelined 18 years into things; however he will be back on top against all odds. We just have to stack the odds so it becomes unbelievable.

      You can hate on him, but his true fans and family will give him more than enough support. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

      • Marty Susman

        I don’t hate Kobe.

    • Tyrone Von Gilyard

      How are you on Lakers Nation Talking down on the face of our franchise?

      • ColeWorldNoBlanket

        Haters gonna hate fam, no matter what…when he was healthy and in his prime they rode his dick, now that he is struggling with injuries they trying 2 kick him while he’s down…but i’m supporting Kobe through thick an thin cause of everything he did for this franchise for 18 years of his life.

        • Paytc


          We gotta keep letting them know what’s up.
          Fortunately when dealing with Kobe their bite off into some venom. It only poisons their own spirits hating on and pointing out negatives of one of the games best,and a Laker living/active legend. Cheers to Kobe’s return to the top against all odds. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

          • Paytc

            correction…. “They” bite off into some venom.

      • Paytc

        You know what’s up ! Kobe will be back to take care of some unfinished business. The truth is they just invest so much negative energy hating and fearing how big a legacy he is building against all odds. But they can’t stop it. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

  • Marty Susman

    For those of you that think I hate the Lakers you are wrong. I have been watching them since they got here in Ca. (Yes I am old) Kobe is “basketball” old for a guard. Kobe needs to hang it up, he can be a coach, he can be an owner but he can’t be the center of the offense any more.

    • Paytc

      We don’t think you hate the Lakers. You like so many in the world are “great player haters”. Why else would you or anyone try to kick a player when they are down? As I said all you Kobe and great player haters will just keep feeling the pain as you keep watching and hating Kobe building one of the greatest legacies ever.

      Go Kobe ! So many of us are cheering for your successful return to the top.

      • Marty Susman

        Paytc, you have it all figured out, if they don’t agree with you, they are player haters or Kobe haters, that’s funny since your name doesn’t happen to be Phil or Mitch, it is Paytc & that does not make you an expert in anything!!!! It makes you an opinionated person who thinks one way, YOUR WAY….Sorry my friend I am not a player hater, I am not a Kobe hater, I am a person who wants to see the Lakers play & look like Golden State or OKC, young, fast, full of desire & so on….

        • Paytc

          And it is totally ok for us to have a difference in opinions.
          I’m not mad atcha :-)LOL….. And just as both you and I don’t know everything neither is Phil or Mitch always right.

          I think everyone who post on here can tell who the haters are even without anyone pointing them out. It’s all written and spoken directly from their mouths. Never thought or wanted to beleive I am always right.

          And I can respect you wanting the Lakers to be and play like Golden State or OKC , but these are still the Lakers over 16 titles doing it their way, not my or your way.

          There are also a few people who wanted to turn the Lakers into the Suns and we see how that experiment is turning out. These are the Lakers!

          I am just gonna keep standing behind Kobe as the team’s leader with the most championship experience,heart,knowledge,talent,and desire in the league.
          And after all he has done for the Lakers and the game, I would never kick him when he is down.

          You can keep knocking Kobe with comments like “Kobe needs to hang it up ” “He can’t be the center of the offense any more”. etc….

          I will leave the coaching up to the coaches and all trades up to the F.O.

          I will also keep supporting the team without hating on our best player. That is because I’m not a great player hater, just the opposite.

          Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

          • Marty Susman

            Brian Shaw said yesterday, it might be time for Kobe to think about hanging it up as have a lot of other people in the know… Kobe is a great player but all great players need to know when to hang it up. The Lakers would have been better off making him a coach then give him the $48,000,000… I hope he comes back from this knee thing BUT I think he is done for this season. I also think IF he thinks he can play again, he needs to take it REAL easy & come back next season as a 4th quarter player only….

          • Paytc

            Marty Susman,

            I can respect this post as it does not come off as harsh sounding as a few of your previous ones. Brian Shaw,you,me,and just about everyone else who comments about Kobe are not even close to the player Kobe Bryant is. Kobe is a rare breed. Kobe is the only person who knows what he has left in his tank. Kobe is an odds defier,not a limits complier.

            And because Kobe sell so many tickets and merchandise that alone more than justifies the $48,000,000.Even before he even steps on the court and continues to defy the odds playing consistently at the elite level. Love him , hate him,or dislike him…. Kobe will return to playing at a high level and lead the Lakers to whatever he and the team are capable of together. I will support that effort for all he has done.

            Let’s shock the world ! Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

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