Nick Young Believes Andrew Bynum Was Unfairly Criticized In Philly

Nick Young Believes Andrew Bynum Was Unfairly Criticized In Philly


USATSI_7633768_154224518_lowresLast season, Nick Young struggled to find a regular spot in the 76ers rotation, and when he did get minutes, the results were varied. For the most part, it was a frustrating season in Philadelphia for everyone, including Lakers ex-center Andrew Bynum.

Bynum sat out all of last season recovering from a knee surgery. Philadelphia fans feel like they were cheated out of what could have been a promising lineup if Bynum was healthy last season, and the organization decided to let him walk in free agency this summer.

Despite all of the season’s frustrations, Young feels that Bynum got the raw deal in Philadelphia last season, according to the LA Daily News.

“He’s hurt. He’s somebody who has been playing games with bad knees,” Young said. “It’s tough. He’s trying to get back each game in Philly, they’re tough. They were on Bynum everywhere he walked. He didn’t play and then he’d go bowling or something.”

“He tried to get back, but he wasn’t right last year,” Young said. “It was probably good for him to sit out.”

Bynum is now in his third consecutive season in a position to leave an organization on, what would be considered, not the best of terms. Bynum was recently suspended indefinitely by the Cleveland Cavaliers and is currently on the trading block.

The last memory Lakers fans have of Bynum is him walking off the court with his jersey off after a hard foul on JJ Barea kicked him out of the game. 76ers fans only have his hair to remember him by and now the Cavaliers are looking to ship him out of town before Jan. 7.

There’s no telling whether Bynum will be able to turn his career around with a change of scenery as he could potentially be on his fourth team in three years should he be traded or released before the Feb 20 trade deadline. As of now, things are a bit bleak for Bynum, but at least Nick Young has his back.

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  • Kontra402

    Bynum played an entire full season with the Lakers after the JJ Barea thing…………..

  • Dick

    Andrew is a great young center,he is a space eater much like Plumlee.Sign him.

  • Jim213


    On another note… Steve Nash is 2-3 Weeks away from RE-EVALUATION, per ESPNs Dave McMenamin.

    Will likely need more than this season to heal (surgery) IMO, just RE-TIRE.

    • Sti1lmatic

      Almost forgot he was still on the books

  • meep

    so i guess bowling while hurt wasnt a bad thing.why is young even defending him. bynum doesnt deserve it

  • ChitoDog

    I’d have to disagree with Nick Young. Bynum brought all that onto himself. Acting like a childish fool on & off the court, breaking laws, playing bowling when he clearly knew his knees weren’t ready for that, going to sporting events instead of looking after his injuries. Shall I go on? So yes, of course he’s going to get criticized for doing all that crap. As a professional basketball player, you have certain responsibilities & duties to follow whether you’re on or off the court. Bynum totally refused to follow those responsibilities & acted reckless, childish & irresponsible. So he deserved every single criticism he got from ownership, players & fans.

    • ProfKobron

      Don’t be so judgmental. Don’t be so smug. Everyone has difficult periods in life. Bynum helped bring 2 championships to the Lakers. Philly hasn’t been good since Dr. J. Watch Pat Riley acquire Bynum, get his game back on track, and insure Miami wins the next few championships.

    • nlruizjr

      So I suppose Magic Johnson minded his P’s and Q’s when he was off the court or maybe he was looking for both, either way didn’t hear any complaints from FO, coaches, fans, etc.

  • Clippers Fanatic

    I think Andrew Bynum sucks.He is injured,slow,lazy and fat.I hope my Clippers don’t sign him.The Bynum rumors are scary.Hopefully he just retires.

  • Cedric

    I agree with Nick Young. Just because you’re injured you don’t have to sit in your house all day. And that he got injured while he was bowling was just bad luck. I’d say get him.

    • Al Haldie

      He is just a CHILD in a mans body he respect nothing or anyone-he has been a problem in the NBA since he started–he drove the LAKERS crazy -why do u think they traded him—nothing but a problem……

  • smugbill

    but what exactly was the straw? exactly what happened specifically that he was put on the trade block? no one wants to talk about it. did he tell brown to go ” ” himself?

    one of my great memories was him leveling that irritating little midget and then removing his jersey and himself from the playing floor. for that i shall always be grateful.

    • boccs5

      I thought it was great to, I hate the fucking choir boy image we have. I never been a piston fan, but I admired the fuck outta the bad boys from a far lol yell

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Bynum would have been a hall of fame center had Lamar Odom gotten better rebounding position and kobe just absorb his fall instead of sliding backwards into the middle of the paint. I still love ya big guy

    • Paytc

      I am not sure what you mean by “Kobe just absorb his fall instead of sliding backwards into the middle of the paint”?

      But I never thought Bynum was the Lakers problem when he was with the Lakers. Actually Bynum had just became an all star during the two back to back championships. The year after it was more Phil Jackson’s predictability in coaching that allowed an easy blueprint for the sorry Mavs to sweep the Lakers in the playoffs.

      They knew PJ would never call time out even when the team appears to need one because he prefers to let his team work it out instead. They knew he has a game plan and sticks with it regardless to how the game circumstances are going. They knew he always sits Kobe,Gasol and other starters to start every 4th and deciding quarter. So that was the time they attacked the Lakers with Dirk and their best scorers. They just ran the score up so when Kobe got in he was in such a deep hole the game was too far out of reach.
      Not to mention Dirk just traded baskets with Kobe to keep the lead.

      Sure that strategy works when you have a young Kobe or young Jordan, but it was time to change that strategy IMO.

      I would ask Kobe and Gasol for their opinion on whether the Lakers should bring Bynum back or not? Kobe would know Bynum the best and whether or not he thought they could play again together.

      One thing we know is a heathy Bynum can score 20 per night and grab 14 rebounds. He would also protect the paint and play good defense.

  • boccs5

    Whatever, nick would know better than some fans, he was there. Yell

  • John Elliott

    Trade for him. Send them Nash on a sign and retire deal.

  • Nasim

    This is not true about Bynum. Bynum played the 2012 shortened season with the Lakers which was the year after he threw Barea to the ground. If you are going to inform us, using a bitter tone, about basketball players and their checkered past, at least get your facts right.

  • Koyaanisqatsi

    I think the Clippers would be better off gambling on Odom for the rest of this season then throwing any kind of real money at Bynum.