News From Around the League- July 14, 2010

News From Around the League- July 14, 2010


News from around the league on July 14th.

The entire NBA is watching the newer players put on the show in the Summer League, including the Lakers.  At first all of the team’s attention was focused on re-signing Derek Fisher, now that he is back the Lakers can check one thing off their checklist.  The next two steps are to re-evaulate the rookies and possibly sign other free agents.

The latest on the Lakers.

Adam Morrison’s 2009-2010 report card. [Silver Screen and Roll]

Derek Fisher’s new contract with the Lakers is a done deal.[BasketBlog]

Can the Thunder be the team that will upset the Lakers next season? [Hoops Vibe]

Kobe Bryant will have a meeting today with Raja Bell. [Slam Magazine]

They were once rivals, but now Kobe wants Raja Bell to sign with the Lakers. [LA Times]

Dwayne Wade still believes that the Lakers are the favorites entering next season. []

Here are the top 5, under-the-radar, free agent signings. [Dime Mag]

The Lakers introduced Steve Blake. []

The official press release regarding Derek Fisher’s signing with the Lakers. []

The latest on the busy NBA.

In case you find it really hard to keep up with all the free agency news, here is a recap of what happened so far. [Dime Mag]

The New York Knicks introduced their four new players: Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf, Kelenna Azubuike, Raymond Felton. [ESPN New York]

The Knicks may not have gotten Lebron James, but their roster is looking pretty good. []

The Knicks ink 7 foot 1 Russian, Timofey Mozgov. [ESPN New York]

Dime Magazine’s 2010-2011 Power Rankings. [Dime Magazine]

The Jazz lost Carlos Boozer, but they added Al Jefferson. [Yahoo Sports]

David Stern is not pleased with Lebron James and his “decision.” [Slam Mag]

The top 25 dunks of the decade. [Dime Magazine]

Udonis Haslem is staying with the Miami Heat. []

Matt Barnes will most likely not stay with the Magic. [Slam Mag]

The Warriors have signed Dorell Wright. []

The Wizards sign Hilton Armstrong. [Pro Basketball Talk]

Kendrick Perkins may miss 5-6 months due to his injury. [ESPN Boston]

Nate Robinson and the Celtics are close to a deal. [ESPN Boston]

Dirk Nowitzki wants Shaq on his team. [Slam Mag]

The Nets acquire Anthony Marrow. []

The Magic sign Quentin Richardson. []

The Heat send Michael Beasley to the Timberwolves for… a draft pick. []

Juwan Howard will join the Heat. [Pro Basketball Talk]

Zydrunas Ilgauskas will join the Miami Heat. []

Sources say that the Mavericks acquire Tyson Chandler. []

The Heat also sign Mike Miller. [Miami Herald]

Ray Allen re-signs with the Celtics. [ESPN Boston]

The Nets name Billy King as their new GM. [ESPN New York]

Luke Ridnour signs with the Minnesota Timberwolves. []

The Cavs sign Kyle Lowry. [Dime Mag]

Kyle Korver was introduced to the Bulls, and he is very happy in his new home. []

The Suns officially acquire Josh Childress. [Slam Mag]

Al Harrington is headed to the Nuggets. []

Shaq is most likely not going to the Heat. [Pro Basketball Talk]

The Nets finally move on to Plan B. [Slam Mag]

Ray Allen believes the Celtics are still a better team than the Heat. [Pro Basketball Talk]

The Bobcats sign Shaun Livingston. [Slam Mag]