New York Knicks GM Met With Phil Jackson About Coaching Job Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="146"] After the devastating loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, head coach Mike D'Antoni is public enemy number one among Lakers fans once ag [new_royalslider id="146"] After the devastating loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, head coach Mike D'Antoni is public enemy number one among Lakers fans once ag Rating: 0
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New York Knicks GM Met With Phil Jackson About Coaching Job

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After the devastating loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, head coach Mike D’Antoni is public enemy number one among Lakers fans once again. Ironically enough, the following day, Phil Jackson is the hot topic of discussion, but it has nothing to do with the Lakers.

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According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, the New York Knicks reached out to Jackson about becoming the team’s next head coach:

New York Knicks president and general manager Steve Mills met about two weeks ago with Phil Jackson about the possibility of Jackson becoming the team’s next coach, sources told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

Over the past few years since leaving the Lakers, Jackson has been linked to numerous coaching positions in the NBA. Despite receiving interest from plenty of different franchises in the past, the one team that was thought to have a chance to land Jackson is the Knicks.

Unfortunately for New York, Jackson isn’t interested in returning to coaching at this time according to Smith:

The sources told Smith the message the Knicks received from Jackson was that he was not interested in the position at this time.

Jackson was a part of the only two NBA titles in the franchise’s history as a player back in 1970 and 1973. The Hall of Fame coach and former player has always had a soft spot for the Knicks and has been rumored to be interested in wanting to be part of the organization in the past. Jackson reuniting with his former team may never happen in any capacity after turning down the latest offer to coach.
Pau Gasol’s Asked Whether He’s Questioned Management’s Decisions

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  • 3339

    And they told Phil that dantoni was the best fit.

    • Jim213

      FO move there but Phil isn’t coming back and if he decided to give it another go (by chance) it wouldn’t be to coach a roster like the current one. IMO

    • Daryl Peek

      Here’s the skinny; the only mistake Jimmy made was contemplating bringing Phil back and then moving on it. As we all now know, via Phil’s personal admission, Dr. Buss made the decision not to hire Phil, and wanted D’Antoni.

      Kobe and everyone else were not tripping on the MDA hire til Phil’s name was tossed into the hat. Anyone not named Phil Jackson hired at that point had no chance of getting the support of the fan base. Well maybe B. Shaw would’ve but Dr. Buss was the one who wanted no parts of the triangle.

      Lets recap the Dr. Buss, Phil history to again show how he preferred Showtime over the triangle:

      It’s well known that Dr. Buss was not too fancied on the triangle style of basketball, from a showmanship point of view. Don’t get me wrong, Dr. Buss loved the winning, it’s just the slowed down style was not his cup of tea.

      In 2004 at the height of the Kobe, Shaq beef, Phil was siding with Shaq as he had grown completely frustrated with Kobe at the time. Phil had spoke to Dr. Buss on a couple of occasions and asked him to trade Kobe for players like Jason Kidd and T-Mac. Phil grew even more discontent with Kobe after the Colorado incident. Phil had a very hard time dealing with his personal feelings about Kobe’s situation due to his daughter once being raped. To all the Kobe fans out there I’m not saying Kobe was guilty, just mentioning it as Phil has told us this was how he felt at the time. Shaq was disrespectful to Dr. Buss in publicly commanding “are you gone pay me now” in a preseason game after making a good play. Shaq was starting to decline and Kobe was just in his prime so Dr. Buss naturally hitched his wagon to Kobe VS. Phil and Shaq. Both were let go by Dr. Buss. Rudy T. was hired and was Jimmy choice, one that Dr. Buss approved of. The Rudy T. experiment didn’t work and there was a cloud of mystery behind his sudden retirement due to health reasons. To be fair to him, the guy has not coached in the NBA since. Many try to play the blame Jimmy game for hiring Rudy T.

      In 2005 Jimmy and Mitch convinced Dr. Buss to rehire Phil, given the team was reeling due to the Rudy T. thing. Dr. Buss was not openly keen on rehiring Phil from the jump as seen in his 2005 sit down interview with Michael Eaves. Dr. Buss was down right standoffish about some of the demands Phil made for him to consider coaching the team again. Phil wanted FO power and Dr. Buss was not having that! Dr. Buss also hated paying Phil as much as he did.

      After another 2nd round playoff exit in 2012 Dr. Buss and the FO had actually wanted to fire Mike Brown over the summer. Their target was D’Antoni but he was dealing with knee-replacement surgery. Mike Brown was given a tenuous second chance as he and Kobe agreed on the idea of running the Princeton offense. As we all now know that was a total disaster given the acquisitions of Nash and Howard who along with Gasol couldn’t work the system cohesively. Five games into the new season the FO decided to go with their gut feeling from over the summer and fire Brown. Dr. Buss rapidly declining in health at the time was still convinced D’Antoni was the answer for the next HC of the Lakers. Again, Jimmy was the one who entertained bringing Phil back just as he did in 2005. The reason was the tingle players still on roster, Kobe Pau and Metta. Again, Dr. Buss was not down with Phil coming back and he voiced his opinion of others wise. As aforementioned Phil admitted to this as he said Jimmy left the meeting between he and Phil happy about their talks on him coming back but Mitch was insistent they would be interviewing other people for the job. Best fit thought process, love or hate MDA over Phil, wrong or right in opinion, these are the facts of the matter.

      • 3339

        dude stop with writing these bullshit stories.
        only fucking fact that matters is that we suck

        • Daryl Peek

          There the pop up hater goes. LOL

          All of this is truth. To ignore the truth is to turn a blind eye to potential brewing rage that could compromise your future.

          • Chrmngblly

            So Daryl, do you know the truth about Shannon Brown and Pau Gasol’s girl friend? Since we are pulling back the covers on all this old news, I thought I would raise my hand and ask.

          • Daryl Peek

            That was all rumored speculation I never really investigated. I never heard Brown or Gasol Speak on it so I left it alone. I don’t worry about who’s doing who tabloid TMZ stuff.

          • Chrmngblly

            Whatever happened ruined the Lakers chemistry in the playoffs and cost Brown his job soon thereafter. You know the stories. In fact you are the theologian of the historians around here.

      • im in da league

        Usually you make some sense but this is actually false it was not Dr Buss decision on his death bed not to hire Phil Jackson “PJ” and to hire Dantoni “MDA”, “PJ” made a statement mocking saying sarcastically that’s what he was told by Mitch Kupchak but really it was Kupchak and Jim Buss making the decision and selling the reason why to hire MDA over PJ to everyone else in the organization… Especially since the league knows that PJ wants more interest in the franchise than just a coaching role which threatens Kupchak job and said we still be interviewing other candidates! Plus they felt with that roster at the time with the veterans that it didn’t matter who coached them they would win, so why hire someone who want a bigger piece of the franchise especially with it in transition… so it was the Arrogance of Mitch and Jim that PJ wasn’t Hired and he knows it and everyone in the league know it

        • Daryl Peek

          Speculatory on the P-Jax mocking. Phil normally says that kinda stuff with a clear Pop like arrogance when he’s mocking. I can’t see him being that insensitive given he’s about to marry Jeanie. I can’t say 100% you’re wrong but I personally believe Phil was being truthful given the total history of his relationship with Dr. Buss and the other factors both you and I mentioned. Dr. Buss was not completely on his death bed either.

    • Jim213

  • Jim213

    Phil is not returning to coaching but may likely be swayed to an FO position. IMO, likely a move to appease Melo tho it’s very unlikely that the Knicks will win a championship anytime soon and if Melo chooses to stay in New York it’s to play there mostly. Unless a player like Lebron joined the Knicks,

    • Daryl Peek

      I just don’t see that happening anytime soon. As Phil said recently, he does not see himself coming back to the Lakers in any capacity anytime soon. He knows Jimmy and Mitch have a long standing working relationship an the Buss family is at a place where they need to figure it out between them. Phil is on the outside looking in and that’s most likely how it will remain.

      • Jim213

        ‘Knicks GM Met With Phil Jackson About Coaching Job’

        Didn’t say it only applied to the Lakers.

        • Daryl Peek

          I know but when you say “may likely be swayed to an FO position’ right after saying Phil is not returning to the Lakers, how else is one to perceive what you said?

          • Jim213

            Being some one else other than the Lakers FO will try to sway Phil to join which goes for the Knicks as the newest article also entails.

          • Daryl Peek

            I hope he does take the job so those Lakers fans not stuck on the triangle can move on in peace, and not be moved to endure the constant We Want Phil mess.

    • DJ

      I think this is a play to force the Lakers to make a move on him being in the front office in some capacity, the Knicks don’t have a first round pick in this years draft, the are completely tied up in contracts that they cant get rid of, they can’t sign any free agents without already adding to the cap..any FA that wanted to go to NY would have to take a tremendous pay cut including Melo. I don’t think that Melo is staying in New York, doesn’t mean his coming to LA, just believe that he isn’t staying in NY. MDA is gone, he has a year left @4 mil and I think that the FO will let MDA go this off season. I just don’t think that Melo will stay in NY, just because Phil is in the front office he would have to be coaching, and like you’ve stated..he aint interested… If the Lakers continue not competing MDA will be gone this year.

      • Jim213

        Agree, but as long if Phil goes to the Knicks (FO) don’t want to hear Stoudamire to the Lakers rumors. The current Laker coach left a big mess over there by bringing him there as we can see.

        • Daryl Peek

          Did D’antoni bring him there or did Dolan? MDA was in the midst of grooming that young group of players very well as I remember it when the Knick FO chose to bring Amare and Melo in for box office.

  • independantbynature

    With Antoni as coach,the Lakers should hire David Kahn as GM.He could draft 5 PGs and Antoni could start all 5.His ultimate small ball line-up.

  • Jim213

    Didn’t watch TWC yesterday, but James Worthy: “Don’t practice offense anymore, I’m not seeing any strategy coming defensively.” in simpler terms from a Laker great.

    • Daryl Peek

      The problems are much bigger than what they may or may not be practicing. Not to make excuses, they haven’t had enough personnel to practice anything most of the season, and the Lakers aren’t really a “team” right now. They’re a group of nice guys trying to make the best of an awful situation. Again, most of these Lakers won’t be here long. Some just got here. The rest are trying to figure out what category they fall into.

      How does a team lose by 48 points? Simple, there’s not really a “team” putting on those jersey. To reach that level of of team pride in fighting for the Lakers brand, you have to be deeply invested in something and these guys don’t have much connection to the franchise.

      We can analyze and dissect the game to game issues right now all day, the fact of the matter is D’Antoni once had them buying into “team concepts” for a while, but what’s really left for the “team” to do this year?

      • Chrmngblly

        The obvious worthy item for consideration is to look across the hall and see what Doc Rivers hath wrought with the other LA BB team. The coach does make a difference. The coach creates the atmosphere and sets the expectations.

        • Daryl Peek

          Doc chose to be the Clippers HC/Gm because he saw a team stocked with talent ready to take the next step. These Lakers are no where near that. CP3, Griffin, Jordan, Crawford all have played significant minutes this season and are all-star caliber players. MDA does not have that. I’ll be the first to admit Rivers is the better coach but not even he could make due with this Lakers roster.

  • TheTruthKills

    The Knicks just offered Phil a front office job. If Jimbo could get out of the way he could have that same job here.

    • Chrmngblly

      That would be such a bad move. The same skills that let you coach good BB are not necessarily the same ones necessary to be a good executive. Phil never did that before. I hope he gets a chance with the Nicks.

      I favor letting Magic Johnson buy back in and giving him the lead executive spot–just split JBs duties up. Magic is the face most Lakers fans love best.

      Then, I say we give Phil a “going away” party.

  • Kenneth Robinson

    I am a huge Laker fan. I really like the way Phil Jackson operates as a coach. But we gotta get past coach Jackson. The dude is too old. His health is a big concern. We gotta let it go. Coach D’Antoni is our coach. Let the man coach.

  • hookedonnews

    I wonder how Mike Woodson feels about this? Figured he’d be gone after this season anyway.

  • 24

    They have to do something change the coach we need some defence . Fans have enough already.

  • 24

    Change d antoni please

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