NBA2K15: Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Lin Featured In Trailer

NBA2K15: Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Lin Featured In Trailer


The Los Angeles Lakers are turning over a new leaf heading into the 2014-15 NBA season with many new faces on the roster and on the sidelines. Kobe Bryant and company will attempt to defy the odds with seemingly everyone counting this team out after the worst season in franchise history.

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Fortunately, despite the consensus being that the Lakers are headed for another disappointing year, Kobe and newcomers, Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer, are featured in the first trailer for arguably one of the most popular sports video games every year.

In this NBA 2K15 trailer, Kobe faces off against Derrick Rose while Boozer goes head-to-head against Pau Gasol in the paint. Lin is seen being introduced before game time at the Staples Center.

Lin and Boozer are the two most substantial additions to the Lakers roster this year and will be looking to secure their long-term future in purple and gold with a solid season. Both players will likely be starters with Lin running the point guard alongside Kobe in the backcourt and Boozer replacing Gasol in the frontcourt.

Reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder will be on the cover of NBA 2K15.


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  • drhee9 .

    lol shaq….

  • Al Haldie

    Who has more GAME winners then KOBE {28} So far – and two more yrs to go..

  • blah

    Shaq is best known as a Laker I’m excited to see his commentary on this game.

  • henry martinez

    Kobe will be in the top three scoring leader.

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  • Duckathon

    Can’t wait to get this game.

  • lakers_824

    Kobe rated 90 in the game its not fair

    • Kb24

      And they rate lbj 99 and kd 97 who is d cover, lol Nba 2k,kobe should be 94-96, lbj should be 96 and kd should be 97 since he won the MVP and will win it again

  • Chris Park

    Featured? Wtf they came on for a split second.

  • Nick

    Not featured fat ass.Fat Ass Troll Ryan Ward they were barely seen in the video.Epic Fail Fat Arse.Go get a real job fat arse lol.Ryan Ward finally got a real picture up i am surprised that fat ass didn’t break the camera he is so ugly.

  • plansmaker

    If Lakers new season is about Kobe Bryant conquering father time, then Los Angeles Lakers is in much deeper trouble than we think. This isn’t about the big ego of an aging super star but the survival to rebuilding of entire franchise and LA Lakers fan base.
    For that , no one should hold that much clout. don’t you think?

  • Zach

    I’m trying to think of a worse backcourt in the NBA and it’s honestly not easy. Bryant is the biggest albatross in history at this point, and Lin was ousted from his starting role by a nobody named Beverley last year. Yikes.

    • loc vu

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  • 7King

    The best part was lbj dunkin on Napier, his friend whom he lobbied for then abandoned. Rude haha

  • Al

    Also Carlos Boozer and I cant wait to play this while hearing Shaq in the background I really hope that they will do a shaqtin a fool cutsences

  • Anthony Ukpe

    idk about you guys but don’t the players look very generic like NBA Live, all the players look the same size and shape its weird i hope this isn’t like the final product

  • john steinrock

    Can Lin take some of the load off Kobe?