NBA Trade Deadline Recap: Lakers Trade Derek Fisher, Luke Walton Reviewed by Momizat on . The NBA trade deadline has officially come and gone with the Los Angeles Lakers making a lot noise from start to finish. There was no question that this was goi The NBA trade deadline has officially come and gone with the Los Angeles Lakers making a lot noise from start to finish. There was no question that this was goi Rating:
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NBA Trade Deadline Recap: Lakers Trade Derek Fisher, Luke Walton

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The NBA trade deadline has officially come and gone with the Los Angeles Lakers making a lot noise from start to finish. There was no question that this was going to be a busy day for the Lakers organization, but no one anticipated some of the moves that went down with a big-name heading elsewhere.

Besides Monta Ellis being dealt to the Milwaukee Bucks from the Golden State Warriors, no superstars or superstar caliber talent changed teams at the deadline. Despite the lack of big-names like Pau Gasol, Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard or Deron Williams, there were plenty of deals that went down that will have some impact on the second half of the season and the foreseeable future.

Here is a breakdown of the moves that the Los Angeles Lakers made before the deadline:

Ramon Sessions Trade: Lakers send forwards Luke Walton, Jason Kapono, and 2012 first-round draft pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for guards Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga.

Impact: This deal was without a doubt the biggest deal of the day for the Lakers as they were finally able to bring in a young and talented point guard in Sessions. The addition of Eyenga was more of added bonus for Los Angeles and might turn out to be a steal at shooting guard.

Verdict: Not only does this deal immediately make the Lakers a better squad in the backcourt, but the trade helped clear the ridiculous contract of Luke Walton ($5.8 million next season). Along with shedding Walton’s large contract, the Lakers were also able to ship out Jason Kapono who has had no impact this season coming off the bench.

Derek Fisher Trade: Lakers send guard Derek Fisher and a 2012 first-round draft pick to the Houston Rockets in exchange for forward/center Jordan Hill.

Impact: Lakers fans are bound to be devastated by this move and will ultimately miss the clutch shots and leadership that Derek Fisher provided during his time in Los Angeles. Despite losing a Lakers legend, the team will only get better from here on out. The Lakers also have gotten rid of Fisher’s contract ($3.4 million this season, player option next season). This was clearly a move to save money.

Verdict: It is easy to understand why the Lakers would look to save money from here on out with $17 million due in luxury tax if they kept the same roster intact this season. It’s always hard to see a player like Fisher go, but it was bound to happen and the Lakers will improve as a result.

There was a lot of talk and trade speculation surrounding the additions of Jamal Crawford and Michael Beasley, but nothing came to fruition on either player before the deadline.

So despite trading away one of the most-liked Lakers over the majority of 20 years, Los Angeles came out like bandits today and will be a much improved basketball team from here on out. Now the team can focus on making a run at the playoffs with no distractions and a considerable upgrade at the point guard position.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Deak/10204057 Ryan Deak

    so bummed we didnt get beasley. f-word! 

  • Illest_24

    we sould have gotten bealey in a 3 team trade with porland and then sign gilbert, still sad about my man fish leavin. Him and Lamar kept the team together and we all know kobe is not a kind of guy to give a motivational speech, we will miss u fish.

    • Chris Barboza

      Totally disagree with the Gilbert thing. We should’ve sent Blake to Portland (like they wanted/reported) and landed Beasely from Minnesota. Moved Goudelock to backup PG and that should’ve been the best case scenario. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000557298822 Jose Valadez

    beasley would of gave the lakers a strong depth for them to really make a run for the ring but they will make a lot of noise if they could land a in 2nd place with home court advantage 

  • Martinez_jimbo_jamie

    there wont be another Derek fisher!!!!!
    fisher was hustler tuff ball player a leader clutch shooter 
    to much to say about fisher wow i can’t believe hes gone 
    honestly this hurts more than odom trade to dal 
    its the same thing for nobody i’m so disappointed with the lakers GM
    not even rondo could replace em that was a bad move horrible front office  jerry west needs to take charge !!jim bust nd bitch cup cake needa leave!!

    • CheerUp

      Not for nobody. Jordan Hill is young, and we saved quite a bit of money as well. 

  • JustBeingReal

    I really dislike when I read stuff on here that says “closing in on a michael beasely trade” and “Lakers have signed Rasheed Wallace” it didn’t/doesn’t happen.

    • JustBeingReal

      *and it didn’t/doesn’t happen. 

  • Mimi

    First Lamar now Fisher…I know its a business decision but to get rid of a leader in the Lakers team, its a damn shame! Hopefully the new additions to the mix will be beneficial for the team. I am sad to see Fisher go! 

    • markjsunz

      Two Stiffs. This is a hard core business. If you want loyalty get a dog.

  • TC

    We got rid of Fisher years ago. Houston will buy him out and he’ll sign as a backup with us next year for less money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/LAKERKEN Laker Ken

    we gonna miss you d fish


    luke walton , nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5 mill for sitting on the bench and scoring for the other team) …so sad to see him go :’( he did BIG things for the team, reallyy BIG things


    luke walton , nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5 mill for sitting on the bench and scoring for the other team) …so sad to see him go :’( he did BIG things for the team, reallyy BIG things

  • Fish Fan

    how dare lakers  office treat fish as a commoditty .  for all the clutch shots he made for us all the great leadership he has given. there would be no 5 ring with out him .  we shoulda let him retire a laket the end  of this season out of respect to him and all he done. you will be sorely missed

    • steven

      all of these players are commodities. the Lakers have payed him millions of dollars. he honestly should have just retired

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deshad-William-Cato/665239851 Deshad William Cato

    It was his time to go. Fisher can make big shots…but that’s it. We need some young legs to contend with the re-emergence of the point guard around the league. Fish, sad to say, can’t compete on that level anymore.

    They should do right by him though and retire his number, I firmly believe that. 
    Now, lets move into the Bryant, Gasol, Bynum, and Sessions era. I’m mad excited about this squad man. Mad excited.

    • Poochiragador

       Fisher can make big shots…but that’s it.*<<< r u kidding me..thats it..what else is there*?? if u make the plyoffs you slow the game down…games are won in most cases with a *"big shot*". id rather have his old decrepid body as you all seem to think he has and yes his big shot than a young unproven guard who has done what*???..anyday…

      • Gas, Brake, Scrape E92 M3 ;]

        Be that as it may, Fisher has had his share of flops on defense against faster, and sharper shooting guards. Had he not given up so many points or assists at that end of the floor the Laker’s surely wouldn’t have had to make so many clutch shots. I love D. Fish and I will miss him, but it was his time, and offensively he’s not much of a threat anymore, also he gives up too much speed against other guards in the league. I truly believe this was a good move and that they will be much improved due to it. I feel like derrick donated his share to the legacy, but at this point the lakers are not getting it done with him so they looked for a more vibrant young scoring/assist minded guard with great athletic ability. It’s for the best. We’ll miss you though Fisher!

  • http://www.facebook.com/elmer.chavarria2 Elmer Chavarria

    About time the got rip of fisher, he wasn’t any good anymore, i love him to death but he wasn’t any close to the fisher i know from the championship years, It’s funny though they were saying thanks to Luke, Thanks? why? what did he ever do besides riding the pine, Not only he was awful when he played but I believe the only reason he was kept in the league it was because he was white, I don’t see any team giving free money to any black player and Not complain. Back to Fisher at least he played with every-time he step on the floor, he literally bled purple and gold every-time he steps on the floor, I will always miss him, Thanks Fisher and god bless you and your family.

  • Betto

     Well, the Cavs did say they would get rings before Lebron and they did!   Just not the way they were expecting since Luuuuke has 2 rings!   Tnx for the trades Dan, if the Lakers get a ring this year, we sure gonna rub it against Lebron..   xD
    As much I hate to see D-Fish go, don’t blame the Lakers organization for going younger, it was something similar on deciding to bet on Kobe instead of Shaq.   The whole scenario about Dwight is what delayed the trades and once we couldn’t get Beasley, something else had to be done, too many point guards since we couldn’t trade Blake..  Hope Pau is more focus and plays harder since he didn’t get traded.   Can’t wait for tomorrow and see how good our new lineup is gonna perform, they should add Sessions as starter pg.

  • jonathan

    lakers nation or mitch kupchak or lakers front office lakers should resign derek fisher 

  • silver gonzalez

    No disrespect to mister Bill Walton but Luke was not worth $6 mill. Never understood how Lakers could keep him for so long.  Now lets hope Jordan Hill help can assume a new role and help out Pau and Bynum cause Murphy and McRoberts are stuggling.

  • Brandon

    mad that we didnt get raymond felton for steve… and everyone is saying that we have a weak small-forward line up now, i admitit had scoring problems, but meta shows up on all of the big games if you havent notice. he plays with intensity when it counts like game 7 in 2010 finals, the miami heat, boston game, and most recently in over time vs. hornets. their are much more games than that too, barnes provides energy off the bench and their both stellar defensive players.

  • D. Rob

    Im glad Luke Walton gone. Cause thats crazy to pay someone $5.8 million to ride the bench

  • http://twitter.com/jpc1017 Joseph Croce

    I love Fisher and thank him for all he’s done. It’s a business.  Fisher had a player option for next year.  Stop being emotional.



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