NBA Rumors: Wizards ‘Stealth Candidate’ In Kevin Love Sweepstakes Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="287"] With the consensus being that Kevin Love will be traded at some point before the NBA trade deadline next season, a lot of teams aroun [new_royalslider id="287"] With the consensus being that Kevin Love will be traded at some point before the NBA trade deadline next season, a lot of teams aroun Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Wizards ‘Stealth Candidate’ In Kevin Love Sweepstakes

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With the consensus being that Kevin Love will be traded at some point before the NBA trade deadline next season, a lot of teams around the league will attempt to acquire the superstar.

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One team that has emerged as a potential suitor for Love is the Washington Wizards, according to David Aldridge of NBA.com:

Season complete. Wiz are a stealth candidate for Kevin Love — his father, Stan, who played for the then-Bullets in the early ’70s, gave his son the middle name “Wesley,” as in Wes Unseld. And Kevin Love has a soft spot as a result for the franchise. But the trade talk will surely die when the words “Bradley Beal” come out of Flip Saunders’ mouth.

At this point in time, the Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Love more than any team. Although the rumors continue to circulate about Love landing in Los Angeles being inevitable, the Lakers don’t really have the assets to make a blockbuster deal for the star forward.

With that being said, Love may be headed elsewhere. The perennial All-Star will control his own fate in free agency in the summer of 2015, but in the meantime, teams like the Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors and Wizards will make their pitches to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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More teams are bound to show interest in the versatile forward during the off-season and heading toward the deadline next year. The Wizards potentially in the running for Love is intriguing with Washington taking a giant leap forward this season.

The addition of Love alongside John Wall and Bradley Beal could be a lethal combination in the Eastern Conference. Beal might be a player the Timberwolves ask for in return, but if not, Washington could become a serious threat to the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers in the East.
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  • Eazy

    Excuse me, I gotta take a Whizzard :)

  • Chris Park

    Anyone else sick of K Love rumors?

    • VillainKing

      mE I’m sick of it..

      • truth24

        Yeah, you also up on Smart’s nuts twenty four seven son shut it!

        • VillainKing

          Fuck You!!!

    • khmerog

      I always thought K Love was a humble superstar like Durant. When your team is not doing good, you don’t want out, you try to help the team improve. Love is terrible defensively and one of these reasons Wolves don’t do well. Now saying you only will play with Lakers who have nothing in terms of assets just screw the Wolves even more.

      I feel bad for small cities like Minnesota, Milwaukee, and Cleveland since they don’t have much to offer these disloyal and narcissist stars in terms of city life and prosperity and cold weather.

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        Does it make a person disloyal if they want to have a say in where they live and work? Love tried to be “humble” and “loyal” when he signed his extension a couple years ago, but where was the loyalty from the team? And he has never said he would only play for the Lakers–not even sure he’s ever said he wanted to play for the Lakers.

  • ra

    It’s simple: If you want to be a Laker, come to the Lakers. If you just want to play basketball and have a good time in the pros, any team will be fine.

    • Jim213

      Marc Berman (NY Post): “sources maintain they (Lakers) aren’t too interested in Anthony as a fit with Kobe Bryant. Nor is Lakers president Jeanie Buss enthralled with stealing Anthony from Jackson, her fiance.”

      • e3bonz

        That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

        • Jim213

          Yes and no depending on the long term plan. IMO, seems as personal feelings may get in the way of some business dealings (Phil & Jeanie). All players should be considered b/c once Kobe retires not certain who’ll be doing the consistent scoring for them down the road. It won’t be a recent draft pick or role player.

          If Love happens to be attained he’d at best be the second go to guy and given that FO seems to enjoy over paying mediocre players not certain that two top players could hold the fort down on a consistent basis. Not sold on the Lakers being contenders down the road if ex. K Irving and K Love (hypothetical) happened to join the team (inexperience).

          IMO, there’s only a few players that can play the game at it’s highest level today Kobe, Lebron, Dirk, Durant, and Tony Parker (would’ve thrown in T Duncan but he’s accepted a smaller role on the team). These players could carry a lot of load for a team. So it’ll come down to placing the right pieces together for FO to succeed down the road.

          IMO, Lebron, Durant, Dirk, and even T Parker won’t be Lakers down the road. It’ll likely take three top players (stars not superstars) along with a solid roster to get back to the old ways (titles) but reacquiring players who can’t get it done and don’t put forth their best effort won’t help FO long term. Hopefully FO would’ve assembled something before Kobe retires and not until after he retired. That would only prolong things more IMO.

  • Badazztj12

    Well thank you lord, Lakers may not have at shot at love afterall. Whatever team he goes to will LOVE his offensive game but hate his defensive game lol

  • Kobe Will Get 6

    Tomorrow’s news: The Los Angeles D-Fenders are looking to pursue Kevin Love

    • VillainKing

      hahahah,,that was nice…

  • Rubio

    Would the Timberwolves go for this trade of Serge Ibaka and Reggie Jackson for Kevin Love?Before anyone says Ibaka is better than Kevin Love check stats.Getting Kevin Love hooks up with Russell Westbrook back with his UCLA teammate Kevin Love and it creates a real big 3 out west…Ibaka is a great player but yeah this trades works for OKC and Timberwolves they both will be happy.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Ibaka is not “better” than KLove, but he is better for the Thunder–if that makes sense. The Thunder need Ibaka; they don’t need Love.

  • Lakers4Life

    Rumors. Why would Love even consider the Wizards? Wall is good but not great and I don’t see them winning championships over the other premier teams in the league.

  • LakerslookingforCharity

    Seriously, the Lakers have nothing substantial to offer in a trade…keep dreaming

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