NBA Rumors: Suns To Match Any Offer For Eric Bledsoe In Free Agency Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="155"] The Lakers are in dire need of a point guard who can lead this team in the future. They seemingly will have a number of options. A ve [new_royalslider id="155"] The Lakers are in dire need of a point guard who can lead this team in the future. They seemingly will have a number of options. A ve Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Suns To Match Any Offer For Eric Bledsoe In Free Agency

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The Lakers are in dire need of a point guard who can lead this team in the future. They seemingly will have a number of options.

A very intriguing one would be Phoenix Suns breakout star Eric Bledsoe, who will be a restricted free agent this summer. Supposedly the Lakers would be willing to overpay to bring him in, but that may not matter.

According to Adam Green of the Arizona Republic, Suns President of Basketball Operations, Lon Babby, appeared on the radio and indicated that the Suns will match any offer for the young point guard:

I think our answer to that is yes, that we know enough about Eric as a player. Even more importantly, we’ve lived with him now for almost a year as a person. We like everything about him. Like him as a teammate, like him as a representative of our franchise and everything that he stands for. He’s got a tremendous future.

It seems as if the Suns have every intention of making Bledsoe a key part of their future, and with good reason. Bledsoe averaged 18 points and six assists before undergoing knee surgery in January.

Even as Bledsoe is looking more like a longshot at this point, the Lakers still have a number of different options heading into the offseason.

Kyrie Irving sounds like he is ready to get out of Cleveland. And there are a couple of very interesting prospects in this year’s draft, one of whom is rising, while the other is going the opposite way.

After having to start six different players at point guard this season, the Lakers will be looking to find their one this offseason. Who that one will be, we still don’t know.
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  • Lakers Fan

    This is a no-brainer. Bledsoe is one hell of a player, and Phoenix would love to keep him beyond this season. I’m just hoping the Lakers don’t make a mistake and throw too much money at him. Although I would love to have Bledsoe, I don’t want him if it will tighten our cap space and prevent us from luring more players. We need a solid all-around team to go along with Kobe and our top draft pick, a new coach as well. If getting Bledsoe will cost us too much, go after Lowry or draft Exum, the latter being more likely.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Eric Bledsoe is a very talented basketball player.The Lakers are smart enough to get players they know are worth pursuing,they have no chance at signing restricted free agent Bledsoe without Phoenix matching the offer.Moving on scratch him off the wish list.Yes Lakers got tons of guard options in the draft and free agency.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Get paid kid.

  • LakerDynasty

    I see the importance of having a strong point guard, but hasn’t Marshall proved that he could run point for a future roster? I mean he is shooting in the 40% of 3 point attempts and averaging almost 10 assists per game. We need to fill in other positions, I think the Lakers would be better spending their money elsewhere.

    • Nalin Shukla

      I would be happy if Marshall starts for the lakers only if he improves his defense..he’s still developing so give him some time…

    • Jaymoneylal24

      Stop … no one on Lakers roster proving there self no one!!! Yaw been living n Jim buss hands so long you for got wat proven talent looks like
      … bledsoe is a monstor on both ends

      • Daryl Peek

        How could anyone prove their self in a situation like this? Constant injuries has set the team so far back they cannot even practice 5-5 game situations. I don’t care who owns the team or who’s the HC, no one improves in that shit! Coach Pop and Phil would fail miserably and no FO could do anything about it because you can only carry 15 players. If 5 of your best 6 are sidelined with injury you’re just screwed period.

        The thing is career d-league players and bench role players have improved individually on this roster but the team cannot improve in all of this line up inconsistency. Teams get better through continuity. on the court in battle

  • Guest

    Meh! Would rather have rondo,westbrook,irving instead..no doubt Bledsoe is a beast but he’s 2nd tier to the players that might be available in the future

  • Jaymoneylal24

    Fuck cap you can’t ask for wal mart prices for young dinamic talent like bledsoe … they want money and deserve it …. melo not coming to a team wit no talent 2015 long way away to be waiting on love you need talent to get big talent

  • Patrick Jackson

    Hmm seems like i remember a certain newyork team saying the same thing a few years ago…

  • ersliva

    the lakers need to forget about Bledsoe and go after lowry…they can use lowry to get rondo if they like…furthermore they need to work a sign and trade with gasol for love….then also go after hawes in free agency as well as guy…..but first they need to fire coach d’umbass first and get nash to retire….
    just look: hawes 7’1″ at center/love 6’10″ at power/guy 6’9″ at forward/Bryant 6’6″ at guard/and lowry 6’0″ at point…the lakers would be young and quick at both ends of the floor plus tall except for lowry…but resigning marshall whos 6’4″ does counter that when needed…but also going after granger to be the teams 6 man off the bench would make this team tough to beat unless coach d’umbass is still coaching…but these players will score and defend in the right system….

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